'Honey I'm Home'
When was the flight ever going to land? Despite getting a day earlier flight the trans atantic headwinds were making an 8 hour flight to almost 9 hours. But I would surprise my wife with an early arrival and Belgian chocolates! I was coming home from a long ardous business trip to three European countries and had been away nearly 2 weeks.
I was desperate to get back home into my own bed and into the arms of may wife as I was missing the touch of a woman. Finally we landed and luckily got through immigration and customs no problem. The car was waiting and made good time through the light traffic. As we pulled into the driveway I noticed the landscapers van parked in the road near our next door neigbor's house. His business must be doing well.
I had my key and let myself in noticing that my wife was home as the car was in the garage. i wanted to surprise her so did not shout out a greeting and could smell a familiar fragrance of bath oils. Strange as it was the middle of the afternoon but could be fun. As I went to drop my case in the study I heard a gasp and then a low moan - it was my wife's voice. What was she doing I thought.
It did not take me long to find out as I heard a man's voice. "Oh yes Baby, Yes that is the way". I crept up to the bathroom and saw the empty bath with bubbles almost overflowing and a pair of guys jeans and a teeshirt plus my wife's dressing gown on the floor. The bedroom is down a short corridor which I quielty made my way down. My wife was naked on top of him riding his cock as if it was a stallion. Her small breasts bouncing rythmically and her eyes closed. She rode him for a few more seconds then let his cock slide out into her hands and then to her lips. It was long and hard and I noticed bigger and thicker than mine.
Still unaware of my watching he flipped her onto her back and started to eat her pussy slowly while holdong her thighs apart. She was moaning now incessantly saying "oooh yes" and "OMG" alternately. She was clearly about to reach orgasm when he stopped and slid his big cock inside her. I can still hear the gasp as he entered her and then she came with an explosive thrust of her pelvis and her whole body arching upwards. He body now spent went limp and he slid off her.
all this time I was just out of sight so they were they thought blissfully alone until I walked in and quietly said "Hello, Honey i'm home".......
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