'Colonel D First Date' Part 2 of 2
If you have not read Part 1 I highly recommend you read it first.

This is not a fantasy, it is a real event that happened over 36 years ago and is written as best as I remember it. This was my first date with another man after Hubbie and I were married, and the beginning of being a shared wife.


As I sit down he wraps his arm around my back with his hand on the side of my right tit. I reach up and put both of my hands on the sides of his face and lean in to him. Our lips meet, our mouths open and our tongues meet as he pulls me close. As we break our first passionate kiss he ask, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Never been surer about any thing in my life." I run my hand down his chest, to his tight ripped stomach, and across the nice bulge in his shorts moans, we kiss again. He slides the right side of my top off exposing my tit and begins to lightly squeezes it, as our kissing turns more passionate. We break and he goes right to my hard nipple sucking it into his mouth as his tongue dances on it. I'm in bliss, as one of my mini orgasms radiates from my cunt through out my groin and abdomen.

He lays me down on the couch and now exposes my left tit and gives it the same attention as the right one and pinches the right nipple lightly. I moan very loudly he sucks harder and pinches harder. I moan even louder as I feel the tension of an orgasm traveling toward my cunt. The louder I moan the harder he sucks and pinches. I scream "OHHHH FUCK IM CUMMING", as my orgasm sends those ever so addictive waves of pleasure radiating out from my cunt through my whole body. I'm arching my back. As my orgasm subsides his sucking and squeezing of my nipples subsides with it.

He says "I can't believe how hard you came. I was not even touching your vagina."

I told him, "It felt like a fucking earthquake." Then I said "Colonel D that is my pussy or cunt. Vagina is for the classroom or my doctor."

I felt him reach to the right side and untie the bow holding my string bikini bottom on, then the left side. He pulls the front of my bikini down and rubs his hand across my smooth mound then across the opening to my drenched cunt.

"OH I LIKE A CLEAN SHAVED SMOOTH PUSSY!!!" He does this several times then begins the rub my clit with his thumb, as he inserts two finger into my wet cunt. He leans over me and attacks one of my nipples with his mouth. He sucks very hard as he quickens the pace of his fingers in my cunt and rubbing my clit with his thumb. His fingers are tight against the roof of my cunt and rubbing my G Spot. I hold his head with both hands an pull him down hard onto my tit.

I can hear my juices squishing and flowing as another orgasm begins to build. I scream again, "OH FUCKKKKKK....IM FUCKKKKING CUMMING AGAIN," as the sensations flow from my cunt through out my whole body. I'm arching my back even higher, into his hand as my body trembles under the talented hand of my new lover. This orgasm was even harder and longer that the first. As I come down he is kissing me all over and caressing my tits. He slides up and we kiss again very passionately with our tongues dancing inside our mouths. He taste so good, I can taste the scotch on his breath.

He begins kissing my body and tits again and works down kissing my belly. I run my hands through his hair. He kisses on down to my mound as thoughts run through my head, "Is he going to eat my cunt?" No sooner than the thought entered my head his tongue laps at my clit.

"He looks up at me and says, "Baby you taste sooooo good." Both hands are squeezing my tits and rolling my nipples as he puts his tongue into my flowing cunt. The sensations are so good my body begins to tremble and he just keeps on eating me taking in all my juices. His nose is against my clit, I do not know how he is breathing but he is, very heavily.

I lost track of time but feel another orgasm building inside my cunt as he sucks and licks harder on my clit. This one is really building and I let him know he is about to get a shower. He does not stop, but picks up the pace and tension on my nipples and sucks harder on my clit. I shove my cunt into his face as the orgasm pulses through my body from my cunt as copious amounts of fluid squirts into his face and down on to his leather couch soaking my bikini bottom.

He kisses his way back to my lips and as we kiss I can taste my juices on his tongue mingled with the scotch. I began to kiss and lick his whole face. He ask, "What just happened? I've never had a woman cum so hard and release so much hot fluid. I thought at first you were peeing but realized it was not and tasted soo good."

I told him, "I am what is known as a squirter." There was soo much my back was wet. I looked him in the eyes and said you are a very good talented lover. As we set up he removed my top as we kissed again very passionately. I crave the taste of my juices mingled with the taste of his scotch.

While we were kissing I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned, and unzipped his shorts, his cock actually popped up. "Nice, no underwear. I like that."

"I had to take them off while you changed into the yellow bikini."

