'MY LOVE STORY'!!!!!!!!!!
Just Between The Two Of us

She greets me at the door at the end of a two day drive, wearing only a short black silk robe and a smile. Her hair following , framing her pale, face. Her ravaging piercing eyes take in my appearance as she gestures for me to come in. My eyes registered my delight when she opens the door - dipping momentarily to her ample cleavage, before accepting her invitation and stepping past her into the house.

"How was the drive?" She asks me as I set my bag down and stretched. Her eyes sweep over me as she smiles. She likes what she sees and leans back against the wall. She watches me closely, a bit nervous and excited, both of us knowing why I was here.

"Long," I grin, my eyes taking her in. Her long, pale legs vanish under the short hem of the robe. My eyes slowly move upward, pausing for a moment at the swell of her breasts, then up to her neck, her face, and those intense eyes. She steps to me, wrapping long arms about me as we embrace, hugging each other tightly for several moments. I can smell the rich scent of patchouli on her skin and lingering in her hair. I nuzzles her neck, kissing lightly and whisper to her, "Where is the shower?"

She laughs softly and steps back, breaking the embrace. "Come with me." Catching my hand in hers, she leads me down the hall to her bedroom. A queen-sized bed dominates the room. She opens a door that leads to the master bath and beckons me inside. She perches on the edge of the tub and watches me undress. Her piercing eyes light up as I remove my shirt, following the lines of my shoulders. She watches every movement I make as if memorizing them, then grins as I stand naked before her. She then rises and moves aside while I run the water and adjust the temperature.

"Join me." I tell her, untying the belt of her robe, allowing the rich fabric to part down the middle. "You can wash my back..." my eyes linger on her, full of hunger and promises, before I step into the tub.

She slips free of the robe, letting it slide down her pale body to pool at her feet. Dusky nipples grow taut as the cool air reaches them. "But of course." She steps into the tub with me and takes up the bar of soap. Hot water beats down on both of us.

Steam fills the room as she works the soap into a rich lather. I stand facing the water, my back to her. Her hands begin to slide along my shoulders and upper back. Fingertips knead the muscles gently as her hands start to move lower. She caresses and massages as she works her way down my back to my ass. Her touch is firm but gentle as her hands glide down me and back up. Fingers explore muscle and bone until I slowly turn to face her.

She grins to me and begins to work the soap into a rich lather again. She starts with my shoulders, then continues down my arms all the way to my fingers. Her hands then busy themselves soaping up my chest, down to my abs and lower. Her eyes watch my face while her hands then grow bold, soaping my cock.

Her small hands are warm, soft, and careful, stroking me slowly. She can feel me harden from the attention and grins again. My eyes widen with surprise, but I do not stop her. I then close my eyes for a moment, savoring her touches. She is pleased by my reaction and lowers to her knees before me.

Having teased me, her hands now run along my thighs, her cheek caressing the shaft of my cock. My eyes slowly open and look down at her, watching intently as she bathes my legs and feet. She places a tender kiss at the base of my shaft, licks a trail along the underside from root to tip, catching the tiny drop of precum that beads at the tip. She then draws herself upright. My arms wrap about her waist, pulling her closer and pressing my lips to hers in a most insistent kiss. Her full breasts and hard nipples press against me. As we break from the kiss, she offers me the soap and turns her back to me.

My strong hands are warm and gentle as I return the favor. I start at her neck, kissing it lightly. I then work the lather along her shoulders, arms, and spine. My hands move smoothly along her flesh, down, back up, then down again. I take my time washing her back and ass, spreading her wide as my thumb teases the tight hole. She moans low and soft, then I give her a playful swat to turn her about. She steps around me into the stream of water long enough to rinse.

My eyes watch her face as my hands glide over her throat and along her collar bone. She closes her eyes as I lean her back against the back wall. My hands run along her sides, over her belly, then up to her breasts. I cup them, massaging the flesh as my thumbs tease her nipples. I can feel the weight of her breasts, the roundness of them as I wash and tease them. Then I tug at her nipples, making her gasp. I grin as her eyes open.

My hands are dark against the paleness of her skin, now sliding along her ribs, down her belly, working the rich lather into her skin as I slowly kneel before her. The water rains down on both of us at this angle, rinsing her as fast as I wash her. One hand braces her lower back as the other slips between her thighs to stroke and tease smooth-shaved folds. My hands are like fire, igniting nerves everywhere I touch.

