[Celebrity News'] Former Soap Opera Star Susan Lucci Dating Her Grandson
[Story] Former Soap Opera Star Susan Lucci Dating Grandson

Paparazzi says, "Susan, you look absolutely radiant tonight on the red carpet during these award ceremonies."

Susan replies, "Thank you."

Paparazzi says, "I read about your elderly husband passing away a few months ago, but see that you are here with a handsome young man and very friendly with him. Another paparazzi told me they have pictures of you and him tongue kissing in the back of a limousine with the top of your dress pulled down exposing your bare breasts. I hope you don't mind me asking who he is."

Susan replies, "I don't mind. He is my grandson."

Paparazzi says, "Your grandson? Did you say your grandson?"

Susan replies, "Yes, I'm dating my grandson Michael."

Paparazzi says, "How old is Michael?"

Susan replies, "He's twenty."

Paparazzi says, "I shouldn't ask this question, but how old are you?"

Susan replies, "I'm seventy-five."

Paparazzi says, "Wow, that's a fifty-five year age difference. Anyway, if you have the time, could you describe how this all came about?"

Susan replies, "Well, I only have a minute or two so I'll be brief. The day after my husband's funeral Michael called and asked if I would like to go out for dinner and dancing to help cheer me up. I accepted his offer."

Paparazzi says, "Please continue."

Susan replies, "After dinner we started slow dancing together. It was electric. Michael and I moved to a dark corner of the dance floor and began passionately kissing. His hands lowered to the back of my bare legs then up under my dress. I was wearing black thong panties at the time and he grasped my firm naked ass cheeks with both hands and began gently squeezing them. Anyway, he got an erection and said, "Grandma I want to have sex with you." I was taken aback for a short time then gave him my answer."

Paparazzi says, "What did you say?"

Susan replies, "Michael, let's go to my apartment and fuck."

Paparazzi says, "Wow. That is awesome. Susan, I know that your are really busy, but please tell more of this interesting story."

Susan replies, "Okay. Well, Michael and I went to my apartment. I made us drinks then we sat on the living room couch and began watching the late night news on television. After a few minutes he put his arm around me and we started kissing again. A short time later we were naked on my bed having sex. We fucked in every imaginable sex position for what must have been almost an hour then while doing the missionary he suddenly stopped and ejaculated inside me. That triggered the most intense orgasm of my entire seventy-five year old life. For the next couple of days I was so sore all over that I could barely walk, but a week later I invited him over and we did the same thing again."

Paparazzi says, "So you now have a regular sexual relationship with your grandson?"

Susan replies, "Yes that is correct. We have been fucking two or three times a week for the past six months. Michael has a fetish for skinny old women and never fails to get an erection when I take off my clothes and get naked."

Paparazzi says, "Do you and Michael have any plans for the future?"

Susan replies, "Thanks for asking and yes we do. He moved in with me two weeks ago and we are engaged to be married."

Paparazzi says, "You are going to marry your grandson?"

Susan replies, "Yes that is correct. He proposed and gave me a ring yesterday."

Paparazzi says, "Wow... Anyway, congratulations Susan and thanks for sharing your intimate story with me."

Susan replies, "You are very welcome."

Paparazzi says, "Susan, I hope you don't mind me saying that for your age, you are still a beautiful woman and bet you look good naked."

Susan replies, "Thank you and yes I do look good naked."
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