"I like." I began to rub his very erect cock. Looking him in the eyes I said, "Now its your turn," as I kissed my way down to his cock. He was leaking pre cum and had a big wet spot in the front of his shorts. I milked his cock with my hand which barely fit around it. The pre cum was beginning to run down the head and while looking him in the eye I licked it up. He leaned against the back of the couch and down on him I went. Licking the length of his very ample shaft.

While I was licking his cock I was massaging his heavy balls. His nut sack was like that of a bull and he had the biggest nuts I can remember having the pleasure of sucking. I took each one into my mouth as I rubbed my finger across the head of his cock. Still leaking his precum his cock head became very shinny. Licking my way back up to lick all of his precum, it tasted sweet.

I slid off the couch and knelt between his warm legs and began to take him into my mouth. He moans heavily and loud. Taking his cock in both hands I begin taking more and more into my mouth. Now I began to really suck on it while my head was going up and down taking a little more in until I had it all in my mouth and down my throat, and my face is against his groin.

He "Moans again and then says yes baby, deep throat my cock suck it hard." I was going up and down the full length of his cock. Getting use to it I quickened my pace and we were both really getting into it. He told me, "You are such a good cock sucker. That's it baby suck my fucking cock. Oh fuck, you are such a cocksucker I fucking love it. OH BABY, SUCK IT SUCK IT!"

As his vocals got much more vulgar I sucked harder and harder deep throating each stroke. His breathing was getting heavier and I could feel his cum rising in his cock, and ready to explode. I began to rub that tender spot right in front of his ass hole as I clamped down hard around the shaft with my other hand. I started deep throating him faster and faster. He screamed, "BABY IM CUMMING, OH FUCK IM CUMMIMG." I rubbed a finger over that spot now including his ass hole.

I could feel his cock jerking as his orgasm pushed his cum to my hand. I released my grip and the first rope of hot cum hit the back of my throat. As I had yet another orgasm, yes I can cum giving a blow job without being touched at all. Then another rope of cum and another and another. So much I could not swallow fast enough. I kept sucking and deep throating until I felt his body go limp. Then I licked him clean including what was on my hand.

"Brandie I have never had a blow job like that." I kissed my way back up to his face and he took my head in both of his hands and we kissed very hard and passionately. "Baby this is the first time I have ever tasted my own cum. Its so fucking erotic."

I began rubbing his cock again and it begin to grow. I stood up and straddled him and sat down with his cock growing harder against my cunt. I was sliding my cunt across his shaft as I rose up and reached to insert it into my cunt he took my head in both hands and said, "Baby let's save something for next time."

I eased back down with its length resting between my cunt lips. "Are you sure?"

"Yes I think it will add to the excitement."

He reached for our glasses and we both finished our drinks with his hard cock splitting my cunt lips. His cock did not enter my cunt. His drink was watered down as all the ice had melted. "Do you want another."

"Yes I would love one." He got up and fixed himself another Scotch and water and poured me another glass of wine. We sat there with me wearing nothing but my shoes, sipping our drinks and talking about how erotic this had been.

He said, "It seamed the more vulgar I talked to you the more into the blow job you got. It was as if my comments were turning you on more and more."

"Very observant Colonel."

"So the more I talk to you like a whore the more turned on you will get?"

"Yes Sir, you see, I am a slut, I know it and love it." His cock was beginning to grow again. I began to stroke it and ask him, "I think being with a slut turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Yes it does, you are right, being with a fucking slut is a big turn on."

I started stroking his hard cock harder. I get between his legs again and looking into his eyes tell him. "We will save the fucking for our next date, but your new slut will suck another load of hot cum out of this cock." I take his whole cock to the back of my throat.

"You fucking slut, suck my cock, that's it SLUT, FUCKING SUCK IT BITCH." I suck harder and faster.


I suck even harder and feel his orgasm beginning to build. He arches his back as his hot load of cum explodes out of his cock and hits the back of my throat. This triggers another orgasm for me. I suck until his last shot of cum fills my mouth. I lick and swallow as fast as I can but some of his load spills out of my mouth. I gently begin to lick his shaft until it is all cleaned up. I slither up to his lips with mine and we kiss very passionately. Im eager to share the rest of his cum with him.

He tells me, "I have never felt this erotic and turned on before, never. Even when I was in the Phillippines using the whores there to relieve my sexual tensions. What do you really think about me inviting some friends over for a party with you?"

"Colonel D, I did my first gang bang when I was 17. It lasted for 3 days and fucked about 25 guys and a few girls too. They were from their early 20s to their early 60s. So invite away Sir."

"I think our next date will be just the two of us. I want my first fuck in over a year to be just you and me. After that if you still don't have a problem with fucking three or four guys, I will invite a few friends that I know will enjoy your company and you theirs."

