''One of the Sluttiest Things I'v Ever Done'' Part 2
Part two is the wildest part of this story. Again this IS NOT A FANTASY. This event did happen in the early 80s and is written to the best of my memory.

Part 2:

We had only walked for a few minutes when we hear an approaching vehicle from behind us. We stop and face the on coming vehicle. We hear the engine's RPM slow down and the driver down shifting as he comes to a stop right in front of us. Walking up to the crew cab pick up truck the passenger door opens. With a heavy Hispanic accent the driver ask, "can I give y'all a ride"?

Hubbie tells him, "yes we would appreciate a ride to the nearest phone".

He says, "hop in". Hubbie opens the back door as our new friend says, "Sorry the back seat is full but there is enough room up front".

I slide in and realize I will have to straddle the tall shifter. I have to lift my left leg up and over the shifter to get it on the driver's side of the hump. Hubbie slides in beside me. I tell our driver, "thank you so much for stopping to help us". As I finished my statement I notice he is a nice looking young man with the arms of some one that works out. His tight golf shirt says I'm right. He has a well defined 6 pack to go with his arms. He looks like he is in his mid 20s. After buckling his seat belt Hubbie closes the door.

"No problem. Hay man, is this your woman?" As he turns down the radio playing Mexican rock music. It is a station Hubbie and I listen to sometimes. We can't understand the words, but there is something erotically romantic about the music.

"No she's my wife."

"That's what is meant sir. What has you all stranded out here in no where land, in the middle of the night?"

Hubbie tells him, "We came out to feed the horses and got stuck backing out of the pasture".

Our new friend says, "that sound good enough, but your wife is dressed awfully nice to feed horses. I'm going all the way into town will that help you"?

Hubbie tells him, "We had a party for our new wing commander. That's why we are dressed up. What part of town do you need to go to?"

Our new friend says, "I'm going out on West 14th near the back gate of the base".

Hubbie says, "that's perfect. I'm sure you know where the donut shop is then. You can drop us off there."

Our new friend says, "I'm Lorenzo, happy to be able to help you all out".

Hubbie says, "this is Brandie and I'm Will".

Lorenzo says, "nice to meet you all. Are you all ready to go?"

I tell him, "Lorenzo, I like that name. Sounds so dominating. We are ready, thanks again."

Lorenzo shifts into 1st gear, as he does his arm brushes across my leg. My leg jerked at his touch. Each time he shifts his arm brushed my leg. After the first time startled me the rest produced a tingling sensation in my cunt. Hubbie had ask him what had him up so early. Lorenzo began telling us his family owned a fence company and he goes in early to load the trucks for the days work.

We had only gone about two miles when he jammed on his brakes. A doe with 2 fawns darted across the highway right in front of us. Instinctively he put his arm out across my chest to keep me from hitting the dash board. He held it there a few moments longer than necessary. I realized he surely could feel my braless tits with his muscular arms. Instead of pulling his arm away, he kinda drug it across my tits. It felt good.

Again I had that tingling sensation in my cunt. As he grabbed the shifter his arm was against my leg again. This time I slightly lifted my leg to let him know I was inviting him to continue touching me. This time when he shifted in to 4th gear it was his hand that slowly caressed my leg.

This man has already turned me on!!! I tell Hubbie, "it looks like we will defiantly have some new memories for keepers tonight". Our code for when I'm interested in fucking a new guy is to use the word keep or some form of it in a sentence.

Hubbie says, "looks like they will be some exciting memories for keeping".

Lorenzo says, "you all sure that all you all did in the pasture was feed the horses"?

Hubbie ask him, "what else do you think we did out there"?

Lorenzo says, "well since you ask, I could smell the aroma of sex as soon as she got in the truck. I bet I'm right. Am I right Brandie?"

"Yes Lorenzo you are right. I guess the aroma you noticed is my cunt full of Hubbies cum."

Hubbie tells him, "in fact she gave me a blow job and swallowed my whole load. Then I fucked her filling her cunt with my cum while she was wishing someone else was with us to fuck her too. Then about 20 minutes before we reached the highway I fucked her doggy style while she was holding on to a gate. Again filling her cunt full of cum." His hand is now rubbing my legs. I unbutton all the buttons on my top. Then unzip the shorts portion of my romper.

