'My Local Asian Spa'

"My Local Asian Spa" Irishdandy

I wrote this story on another site under a different name.....
I hope you all enjoy this fantasy.


I couldn't help myself really. I get these cravings and I have to fulfill them. I have been a visitor to my local Asian spa on numerous occasions. I enjoy the treatment I get there and I think the girls are as sexy as can be.

It had been a long time since I had been there. I have to save my money to partake of such things. However, I had a need and I knew where to fulfill it. I pulled into the drive and brushed my teeth in the parking lot. I think it's only right if one is to enjoy the company of a beautiful girl even if she is paid for her services.

I had gone to the bank earlier and withdrew two hundred dollars. I entered the lobby and rang the bell. Momma son came right away. She was new I thought to myself.

She asked me "one owa sixty dollas or half owa forty dollas?'

I said "one hour please." and handed her the sixty bucks.

She smiled warmly, showing perfect white teeth and smile lines formed on her temples and around her mouth. Being led to the small massage room, I remembered all of the other times I had been there. The same decor, the same smell, the dimmed lighting and the warmth that was ever present.

The music playing was different than I had heard the last time I was there. Before it was music from the Orient. This time however, classic rock was heard coming from the many speakers placed throughout the building.

"Get undressed" she told me.

I had already started to disrobe before she said to.

"Ah, you been hea befoa, yes?"

"Yes, many times" I exclaimed

"Ahhh, OK then. You want showa?"

"Of course, I love to be bathed." I said

Momma son left the small room as I continued to disrobe. When I finished, I hopped up on the table and waited for the masseuse to arrive. After only a couple of minutes, in walked a very small woman.

My God what a vision of beauty. Her dark hair cut just above her shoulders, danced across the back of her neck. Her deep brown eyes sparkled in the faintly lighted room. Large puffy lips encased two rows of perfect white teeth when she smiled at me. I wanted to kiss her soooo badly. Her neck was thin and joined narrow shoulders and thin arms. Her Breasts were firm but not in an artificial way. They swayed beneath her thin silken robe and jiggled as she walked in and drew the curtain closed behind her. They had to have been large A-cups. Her robe fell open exposing her full breast. her nipples were small, circled by brown skin about a half dollar in size. I took notice of her tiny waist and narrow hips. Perfect was the only thought in my brain. She approached me and stood between my legs. Her small hand pressed my face.

"You shaved for me?" she said

"Yes, I don't want to chafe you when I rub my face on your skin." I told her.

Her smile grew larger and she moved her hand to the back of my neck and her fingers played with my hair. She slowly moved her hips as she took my hand in hers and pulled me from the table. When I stood I noticed that she could not have been any taller that five feet. I followed her down the familiar hallway watching her tiny little ass swish back and forth. I was in such a trance, I didn't even care that the towel I was given was slung over my shoulder.

She opened the door to a small cedar lined sauna and ushered me in. When she turned to leave I drew her into my arms. She snuggled her face into my chest and told me her name was sandy. I cupped her small ass in my hand and kissed her on the forehead. She patted my chest and left the room. I jumped upon the bench, which had two tiers. I took the top bench. The heat of the sauna was nearly breath taking though pleasant. I sat for ten minutes as my pours opened and I began to perspire. I picked up a magazine and began to read and before I knew it, she came back and had me follow her out.

Sandy led me to the shower room. It was a tiled room with a stand up shower and there was also a shower bed. She took the shower head and sprayed the bed down and helped me on to it. They are very slippery. Laying on my stomach, Sandy tested the heat and sprayed me down head to feet. It was kind of funny as she was wearing these cut little boots that one may see on a young school girl. Sandy grabbed the rough sponge and soaped it up. She worked on my shoulders all the way down to my tip toes. After the sponge she used her bare hand to caress my slippery skin. She washed my ass and stuck her finger in my asshole. She did this several times in fact. I had never had one of the girls do this and it felt awesome. After about the third time I raised my ass off of the bed and pushed against her finger as it entered me. I moaned and she giggled. She inserted another finger and washed out my anus. She flipped me over and scrubbed my front,paying a lot of attention to my balls and penis. Her soapy hand played with my cock and it came alive instantly. With a giggle she rinsed me off and then she washed my hair. GOD I love that. When my shower was completed,she helped me from the table and dried me off. While doing this my hands were free to roam her body over her robe.

