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ADAM & EVE pt 2
ADAM & EVE pt.2
(pt.1 - perhaps look at BlueEyes' 'Her Secret Garden')

Death Valley, that is where Adam and Eve ended up. They'd been near this area where there had been a great apple orchard in a garden, but Adam especially had eated lots and lot ... [read more]
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Angel (rhyming couplets poem)

"I believe that friends are quiet angels who sit on our shoulders and lift our wings when we forget how to fly." Unknown

I want to sit, your shoulder, yes
to gaze down there above your dress
your lovely rack, it there so proud
me ... [read more]
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Love perhaps (sonnet)
Love perhaps

Where romance reigns one gets on bended knee
an atmosphere's required when making love
monogamy the usual social way
it lasts for life, or that the hovering hope.
In contrast there are others they do jump
their mind, their body too, i ... [read more]
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Shared delights (sonnet)

This he, a wand'ring eye but with the best
This she, whose body pleased him totally
Her lovely heavy bust, slim waist, deep arse
and how she dressed, him hard from just mere thought
the heels, the mini skirt, tight belt, lo ... [read more]
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The hairdressers (sonnet)

Hairdressers, are they settings where one meets
a dating drama, some erotica?
Her fingers ran around my head, the wash
so delicated, yet strong, particular
in showers and baths untidy splash, so what
while here there's ti ... [read more]
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