Lorenzo says, "I like the feel of a fresh fucked pussy." I reach for his crotch and discover he has a raging hard on pressing against his tight jeans. I look at Hubbie with the look of lust he loves to see on my face. I turn slightly putting my right leg in Hubbie's lap. Then lean against Lorenzo. He puts his right arm around me pulling my body tight against his. I open my top exposing my tits sporting my hard and erect nipples. He runs his hand across both of my tits.

"Your woman has some really nice tits. Nice and firm just the way I like them. With hard suckable nipples." His hand slides across my stomach heading to my cunt. Again I gave Hubbie the lustful look he likes so much, I open my legs inviting Lorenzo in. His hand reaches my mound. "This is getting better and better. No bush and smooth as silk." His fingers reach my clit and I gasp. He presses a couple fingers into my cunt. "Man she is full of thick cum." He begins finger fucking me. My cunt is so wet and full of cum we can all hear the squishing sound his skillful fingers are making.

Hubbie ask him, "Lorenzo, would you like to fuck my whore?"

"You mean you will let me fuck her."

Hubbie tells him, "she wanted more cock to fuck tonight. Not only can you fuck her, she will do any thing you want. No holes bared."

"This must be a dream." I pinch his arm. "Hay bitch that hurts."

"Now you know, this is no dream. I'm yours for what ever you want of Hubbie's slut. Do you want to fuck me or what?"

"Hell yes I want to fuck you."

Hubbie tells him, "turn right at the next FM road, then turn left at the first road just after crossing the creek. That road is almost 5 miles to the dead end turn around. It's one of our other fucking destinations. It is all up hill and straight as an arrow. From the top we can see if someone is headed our way as soon as they turn on to it at night". There is nothing on that road but oil wells and pasture. No houses at all."

He begins slowing down and takes his hand off my cunt. He down shifts to make the turn. After shifting back into 4th gear he puts his hand back on my cunt and presses what feels like 4 fingers in to me. He ask Hubbie, "how far to the road?"

"It's about 2 miles to the creek. You will know when you cross the creek at the bottom of the hill. Then it is only about a hundred yards to the oil well road. Hubbie ask me, "is this what you wanted, you fucking whore?"

"It's better. This is out of the blue. Making it hotter than inviting your pilot friend to join us."

Lorenzo ask, "what pilot?"

Hubbie tells him, "my whore wife was dancing with one of our other pilots. He was rubbing his hard cock against her while they were dancing very close. He was also talking very suggestive to her. She got all turned on and wanted to invite him to cum parking with us. She wanted to suck his cock and fuck him. I told her it was not a good idea for her to be fucking guys from my wing."

I give Hubbie that lustful look he really likes againand said, "I still plan on fucking him one day."

"There is the creek it is only about a hundred yards to the road."

As we got to the oil field road Lorenzo pulled his finger out of my cunt to down shift. He placed his hand on my thigh and I could feel my wetness on his hand. After making the turn while shifting his hand was brushing my leg. He kept his hand on my thigh and was rubbing it as we headed to the turn around. He says, "your skin feels so soft and smooth". He inserts the 4 fingers back into my wet cunt. My juices are flowing and mixing with hubbie's cum, making loud squishing sounds as he finger fucks me.

Hubbie tells him, "it will take about 8 to 10 minutes to get to the end".

Hubbie slides a little closer to me grabbing my right tit and squeezes it rather hard while pinching my nipple. Lorenzo is working my cunt with his talented fingers. Hubbie bends down taking my nipple into his mouth and begins to suck on my hard nipple. I "moan loudly". I lean back harder against Lorenzo's side as he picks up the pace with his fingers in my cunt. He is rubbing my clit and his fingers are rubbing across my G spot with each stroke. My body tenses up as my orgasm begins to build, sending those electrifying sensations radiating out from my cunt. Hubbie senses my orgasm cumming and begins to bite and hum on my hard nipple as Lorenzo keeps up the fast pace on my cunt.

I scream, "OHHH FUCKKK, OHHHHH FUCKKKKK, IM FUCKING CUMMING". YES, YES ,YES,YESSSSSSSSSSSS, OH FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," as I cum hard. Just as the electrifying sensations and the quivering of my cunt subsides, a second orgasm begins much harder than the first one. I grab his hand with both of mine and force his fingers as deep as I can into my cunt. She is so sensitive I could not take any more finger fucking.