Leading me back down the hall she placed me back into the sauna. I pulled her to me and lightly brushed her lips with mine.

"You are a dream" I told her...

She untied her robe and let me run my hands over her golden skin. Her nipples hardened right away. Turning around she told me to finish my sauna and she'd be back in ten minutes. She tied her robe and left. Enjoying the warmth I began to relax considerably. Not that I wasn't, but heat has a wonderful effect.

When Sandy returned, she was wearing a silk nightgown that came just below her perfect little ass. She smiled and said "come".

Following her back to the room with my dick bouncing happily before me,I was still entranced by her perfect frame. Upon entering the small room, I pulled the remainder of the two hundred dollars out of my pants pocket that were hung on a hook. As she drew the curtain closed and clipped it shut, I placed the money under a towel on the stand next to the bed. I climbed onto the bed face down and watched as Sandy removed her gown. OMG, I thought to my self. I gasped actually, when I saw her in all of her glory. Exquisite was the only word I thought.

She climbed onto the table with me straddling my body with her thin legs. She began with the massage. Pulling and kneading my flesh with unbelievably strong hands. She would roll her fist and push and pull my skin. This continued for about five minutes when she laid her body completely over my back. Pressing her firm breasts onto my back and grinding her hips across my ass. Climbing further up my body she placed her lips at my ear.

"Is there something more I can do for you?" she whispered.

"I want it all. Everything, no condom." I told her.

Climbing off of me and off of the table she said,"do you have money?"

"Under the towel over there" I said and pointed.

Sandy pulled the hundred and forty dollars out from under the towel, climbed back on my stomach and counted it. Looking down on me with furrowed brows she said "why would I let you for so little money?"

I smiled and pulled her down on top of me. I kissed her gently and said "Sandy, I am a kind and gentle man. You've nothing to fear from me. I will treat you like the lady I know you are. As she stared me in the eyes she leaned down and kissed me with passion. Releasing our kiss she stated, "I believe you."

She got off of the table and disappeared from the room. When she returned, I was standing. She stripped back down and approached me.

"You are the fantasy I have yet to fulfill." I said

I leaned down and brushed my lips across her. She was so sweet, so beautiful. She shivered in my arms as I lightly ran my hands along her flesh. Goose bumps appeared. She placed her hands on my face and drew me in for a deeper kiss. So passionate was the kiss, our tongues danced and reveled in the moment. It was as though we were true lovers. I placed my hands on her firm ass and squeezed and kneaded it. She whimpered and I moaned into each others mouths as we continued to kiss. My cock was straining and I slid it between her thighs. She slid her very wet pussy along my length as we continued making out. I picked her up in my arms and laid her on the table. I laid on top of her and we kissed for a long time just rubbing each other and enjoying the moment. Feeling the soft flesh of her breasts with my hands my chest felt the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. Her heartbeat could be felt as our bodies pressed together.

I slowly disengaged our kiss and worked my tongue along her neck and shoulders. I sucked her ear lob tenderly. She moaned again as I continued down her shoulder to her arm. Bridging the gap between her arm and her body with my tongue, I heard her whisper, "what are you doing to me?"

"I am loving you, I am loving every inch of you." I replied. "I need this to be special for both of us Sandy." " I really do."I said.

