'Colonel D First Date' Part 1
As it is with all of my other stories this story is based on real events that actually happen over 36 years ago. It is written from my memory to be as accurate as possible.

Note: Colonel D is still with us. We have stayed in touch and still play when we get together a few times a year. In his early 80s he still drives and flies. Him and his long time girlfriend will be here for Mardi Gras next week. He did not remarry but has been with her for over 30 years. She is 20 years younger than him, and just a few years older than me. They still play in the lifestyle too.

This event kick started my reentry into the lifestyle after Hubbie and I got married and Hubbie's entry into the lifestyle. I had been out of it since just a few weeks before we were married which was a little over a year. I must let you know that Hubbie was and is the best lover I ever had. BUT I missed, and was craving the excitement of playing in the lifestyle.


While Hubbie was in the AIr Force we were stationed in West Texas. I was still going to college and worked in a family owner restaurant / donut shop. I was in my early 20s. One morning another waitress and I was talking about going to the BX to buy some bikinis so we could go get a nice tan at the lake.

Col D, an Air Force B-52 pilot in his mid 40s was a regular customer who came in nearly ever morning for breakfast. He was a widower who lost his wife to cancer about a year earlier. We did kinda flirt with him in a friendly way, nothing sexually explicit though. He was a very handsome and distinguished looking fit gentleman, especially in his flight suite. He was also a good tipper, even to Mrs Edna who was 70 years old.

I brought him a warm up for his coffee and he told me, "I could not help but overhear y'all talking about the bikinis and getting a tan. Please don't take this the wrong way. I would be willing to buy them for you, if you would just model them for me."

I was very flattered and I got wet when he made the offer to me. I told him, "I will have to think about it and make sure Hubbie would be OK with it."

"I'm serious, all I would expect is for you to model them for me when you try them on."

Later that night when our pillow talk was already erotic, I told Hubbie about the offer. We had been fantasizing about me fucking other men for a couple months at that point. Hubbie ask me, "Do you want to do it?"

"It got me excited and was a big turn on when he made the offer. Yes I would like to do it."

Hubbie reached for my cunt and easily slipped several fingers into me. "You fucking whore! Your pussy is dripping wet. You want to fuck him don't you?"

"You know he is very desirable man. You even told me you liked talking to him."

"Well yes, pilot to pilot hanger talk. I'm not interested in kissing him."

"Well how do you feel about it."

"You know that ever since I found out that you lied to me about being a virgin, when you was nothing but an Irish Channel slut, I don't care who you fuck. Gang banging a whole biker gang when you were 17 is a slut in my book. You know if it would not have turned me on, like I have never been turned on before, I would have left your fucking ass in New Orleans and divorced you. You knew I did not want to marry a woman that had been fucked by some one else. You knew I wanted us to give each other our virginities. You can do it you want to. You can suck and fuck him too."

The sheet looked like a Ringling Brothers Circus tent. I threw the sheets back and deep throated his hard cock until it erupted down my throat with huge ropes of his hot thick cum. I came too like I usually do when a man shoots his load down my throat. After I cleaned him up I climbed on top of him and wrapped my cunt around his still rock hard cock and fucked him riding cowgirl style. We fucked like animals until we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

My friend an I went to the BX the next day after work and we bought one bikini each. We did not see Col D for the rest of the week. When he came in the following week we told him we missed him. He said. " I was out flying missions at the bombing range." The next morning he was there for his usual breakfast. I brought him a warm up for his coffee.

"When do you want to go shopping?" The look in his eyes was priceless. "I talked to Hubbie about it and it is all right with him if I want to take you up on your offer.

We decided to meet at the BX that after noon. After work I went home and got ready like I was going out on a date. I wore a short yellow sun dress with a matching yellow bra and bikini panties set and a pair of tan sandals with about a 4 in heel. I met him at the BX right at our appointed time.

He said "WOW, you look so much different." He was wearing shorts and a nice golf shirt and deck shoes and smelled delicious when he greeted me with a hug. First time I had seen him in other than his flight suit or uniform of the day. We were on a big base and the BX was very nice. They had a good selection of bathing suites as the lake was a big draw for our area. I picked out what was a rather conservative red, white, and blue bikini that would cover my behind and tits pretty good. It did have a heart cut out in the middle of my right butt cheek and my left tit about the size of a half dollar. I still have it but the elastic in the waist and leg bands has deteriorated. It is a good souvenir of my first date after Hubbie and I got married.

"How do you like this one?"

"Nice patriotic colors. The hearts are really sexy and I think it will look very nice on you." I headed toward the fitting room to go try it on. "Wouldn't you like more than one?"

"How many do you want me to buy?"

"As many as you want, I will enjoy you modeling each of them for me."

I picked out two more. A pink and white one with about the same coverage as the first one. Then a yellow one that could be adjusted to cover like the first two to barley covering my nipples and none of my butt if I wanted. I went in and tried them on, they all fit nicely. I put on my dress and underwear then walked out of the fitting room. "I thought you were going to model them for me?"

"I will, but thought your house would be a better place." Again the look on his face was priceless. He paid for them and I followed him to his house. He lived in one of those mini ranch subdivisions with a barn behind his Spanish Style Stucco house.

He offered me a glass of wine and fixed him self a scotch and water. We talked on his couch until I finished the 2nd glass of wine. He brought me a third and said I could use the spare room or the bathroom to change, which every I wished, when ever I was ready. I was a little nervous but very excited too, and I loved that feeling. I went into the bed room which had a nice mirror for changing.