As I cum down Lorenzo pulls his drenched fingers out and rubs my mound. I straighten up and turn toward Lorenzo and grab his cock through his pants. It is as hard as a rock and a nice generous size.

As we reach the turn around Hubbie tells him, "park with your truck pointed across the road toward the oak tree in the center of the turn around. Leave your parking lights on. It will give an orange glow to the area and adds to the erotic oumbeaunce. With the full moon reflecting off the white crushed rock road we will have plenty of light." He pulls around pointed toward the tree. He has to remove his hand to shift as he backs up to near the edge of the road.

I zip up my shorts and button a couple buttons on my top. Hubbie ask Lorenzo, "what would you like for her to do?"

"I want to see her get naked while strutting her fucking ass around for us."

Hubbie says, "ok slut, you heard what your next lover wants you to do".

Hubbie slides out to let me get out the passenger side. Lorenzo slips his hand under my left leg picking it up over the shifter. I get out standing next to Hubbie. He tells me, "give us horny hard dick guys a good show, like the good slut you are". He gets back in the truck and rolls down his window. He tells Lorenzo, "turn up the music, and roll down your window". He has that Mexican rock station on and the music is really hot.

Hubbie tells me, "show him what a good stripper my whore is. Strut your stuff, you fucking slut." As I turn to start my "Slutty Whore Strut", as we have named it. I hear Hubbie tell Lorenzo turn up the music a little more.

Lorenzo ask Hubbie, "why do you call your wife a whore and a slut"?

"Because she is one, and reminding her of it, really turns her on. The more vulgar you talk to her the hotter she will get. She also likes it when you pull her hair. She is wearing her collar that signifies she is a submissive sex slave slut, and is owned by me. As a submissive sex slave she does what ever I tell her to do. That includes fucking who ever I tell her to."

I like the sound of the music and start my strut. I decide to dance to the whole song that just started before beginning to unbutton my top. I hear both doors open and close as they step out of the truck. When I turn to strut back toward them they are both leaning against the front of the truck. I'm dancing and getting into the beat of the Mexican Rock. I strut back to them turning my back to them and leaning against Lorenzo. I bend over rubbing my ass against his rock hard cock. He reaches around me grabbing both of my tits. Pulling me against him, I lean my head back and we kiss lustfully with our tongues dancing in his mouth.

As a new song starts I pull away and start my "Slutty Whore Strut". As I strut away from them I unbutton all the buttons on my top. I slip the top off my shoulders down on to my arms. This exposes my tits and they sway and bounce as I strut back to my horny hard cock admirers. Stopping about 5 feet in front of them I unzip the shorts and let my romper fall down around my ankles. Stepping back out of them with my left foot I flip the romper toward them with my right heel. Lorenzo catches them and brings the crotch to his nose taking a deep breath. He says, "I like the aroma of fresh fucked pussy".

Another song starts and I strut my naked body for my new admirer. As the song ends I strut up to Lorenzo and plant a very passionate lustful kiss on his delicious lips. As I break the kiss and step back and I ask him, "what would you like Hubbie's slut to do for you".

His answer was, "how about suck on this spick dick".

"Just take that spick dick out then."

He tells me, "that is part of your job slut. Cum over here and get on your fucking knees and get to it".

I strut up to him swinging my tits. I kneel down in front of him, unbuckle his belt, unbutton the button, and unzip his jeans. Then I pull them down over his cowboy boots. I rub his hard cock through his boxers. Then pull them down over his boots. His spick dick was pointed straight up toward the stars. I pull his cock down, give Hubbie my lusty slut look and lick the precum off of Lorenzo's spick dick. "Suck it bitch, suck my fucking spick dick now." I place the shinny purple head into my mouth and take his whole cock down my throat in one move. He grabs my head and begins to fuck my mouth.

"Suck my fucking dick bitch, suck it all."

I ease my face toward the base of his cock while stroking it slowly. I feel his swollen purple head hit my throat. He grabs my head with both hands and holds my head still, "play with my nuts with both of your fucking hands. I'm going to fuck your whore's mouth." He presses his cock deeper in to my mouth passed my throat. My face is against his groin. He pushes harder then pulls back until his whole cock was out of my mouth.

"Open your fucking mouth bitch." I do as instructed and he shoves his whole cock back into my mouth and down my throat.