Her breathing deepened, she moaned. I continued down her body planting kisses and tasting her skin. Reaching with my hand I felt her breasts and flicked her nipples. My mind was a whirl and my loins on fire as I worshiped the woman that was with me. I rubbed my cheek across her smooth flat tummy. Scooping into her belly button with my tongue. Nibbling the rim that surrounded it. With teeth and tongue I worked on her flesh. What a pure delight it was to have this woman for myself, even if it was for only an hour. Running my hands along her smooth legs my face met her pubis. I raked my lips across her Mons as she spread her legs for me. I was in awe of the most dainty, prettiest pussy I've ever seen. So perfect that I had to just stare at it for the as long as she'd let me. Lifting her thigh with my hand I kissed her pussy. I draped her leg over my shoulder and ran my tongue along the length of her labia, sucking them in one at a time. She whimpered again. She grabbed my hair and pulled me into her. With more passion I licked and sucked on her sweet and delicate pussy. She was delicious. Her nectar was flowing freely and I couldn't drink it fast enough. It covered my chin and dripped onto the bed. I lifted her clitoral hood with my fingers and found the smallest little nubbin of a clit. I caressed it with my tongue. I kissed and sucked on it with my lips. I nibbled it and flicked it with my tongue. Rotating her hips up I licked from the top of her pussy to the bottom. I reached her puckered little asshole and kissed and licked it just like I did with her pussy. Placing my finger inside of her pussy I could feel her tightness. I began to lick her clit again but she pushed my head away and told me to lick her lips. I complied and when I did she began vigorously to rub her clit with her finger. It pleased me that she was comfortable enough with me to want to obtain an orgasm. She rubbed and added pressure as I continued to lick her pussy. Her hips raised up and her breathing came in gasps and was ragged. She whimpered and moaned. She bucked her hips up and down and planted her feet flat on the table. Her whole body quivered and shook.

Her orgasm commenced.

" Ooooohh aaahhh....mmmmmmhmm.. I'm cumming, Oooohhhhhh yeessssss ooohhhhhhh" don't stop she exclaimed.....

This beautiful sexy woman had allowed herself the pleasure to give in to the moment. I couldn't have been more pleased that she had relaxed enough to obtain her orgasm.

Sandy drug out her orgasm as I was overcome with her juices. Continuously I sucked and licked her until she pushed my head away.

Breathing heavily she said, "It is too sensitive, please give me a minute?"

I slid from the table and stood beside her. She reached out to me and pulled me closer.

She said "Kiss me, please kiss me."

I leaned down and kissed her very tenderly. She nearly engulfed me. The kiss I got from her was like none I have ever gotten from a paid lady. She broke the kiss and sat up. She pulled me into her and wrapped her arms around me.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." she said, as she re-embraced me. She held onto me for a long long time. Her head was on my chest and I stroked her back.

"You are so good to me" she said

I was a bit overwhelmed with her reaction. It was as if she hadn't had a man please her before.

As I was analyzing her reaction to what had just happened, she reached up to me and pulled my head closer and kissed me very lovingly. We kissed for a bit and then she laid back bringing me with her. I climbed back onto the table placing the length of my body on top of hers. We kissed some more and she brought her legs up and around my back. God they were so smooth. She wrapped her one arm around my neck and with the other she reached between us and grabbed my dick. Rubbing it up and down her furrow getting it lubed with her pussy juices she told me to put it in.

My desire for her enjoyment and the fact that she did indeed have pleasure, made me nearly forget that I had yet to obtain release. It was as if it had taken a back seat to the joy that was shared between she and I.

My cock, as rigid as it had ever been, pressed between her folds and slid into her with ease. I was simply astounded that I didn't cum immediately as turned on as I was and as tight as she was. I find it very difficult to describe how wonderful it felt as I entered her. It was if the whole world had stopped and all the energy that it contained was running around the nerve endings of the head of my cock. So intense was the feeling, I gasped and moaned as I slid into her. My breath was shaky, my abdomen quivered and I saw stars when my penis could go no farther. I couldn't move for fear of explosion. Our torsos melded, her tits with their fine points raked my chest. Slowly she ground her pussy. The base of my cock rubbed her clit. She shuddered and picked up the pace of her gyrations. I asked her to hold still. The pleasure was so intense and the feeling of our bodies as they became one had me on the brink.

Tenderly I kissed her lips. She played with the hairs that rested on the back of my neck. She was smiling up at me and I was smiling back to her.