A soft moan escapes her parted lips as she closes her eyes again. I find her hot and slippery as my fingers dance over her clit. A shiver runs down her spine as I ease a finger into her. She tightens around my finger for a moment, my other hand gripping her ass. Her mouth goes slack as she breathes heavily through those parted lips, gasps and moans escape her as she grinds and rolls her pelvis.

A second finger joins the first and I begin to stroke her slowly. Her thighs begin to tremble as she moans again. I lift her right thigh, draping it over my shoulder. My eyes watch the two fingers thrusting in and out of her as I add a third. She gasps and moans louder now, her hips rolling to the rhythm I set. Leaning my face in close, I draw my tongue teasingly over her clit and her hands clench tightly. The three fingers continue to thrust and stoke while my tongue explores her wanting crevice.

Her pelvis rolls and grinds, muscles twitch in her thighs. Her hands grasp my shoulders. Fingers knead my flesh, her breath quickens, and low moans tear from her throat. I can feel her whole body tighten, relax, and tighten again. Her hips rock and grind, hands trembling.

I nibble her stiffened clit while my hand thrusts a bit harder. Another sharp gasp reaches my ears, her hips rolling now, rhythmically against my invading fingers. She draws a deep, ragged breath, her body shaking as it tenses yet again. Her breath is cut off, my fingers squeezed nearly painfully, then released as she cries out. Inner walls quiver about my fingers and my efforts are once rewarded with that hot rush of fluid. She groans her pleasure as her body quivers and twitches from the intense waves of pleasure.

Slowly my fingers slip free. I kiss her folds and stand. Her eyes open to watch my face as I lift my hand to her mouth. Fingertips tease her lips until they part for me and she suckles my fingers for every drop, one by one, until clean.

I turn off the shower and lead her naked and dripping body into the bedroom. She follows and crawls onto the bed. Drawing her knees up under her chin, she wraps arms about herself to keep warm. I give her a rather stern look, shaking my head.

"On your hands and knees..." I pat the middle of the bed and expect her to obey. My cock fully erect now and throbbing, I am ready for more than just games. She crawls to the middle of the bed and positions herself. I kneel behind her, bending over her back as my strong hands gently folded her arms so her shoulders rested on the bed, forcing her to thrust her ass up higher towards me. Her torso lowers with ease, lifting her pelvis for me. Straightening, I pause a moment to take in the sight of her ass and slit presented so nicely to me.

My hands caress her ass cheeks and spread them wide. I run my thumb slowly downward from one hole to the other then I press it into her sweet wet pussy. She inhales sharply, hands gripping the bedding. My thumb then slides back up to her ass, greasing her with her own juices and easing my thumb into that tight orifice. She shivers and moans softly.

My free hand grips my swollen throbbing cock now, guiding the tip along her parted folds but not yet penetrating her. She whimpers and moans, aching to feel my thick cock thrusting into her. I wet my cock with her fluids, teasing her as it strokes outer folds only, anticipating the penetration. More whimpers reach me, her hands clenching.

One hand guides my cock, slowly pushing the engorged head inside. Inner walls grip me tightly as my thumb slides free. Her breath quickens and a tremor runs through her body, but not from fear or cold. Both hands now on her hips, my own hips roll slowly, thrusting my stiff throbbing cock deeper into her. Her eyes close and a soft moan rolls from her lips as I being to penetrate her. "Ohh gods....yes!"

My hips move, stroking in and out of her slowly each motion sending my enormous shaft deeper. Finally my hips press against the curve of her ass, cock sheathed fully inside her. I start off slow and gentle, savoring the sensations, the feeling of her sweet, slippery, hot little cunt around me, the sight of her pale-skinned body writhing beneath me, the sounds of her moans.

She savors the feel of me as well as my cock stretching her open. Her hips roll and press back to me, the soft sounds of our bodies meeting and parting fill the small room. The muscles in my arms tense as they pull her back against the powerful impact of my hips. I can feel her body tremble and tense now and again as my cock slides deep along nerves that grow more and more sensitive. Inner walls grow warmer and slicker still as I rut against her. "Ooooo yes! Fuck me," she tells me, "Fuck me harder!"

I grin from the pleasures she is serving me and slam my pelvis to her, my balls swinging to slap her clit. As her knuckles go white and she shivers, I fuck her harder. One of my hands rise, descending a moment later with a crack against her ass - a sharp little slap to add just a hint of pain to her pleasure, that slap draws forth a a cry, but not in protest. Her pale skin reddens with my hand-print and her inner walls tighten about my engorged throbbing cock almost painfully.