"Take this bitch," as he pulls it almost all the way out. Then shoves it in and starts fucking my mouth. He holds my head tight and Hubbie steps behind me and holds the back of my head so I can't pull back. He starts fucking my mouth hard and fast like it was my cunt. I gagged on the first few strokes then got use to the head going into my throat. He started moaning and fucked me even faster.

"That's it man, fuck my sluts mouth. Fuck the bitch's whoring mouth. Bust you nuts down her fucking throat. The bitch gets off on cum shooting down her throat."

I feel him stiffen up as he screams, "I'm cuming in your fucking whore's mouth". I can feel his cum traveling down his shaft and explode in my throat. I can feel my orgasm building as the next rope of hot thick cum shoots down my throat. Swallowing as fast as I can to keep from gagging and loosing some of his cum. Then another rope down my throat as my orgasm erupts in my groin and spreads across my naked body. He shoot another rope and my orgasm begins again and I began squirting.

Lorenzo says, "what the fuck you doing bitch. Man, your fucking bitch is pissing on my legs". He is still pumping my mouth and his last shot erupts in my mouth. I swallow it, as he pulls out.

Hubbie tells him, "be cool she is not not pissing, she is squirting".

"That's the same fucking thing, man."

"No it's not the same thing. It's not pee. I thought the same thing the first time she did it to me. It's different, it's clear juices and slightly viscous. It actually taste good."

Hubbie tells me, "now lick his cock clean." I do as instructed. His cock was starting to to get limp as I stuck it in my mouth cleaning up all his cum. I sucked and lick all his cum off and looking him in the eyes swallowed the last of his big load. I took him in my mouth and started sucking him again. His cock got hard again.

"Man your whore is really good at sucking a cock."

"What would you like for her to do next? Are you ready to fuck her?

"I think she needs to be punished for pissing or squirting on me."

He pulls me up from my squatting position, and kisses me lustfully. As he does he slaps my ass with his bare hand. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull my naked body against his. He slaps my ass again. I kiss him with more lust. Now he grabs both ass cheeks with both hands. He beaks our kiss and pulls his shirt off and pulls my tits against his muscular chest.

"Suck your man's cock while I get out of my pants." I do as instructed. As I unzip Hubbie pants and pull out his hard cock I wrap my mouth around his shaft. I can taste our combined flavors on his cock. Lorenzo takes off his boots and jeans.

I hear Lorenzo say, "Bitch you got those juices in my fucking boots. That's your fucking ass". As he lays his jeans on the hood of his truck I see him pull his belt from them. "Now get your fucking ass up in the air keeping his cock in your mouth." He steps behind me and slaps my ass with his hand.

He ask Hubbie, "how many lashes you think your whore bitch should get"?

"At least 5 to 7."

"That sounds fair." As he administered the first lash against my ass.

Hubbie tells me, "lean against the truck with that ass out." I do as instructed. As I do as instructed the crack of the folded belt stings my ass. Another 5 lashes each a little harder than the next, I know my ass is red. Lorenzo tosses his belt on the hood. He steps behind me pressing his hard cock against my ass. He reaches between my legs and inserts what feels like all four of his fingers in my cunt.

"She is so wet." He steps back and I feel his cock rub against my cunt. "Now I'm going to fuck your whore wife." He begins sliding his cock between my dripping cunt lips. I feel the head pressing against my cunt's opening. He leans forward grabbing my tits and his cock easily slips into my dripping wet cunt. The top of my thighs are wet as I feel my juices running down my legs.

"Man this bitch's pussy is nice and tight." He pinches my nipples as he shoves his cock deep into my cunt. I feel his head against my cervix.

His cock feels so good in me as he begins pumping in and out of me. He pinches my nipples harder and starts to roll them.

"Fuck me, fuck Will's whore wife and fuck me hard." He starts pounding my cunt like a wild man. "Yes that's it spick, fuck his slut. Fuck me like you own me.

I look at Hubbie with pure lust, as he tosses his pants on the hood then his shirt. We are all naked and Hubbie is stroking his cock slowly.

"Hay man your fucking slut whore wife is getting fuck by a Mexican spick bastard. What do you think of that."

"The bitch wanted to bring the guy she was dancing with. She told me many times while I was fucking her she wanted another cock in her cunt tonight."