I told her,"You are wonderful Sandy." "I've never felt this way before when I've come here."

"You made me cum." "I came because of you." "You have treated me well."she said.

Our exchange of words were what I needed to desensitize my cock. I slid out of her to the crown of my head. I slowly pushed forward until I reached the end. No rush. Only the feeling of the moment was what consumed me. Slowly again I drew out of her only to push back in. Back and forth we rocked until I was able to get a rhythm. With a touch more speed, I plunged in and pulled out.

Sandy Moaned "ohhhh, feels good."

"It sure does" I replied.

"Faster" she told me. "harder" she said.

I picked up the pace another notch and started moving her body upon my in strokes. Hitting bottom with each thrust. I began to feel like cumming again and I slowed the pace. She looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

"No don't stop. "I'm so close again." Sandy complained.

"Baby, I want this to last forever." I replied.

I removed my cock swiftly and went down on her. I strummed her clit with my tongue and placed my thumb into her slippery hole. Using my teeth to push the hood back I exposed her clit and sucked it into my mouth. Her legs came around my head and locked me in......

"Oooohhhh, I'm cumming again...Ohhhhh do not stop, lick me, lick me ohhhhhhahhhhh yesssssssssss." Her voice insisted.

Once again I was treated to another of her orgasms. Her body shook and quivered. She couldn't catch her breath. Her face was beet red and perspiration formed there. Again she pushed my head from her pussy. Her flavor so sweet I didn't want to stop. Playfully I tried going back down on her. Giggling she said "no no no, it's so sensitive."

I stepped back from her and she spun around and hung her head off the side of the table. I knew what she wanted and I slid my cock into her mouth. Grabbing my ass, she pulled me in. I was balls deep. I fucked her mouth for a while and it was glorious. Perfect actually. Reaching forward I touched her pussy. She pushed me out of her mouth and laughed.

"Stop" she said....giggling.

I laughed and pulled her off of the table. I turned her around and she laid across it. I slid into her and started to move in and out with speed. I sawed in and out increasing the pace as I really needed to cum. Sweat was poring out of me. Our labored breathing and the slap of flesh was all that was heard in the room.

My cock and balls felt a warm wet sensation as I was pounding into her. I looked down as she was expressing her juices all over me...

"OOoohhhhhh ahhhhhhh oooooooooo ooohhhhhhhhh."

Sandy came again. I marveled at her pleasure. I had to have her on her back, so I stood her up and spun her around. I laid her on the table and pounced on top of her. Grabbing the back of her neck with my left hand and reaching under her with my right, I grabbed her ass. I pounded into her. Trusting hard and pulling her back onto my cock. Squeezing her ass I basically rocked her back and forth as she was cradled in my arms. I had to kiss her as I came. Firmly I planted my lips to hers. Our tongues met again. With great passion and animal like, I thrust into her repeatedly until I felt my balls draw up and my cock stiffen even more. I knew what was coming as did she. I literally growled as I spewed thick ropes of my cum as deeply into her as I could.

"Grrrrrrrroooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh....Ahhhhhhhhhoooooooo mmmmyyyyy goooood."
Ohhhhhh baaabbbyyyyy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmoooooohhhhhhh."

Spent, I collapsed onto her. My whole weight was carried on her 80 lb frame. Not realizing it until she tapped me on the back. I looked up and I realized she couldn't breath. I lifted myself off of her and slid her over. I laid next to her and brought her into my arms. We cuddled as we came down from our high. Her head was on my shoulder and my hand rested on her thigh. We laid like that, panting, for a few moments when we heard Momma son say my time was up.

Reluctantly, we got down from the table. We embraced and kissed. She got me a hot rag and washed my face and then my privates. We kissed some more. She dressed me and I put my jacket on. We kissed more and Momma son told me I had to leave right now. With a final kiss. I touched her face and told her, "you are wonderful."

I walked out to my car, fired it up and started to pull out. I glanced back before I drove off and there was sandy. Waving at me as Momma son pulled on her to bring her back in.

The End

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