Her hips thrust back and roll, rocking and swiveling as if dancing against my lap. Rolling and swaying, her hips change the angle of my cock driving me deeper into her. Another sharp slap rains down against her ass, then my hands wander over her ribs, the small of her back, her hips and thighs as I fuck her hot, tight, sweet juicy pussy.

Her shoulders hunch as she presses backward again, meeting me thrust for thrust now. Her pale body trembles again, tenses, relaxes and tenses more. My swats to her ass, the hungry way I drive myself against her and the lightness of my caresses are all enough to send her to the edge and toppling over. Again her body tightens, holding this time and imprisoning my cock in a vise-like grip for several moments. When I am released, her inner walls throb heatedly around my swollen throbbing cock, and throaty wordless moans are offered. I can feel the warm rush of her orgasm coaxing my cock as she cums for me, wanting me to explode in her.

I continue to fuck her, riding her through her orgasm as her body twitches and quivers. Her moans are husky now, our bodies meeting and parting in a furious rhythm. She feels my entire body tense and the thick spray of my searing pearly cum filling her womb. My hands grip her hips tightly, pinning her to me, holding her perfectly in place as I drain myself into her depths. She can feel each pulsing throb as I am spent. I fill her to overflowing and our mingled fluids trickle down her thighs.

Breathless, I withdraw from her, and collapse on my back beside her with a grin. Her wide wandering eyes finds my cock, still stiff and liberally coated with cum. She places a hand to my chest and kisses me deeply, her tongue seeking mine. She then kisses a trail downward, my chin, my throat, my nipples...down to my belly.
She settles herself between my parted thighs, hovering over my pelvis. Her head bends and with moistened mouth opens to welcome me. Soft lips close over the tip, her velvet tongue flicking over the tiny slit then cradling me as she slowly draws my length into her mouth. She suckles gently, drawing me into the damp confines of her mouth. That velvet tongue sways along my lengthy shaft as she draws me in, inch by slow inch, tasting the both of us on my still swollen throbbing cock.

Her eyes close and she focuses on pleasing me. She pulls back, then lowers her head again, drawing me in a bit deeper. Her soft tongue sways lightly along my shaft, exploring the smooth texture of my cock, tasting my flesh. She finds the sensation of my cock sliding on her tongue exciting. My hips thrust gently forward, encouraging her to continue.

My long thick massive cock gradually easing inward, she begins to hum softly. Light, barely discernible vibrations caress my shaft and head as her tongue sways and swirls along my length. Her fingers curl upon my thighs, nails lightly scratching. The humming sends the most delicious vibrations up through my shaft, making me gasp softly, eyes going wide for a moment. The motions of my hips become more urgent they instinctively press my cock into her hot, steaming wet mouth.

Her eyes open partially to watch the pleasure on my face. She is obviously enjoying herself as much as I am. She draws back so that only my tip remains trapped between her lips and flicks her tongue along the tiny slit in the tip. I place a hand to the back of her head, urging her back down onto this rigid pole. Hips lift, thrusting my cock into her mouth. The hand on the back of her head is insistent - pushing her lower and lower until her nose is buried in the tight coils of dark hair above my cock, my tip stabbing into her throat as I let out a deep groan. After a few moments I let her up for air. Her head bobs swiftly now, urging me to rut against her lips and spill my sought after gift. Her throat relaxes around me, opening up to take my full length with as much force as I feel necessary. As she rises, she moans softly, reviving the gentle vibrations from her humming. Her nipples grow hard as they brush across my knees.

My eyes close tightly, hips bucking and grinding upward each time her head lowers. I inhale sharply and hiss my pleasures to her. My hands grip her hair tightly, pushing her head down with each of my upward strokes until I spill my seed in her again. She swallows quickly, that thick salty stream filling her mouth over and over. Her eyes open again, half-lidded, to gaze upon my face. She burns into her memory the twisted visage of pleasure on my face and smiles inwardly. She gulps, then gulps again as I fill her mouth with hot spurts of slurping cum. She pulls back just a bit, my cock still well within her mouth as the spurts gradually subside. Her tongue is liberally coated with my slick seed as it sways gently again around its rim. She gives a bit of a suckle, drawing out the last drop of my cum. When I am finally spent, I releases my grip on her and she lifts her head slowly. My cock glistens wetly with her moistness and the last of my cum as it lies against my stomach.

She licks her lips and draws in a deep, ragged breath and then smiles. She then settles beside me, head on my shoulder and fingers tracing the contours of my chest. Now both of us relax from the experience of our pleasures, and sigh as we catch our breath, cuddling as we drift away into a deep slumber...

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