I here Lorenzo begin to grown and know he is close. Hubbie steps in front of me with his cock in my face. I begin sucking him like I had not been fucked in weeks. My orgasm begins to build as Lorenzo screams, "That's it bitch fuck me back. Fuck my spick dick as I fill your fucking pussy full of my spick seed. I'm going to knock your slut wife up."

That statement was something new and my building orgasm radiates from my groin throughout my whole body. Lorenzo stiffens as he shoves his cock against my cervix and I feel his hot seed erupt into my cunt. He pushes hard as each rope of cum splashes against the back of my cunt. My second orgasm races through my body as the thought of getting knocked up, even when I knew that was impossible, doubled the strength of my orgasm. My cunt begins squirting again.

"Man your fucking whore slut wife is flooding my dick with those hot juices."

I scream to Hubbie, "he is knocking me up. My cunt is full of his seed, I'm going to have a brown Mexican baby." As he pulled out of me I could feel his cum running out of my cunt down my leg.

Hubbie instructed me, "clean up your baby daddy's cock". As a good submissive slave I do as instructed. I turn and take his cock in my mouth. I can taste his cum mixed with my juices and another orgasm causes my body to begin convulsing again. I clean his cock and stand up. Lorenzo pulls me to him and kisses me lustfully. As he breaks the kiss he tells Hubbie, " you are right, her juices do taste good. They are intoxicating. I feel his cock rise and he leans back to get it I between us.

Hubbie ask him, "how did you like knocking up my whore wife."

"Man that was fucking wild, the wildest fuck I have ever had and hope it is not the one and only time."

"That's up to her, she can fuck who she wants, except guys in my wing".

"I'm going to fuck that guy that had me so turned on just from dancing."

"If you do, you will feel the hardest and most lashes for punishment you have ever had. I'm not interested in having the whole wing know my wife is nothing but an easy fucking slut. Lorenzo you had enough and ready to head on into town?"

"Not really, I need to dump a load in her ass first. I believe you told me no hold bared."

"Where you want to fuck her at?"

"First I want to see her strut around and dance for us."

Hubbie tells me, "you heard him. Dance bitch, and don't disappoint us".

I started dancing to the music and as I do I feel my juices and his cum running down my legs. I dance over to the tree and and dance around it. The thought of being knocked up and the anticipation of getting fucked in my ass has me in a high state of excitement. I dance over to them leaning against the truck. As I get close I hear Hubbie ask him, "where do you wanted to fuck her at?.

He tells Hubbie, "I think the front seat would work best". I dance to them and start rubbing their cocks, then start jerking on them as they swell in my hands.

I hear Hubbie tell him, "I think we should DP her".

"What's DP"

"Double penetration, we will both fuck her at the same time. I will fuck her pussy while you fuck her ass."

"Wow this is fucking wicked. Your bitch will fuck both of us at the same time. Two guys dicks in both holes?"

"Yes, she has taken 5 at a time."

"Five, how can she do that?"

"One in her cunt, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and one in each hand."

"See I told you we should have brought your pilot friend. Then y'all could make me air tight."

Lorenzo ask, "how are we going to do this?"

"Push the seat as far back as possible. I will get on my back. Our whore bitch can suck my dick and when she gets it up she can climb up on me and wrap her Pusey around my dick. Then you should have easy access to her ass. Her ass will be lubed and ready for you to fuck it."

Hubbie laid down on the front seat with his legs hanging over the passenger side. I sucked his cock and quickly it got hard, I climbed on top of him and lowered my cunt over his cock and started fucking him. Lorenzo stepped up grabbed my hips and pressed his cock against my ass. With a little push his head popped into my wanting ass.

"Fuck me." I was so turned on I wanted him to take my ass harshly. "Fuck my ass you fucking spick, fuck me like a whore. Take me like the whore I am." As I pushed back against his cock his cock went deeper into my ass. I started humping Hubbie's cock and as I did Lorenzo shoved his hard cock as deep in my ass as possible and began fucking me hard and fast with unbridled lust.

I started humping both of them. Lorenzo grabbed my tits and started rolling, pulling, and pinching my nipples as he fucked my ass. Another much stronger orgasm was building in my groin. My cunt was twitching as I was clamping down on Hubbie's cock. My orgasm exploded through out my whole body and mind. I began cumming as my whole body went into a massive convulsion and flooded Hubbie's cock, and both of our stomachs as my juices squirted from my ravished cunt. I wished there were many more men lined up to ravish my body again.