He asked "what about your husband?"

"He will love every minute of it. He gave me permission to do as much as I wanted too."

"You mean he knew we would have sex?"

"No, I did not know for sure we would have sex". I finished my wine.

"Would you like to take a shower? I will wash your beautiful hot body and you can wash mine."

"Thank you, but I want Hubbie to know I have been truly satisfied." I looked at the big clock in the middle of a huge lone star.. "I can't believe I have been here over 3 hours. I think I should get back home." He went into the bedroom and brought my clothes to me. I slipped on my sun dress and put my bra and panties in the bag with the bikinis. We kissed passionately and hugged for a very long time. As we broke our kiss I ask him, "When would you like to get together again?"

"Tomorrow, but it will have to be when I get back from an exercise in California. I'm leaving in the morning."

"When will that be?"

"It's scheduled for seven days but may take a few more. I will call you when I get back. Can I call you while I'm gone?"

"Yes I would like that. Hubbie will be going to Ft Benning Sunday morning."

"He told me a couple days ago he would be going to drop new paratroopers. Here is a couple of my cards, put your number on one and you keep one. Brandie I want you to know how much this means to me. I will never do anything to come between you and your husband. This is completely new to me, and I can't believe he is willing to share you. But I'm happy to be lucky enough to spend time with you. I do not plan to get remarried, at least any time soon."

"How often would you like to get together?"

"Wow, Brandie are you reading my mind? I was just thinking I hope we could get together about once a week or so."

"I'm sure that will be doable and OK with Hubbie. When he is gone, would you like to get together more often."

"Does a bear? Hell yes I would. I think you need to pinch me, this must be a dream." He is still naked and I grab his balls and squeeze them as I bend down and bite lightly on his nipple. "Damn, this is great I'm not dreaming. Thanks Brandie you were fantastic.
Before you go can I ask you a personal question? You don't have to answer if you are not comfortable doing so."

"Go ahead and ask, I don't think there is any thing I would be uncomfortable answering."

"I could not help but notice"

"You mean my scar, don't you?"

"Damn, there you go reading my mind again."

"I was in a motorcycle accident when I was twelve. I had internal injuries, and they had to remove my uterus after two attempts to save it. I still have my cervix and my ovaries. Oh, and they work overtime keeping me horny all the time." He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a strong and firm hug.

"I'm so sorry"

"Thanks, it is what it is. The silver lining in that black cloud is we do not have to worry about getting pregnant." I put both hands on his head and pulled his lips to mine. We kissed with much passion. As we broke the kiss I said, "Call me when you want to and when you get home."

I walked into the living room and Hubbie was watching TV. He said, "You look like you had a good time. Did he like your modeling and how many bikinis did you get?"

"Yes, very much so and he bought me three." I reached into the bag and handed him the first one then the second one.

He said, "Nice. This little heart is kinda sexy." Then I tossed him the bottom of the yellow one. "Damn! It is wet and there is not much material here. It smells like you squirted. Did you FUCK him, is your pussy full of cum?"

"No, fucking is for our next date, but my belly is full of two big loads of his sweet cum." I could see his cock beginning to bulge in his shorts. I walked up to him grabbed his cock and asked, do you want to hear about our date and all the erotic details?"

"Hell yes."

"I'm going to freshen up, brush my teeth, and rinse. I know you don't want to be tasting his cum."

"Here, as he tossed me the yellow string bikini. Model it for me like you did for the colonel."

I freshened up and put on the yellow string bikini. He put on some smooth jazz. As I strutted out of the bathroom he was laying on the bed naked, stroking his hard cock.

"Strut for me baby, let me see how my slut showed off her erotic body to seduce her new lover."

I began to strut like a stripper. Untied the back string on my top, pulled it over my head and tossed it to Hubbie. Then the bottom and tossed it on to his face. Wearing nothing but my heels I climbed on top of him and sat down with his cock entering my wanting cunt. We fucked like animals in several positions with him having two orgasms one in my cunt, the second one in my ass. I lost count of mine.

As we laid in each other's arms drifting from all the orgasms the tranquil moment ended as I heard, "OK bitch tell me what happened and I want every detail. I told him every detail with my first date with Colonel D. When I told him about him inviting 3 or 4 of his friends his cock got hard as a rock again.

"Suck it bitch, you nasty whore, I have another load of cum for you." He filled my mouth with yet another load of cum. After I cleaned him up we laid in each other's arms.

"I think I'm going to offer you to Steven. I have seen the way you two look at each other. Maybe he can keep you satisfied while I'm in Fort Benning next week. I think you will enjoy his monster cock."
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