I laid my dress and underwear on the bed and looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased with my tight body. I decided to model the pink and white nor first. I was glad that I had worn my tan heels as it would look good with all three bikinis. I touched up my lips and make up adding a little extra. I stepped back to make sure ever thing was covered. I though I looked nice and felt good. I ask him, "Are you ready?"

He replied eagerly,"OH YES."

As I began to walk out, I felt a strange sensation come over my body as I started out the door. I surprised my self as my walking was very different, more like a model strutting on a runway. It was like I had gone through a change while dressing. I strutted straight toward him with my wine glass in hand. I spent about 10 min strutting for him and turning just as I got right in front of him. He commented on how nice I looked and how much he was enjoying my modeling. "Brandie, this is a lot more than I had ever expected."

I strutted into the bed room and changed into the red, white, and blue bikini. I ask him again, "Are you ready?"

"OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS". I felt like a Queen as I walked out with more confidence and repeated the same moves as the first session. After about ten minutes I stepped in between his legs letting my leg brush against his and handed him my glass. As I turned and strutted away from him to go change I brushed my leg against his again. He felt very warm, my cunt was getting very wet.

After wiping some of my juices running out of my cunt, I changed into the yellow bikini. I adjusted it to the full coverage which still left frontal and a little side cleavage of my tits. Also a little peek a boo bottom of my butt cheeks exposed. I thought it had covered a little more when I tried it on. Now I'm nervous and turned on at the same time. Asking him if he was ready again he said "Brandie yesssssss I can hardly wait."

I took a deep breath and stepped out. I walked out and he was offering me my glass and I strutted toward him to take the glass and again brushed his leg with mine. As I reached for the glass I noticed a decisive bulge in his shorts. I stepped away and began turning and strutting for him. I could now feel my cunt getting very wet and wondered if it showed and I knew my hard nipples were obvious threw the thin material. There was not an inner lining in the top or bottom of the bikini.

He made many complimentary comments, all very polite and flattering. I could feel and hear the tension in his voice. It empowered me!!!! Again he told me, "Brandie, this is so much better than I ever expected. You must have modeled before."

"Only for Hubbie."

"You look as good as any run way model could." This reinforced the empowerment I felt.

I began to move, turn, and strut more like a stripper. I walked up to him and handed him my glass to hold as I made adjustments to my top. As I looked down my nipples were both visibly standing proud. I brought both sides in exposing more side and frontal cleavage. As I turned to step away he said, "Brandie, you know you are driving me crazy?"

"Yes! Do you want me to stop?"

"Not unless you want too. I have not felt anything like this before. In fact I can't ever remember feeling quite like this ever. It is a completely new sensation for me." I looked at his bulge which was growing all the time. I walked back to him to retrieve my glass of wine and stepped in between his legs touching both of them with mine. I stood there waiting for him to hand me my glass.

"Your lags are very warm Brandie."

"I've been doing a lot of strutting for you."

As he patted the couch right beside him he tells me, "Then I think you should set down and rest for awhile." I sat right next to him. He turned with his glass and raised it for a toast. As we touched our glasses he said, "To the best day with the best and prettiest model".

I said,"To a new adventure". He leaned to kiss my cheek and I placed my hand on his leg as he kissed my cheek. We sipped on our drinks with our legs against each other and it was very warm. I handed him my glass and stood up and got between his legs again. While there I adjusted the top sides in even further. Grabbed my glass an began to strut some more. When I turned facing him I reached back with my free hand and adjusted the back of my bikini bottom to cover only about half of my ass one side then the other and turned and strutted away.

"Brandie, baby you are killing me!!! You are doing so much more than I ever expected."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Yes and no."

"What do you mean?"

"Yes because you are doing to me something like I have never felt and it scares me a little. No because I am also REALLY REALLY enjoying this. Have you ever felt that way?"

"Yes, right now. I know I am teasing you, and we are both obviously turned on." As I step between his legs again I feel a power over him like never before.

He ran his warm hands up the back of my legs, stopping just short of my ass. Then back down to the back of my knee. Then up again. "You feel so good to the touch."

"Your hands feel so warm and tender, it really feels fantastic. I like the way you touch me." He runs them back up again. I hand him my glass of wine. As he takes it I adjust the top as narrow as I can. My nipples are so hard they are hurting, and now there is some of my areoles exposed. I feel my juices flowing and know it must be showing on the front of my bikini with out a lining.

I want to touch it but resist. As I walk away I pull the back all the way into the crack between my butt cheeks, and adjust the front as small as it will go. I strut for him turning back and forth. I run my fingers through my hair tossing my head back. Then run my hands across my stomach and up across my breast and up both sides of my neck, practically offering him my body. I step between his legs again and his hands rub the back of my legs. I want him to touch me any where he wants.

This time he does not stop short of my butt. He continues up to caresses my naked butt and legs with such tenderness and care. I feel shock waves of tingling running through my body like the sensation you have when one hits their funny bone in the elbow. It was the same sensation I felt with exciting erotic sexual events with Teach before we got married and Hubbie before and after. The feelings are intoxicating!!!!!

"Brandie, oh I love you name and love saying it! Brandie, Brandie, Brandie. Come sit down baby." I sachet to him and step between his legs. He presses them against mine and his touch sent those electrifying shock waves through me again radiating out from my cunt. I turn and sit on his right leg.

As I sit down he wraps his arm around my back with his hand on the side of my right tit. I reach up and put both of my hands on the sides of his face and lean in to him. Our lips meet, our mouths open and our tongues meet as he pulls me close. As we break our first passionate kiss he ask, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Part 2 to follow shortly

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