Hubbie began telling him, "bust your nuts in my fucking whore's ass, she has taken you around the world now. Give her what she wants and fill her ass with your hot cum."

He screams, "I'm going to fill her whoring ass full of my spick seed. Here it comes bitch, just what a whore like you needs."

I feel him arch his back and his body stiffens as I feel the first rope of his hot seed enter my ass. Another orgasm begins to build in my groin. Lorenzo is screaming something in Spanish which triggers my orgasm. As my body begins convulsing Hubbie begins to moan and I feel him begin to shoot his cum into my cunt. Ropes of hot cum entering my cunt and ass at the same time. I grab both of my ass cheeks spreading them apart so Lorenzo can get his cock deeper into my ass.

"Fuck your new whore and fill her whoring ass full of your hot seed. I feel his cock go deeper in my ass and another rope of cum enter my wanting ass.

"Yes, fuck your new whore. Fuck me hard and fuck me fast."

All 3 of us in a pile all cuming together. Lorenzo dumps another rope deep in my ass. My orgasm spreads through out my whole body and as it subsides another, more intense orgasm rolls through out my body. So intense I start squirting again as I feel my hot fluids drenching Hubbie's and my bellies. Hubbie pushes against my cunt and fills me full of his cum. My head is spinning and the orang glow of lights are turning gray. My body collapses on top of Hubbie as I pass out.

As I come too, Hubbie looks at me and says, "You fucking whore. You fucking love it don't you?"

"Yes and I wish you friend was standing in line ready to take my ass as soon as Lorenzo climbs off. I would fuck a dozen men if they were here. I am going to fuck him, I am. I need another gang bang baby."

Lorenzo ask while still on top of me with his softening cock still in my ass, "you fucking whore, you mean it, don't you, you want to be gang banged?"

Hubbie tells him, "yes, she means it. She spent 3 days when she was 17 getting gang banged."

"And this slut is ready for another one." I feel Lorenzo's cock get rock hard again.

"Well whore I will help you out with those erotic desires." He pulls out, and tells me, "just fantasize I'm your pilot stud. Bitch I'm going to fuck your ass again."

He slams his cock back into my ass and humps my ass like a fucking rabbit.

"You whore bitch I'm going to set it up for you as he fucks me hard. How many guys you want, you fucking white trash whore?"

"As many as you can get." As Hubbie reaches up and spreads my ass for Lorenzo's cock to get as deep in my ass as possible."

I start cuming again and Lorenzo dumps another load of cum in my ass. He collapses on top of me and a few seconds later Hubbie says, "I need to get out from under this pile of sweaty and squirt drenched bodies. Lorenzo pulls his cock out of my ass with a plop. He climbs down and I sit up on top of Hubbie as he looks up at me and says, "Brandie you are a fucking whore, but you are my whore, and I love you baby."

Lorenzo puts his hands around my waist and helps me climb off of Hubbie's cock. He is still semi hard. I step down on the ground and Lorenzo wraps his arms around me and holds me tight. Hubbie slides to the edge of the seat still laying on his back and says, "clean my cock up baby." I do as instructed.

As I stand back up I say, "WOW WHAT A FUCKING RUSH. I need a shower."

"There should be plenty warm water in that 5 gallon water jug on the back of my truck."

Hubbie slides out of the seat and goes to the back of the truck and checks it and says, "it's nearly full".

"There is some hand soap and rolls of shop towels in the back seat, and some gallons of water under the tool box if we need more."

Hubbie says, "what I think you need bitch is a golden shower."

"What is that" Lorenzo ask.

I tell him, "now you get to piss on me."

Hubbie tells me, "strut your ass for us bitch, and end up by the tree in the grassy area." I follow my instruction. As I strut more cum is running out of my cunt and ass and running down my legs. Both guys catch up with me. Hubbie puts his hand on my cunt and feels the top of my leg.

He tells Lorenzo, "check out the top of her legs, they are covered with our cum and her juices". Hubbie begins rubbing the mixture on my tits and my stomach. Lorenzo gets a hand full and rubes it on my face, neck and tits. I now have a cum facial.

Hubbie tells me, "kneel in the grass with your fucking legs spread open like a fucking whore and lean back on your hands. Lorenzo you go first. Piss any where on our whore you wish."

"Not my face, I tell him with a commanding voice touching on a little anger."

"You better shut your fucking mouth whore if you don't want a mouth full of spick piss."

"Yes master." I had never let any one give me a golden shower above my tits.

Lorenzo was standing right in front of me with his cock pointed at my face. I looked at Hubbie and said, "you fucking bastard."

Hubbie says, "you know how to stop it bitch, use it if you want to." He is talking about my safe word. This is actually turning me on so I chose to allow the scene to continue. I look at Hubbie with the look of lust he likes so much and say, "you are a fucking bastard". I look at Lorenzo with the same look of pure lust on my face and tell him, "I'm your fucking whore tonight also, your pleasure is mine." I close my mouth and my eyes. Only a couple seconds passed and I felt the warm liquid hit my face. A short hesitation then I felt his cock on my face and the warm golden piss erupted as he rubbed his cock all over my face. Then his stream hit my tits as it flowed down my stomach and across my my cunt.

"Hubbie told me to lean back further and told Lorenzo to aim at my clit. As his piss hit my clit I felt hubbies cock on my face and he lets loose with his load of piss as he worked his way down to my cunt and now both of then had my clit as their target. The strong streams hit my clit and I went into another strong orgasm as convulsions surged through my body. As their streams subsided I reached for my cunt and finger fucked myself to another strong orgasm squirting as they watched my stream hit Lorenzo again.

As I came down they both helped me up and as I stood up I told them I needed to pee. Hubbie told me to pee as we walked back to the truck in the erotic orange glow from the parking lights. The full moon was now in the western sky. As I walked I peed with it running down my legs and into my heels. Their now limp cocks swayed back and forth as they walked. Lorenzo's seemed not to shrink up but stayed the 7 to 8 inches he had hit my cervix with. Hubbie's had gone from his 7 inches down to four inches. I love taking Hubbie's whole limp cock into my mouth when I give him a blow job and feel it grow to its full length while getting hard.

Back at the truck Lorenzo handed me some shop towels and a bottle of liquid hand soap. I told them I needed to wash my hair too. Hubbie told me to wet everything then wash my body then my hair. The water was warm from setting in the sun all weekend long, and felt good. They held the valve open as I squatted down and got wet all over. When I stood up they both wet some towels pored some soap on then and they both washed my body paying a lot of attention to my tits, cunt and ass.

They lathered up my hair and I squatted back down and Lorenzo wiped me down with his hands as Hubbie held the valve open. When the jug was emptied Lorenzo got some gallon jugs of water from under the tool box and filled the 5 gallon jug up and they finished wrenching me off. They sat me on the tail gate and washed off my feet and my heels. Then they washed their cocks and wrenched their sweaty bodies off. We dried off with some shop towels. As they dressed I was instructed to strut around so they could admire my naked body.

Then I was instructed to sit back down on the tail gate. Lorenzo got on his knees and put my legs over his shoulders and dove into my cunt and started eating me. Hubbie told him to put my clit between his teeth, bite down lightly, flick it with his tongue and begin to hum. Hubbie began sucking on one of my hard nipples while pulling hard on the other one. Within a couple minutes I was cummimg again. I felt my cunt flood with my juices but she did not squirt.

As I came back down Lorenzo stood up and said, "it does taste good". Lorenzo ask me not to get dressed until we got closer to town. So I rode between my two lovers with both of them playing with my body, much to my pleasure. I got dressed just outside of town. Hubbie went in and called Steven and told him to meet us at Lorenzo's shop. He brought Lorenzo a couple dozen of mixed donuts for his shop and we drove to his shop.

Steven was, and still is Hubbie's best friend and the first guy Hubbie shared me with. As we drove back to get our car pulled out of the mud puddle Steven ask what had happened. Hubbie told me to tell him the whole story. Needless to say I had to give Steven a blow job and I got fucked one more time before we got our car out of the mud puddle. When we got back to the highway the sun was peaking over the hills in the eastern sky.

Steven came to the house and Hubbie fixed us some breakfast while I took a good shower. When I got out of the shower Hubbie had laid out a red sheer short gown and a pair of red heels. I put on some hot make up and we spent a couple hours after breakfast in various positions as a threesome. Then we all slept until late afternoon. Lorenzo became a regular in our bed and some quickies at the donut shop and at his shop.

As he promised Lorenzo set up a gang bang for his new whore. That is another story in its self.


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