'Relax' - A beach encounter, chapter 1
I was waist deep in the cool sea water when I first felt her soft small hands enveloping me. She caught me by surprise but I managed to calmly look down to see a beautiful slender pair of forearms gliding across my chest. It felt wonderful. And then I felt her close the gap between us and press her body against mine, a body that felt small and slim with firm breasts. This was starting to turn me on.

Try as I may, I could not turn my head enough to see who she was.. she was, after all, pressed up against my back. I then heard her dulcet whisper in my ear, "Shh... Calm down big boy.. Relax...". And so I did. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for beautiful women feeling up my body. She had been clasping me hard so that I would not move. Once I stopped trying to find out who she was her hands started wandering all over my body. Caressing my chest, my abdomen, my trunks, my thighs. I could feel her breath against my neck, her nose nuzzling against my ear. It took all my willpower not to turn around and grab this sexy being behind me, whoever she was.

Soon she started making circular motions on my tummy with her hand, and with the other hand reached down to caress my cock, which by now had become quite erect. My breathing started to become regular and heavy, and my eyes were closed. I now no longer cared who was watching. I was thoroughly immersed in this highly charged situation.

I felt her fingers reach under the waistband of my trunks... and slowly but surely reaching for my cock. She held it in place for what seemed like almost half a minute long, a dramatic pause in the middle of her... seduction? tease? Whatever it was, she was drawing it out as an artist would. Slowly. Thoughtfully. Teasingly..

I then felt both her hands slip under my swimsuit and begin to tug it down. At this my eyes opened wide. I needed to make sure none of the beach-goers could see what was going on. And it seemed that they couldn't. I was well covered by the water, and although there was one girl whose body faced my direction, her face was turned in another direction. In any case she was wearing sunglasses and I could not see where she was looking.

Throughout my visual exploration of the beach, my girl behind me had pulled my trunks all the way down my legs. My legs were still rooted to the ground beneath me when I felt her leg firmly nestle in between both of mine. She whispered in my ear, "Relax.. I got this..". And so I offered no resistance when she lifted my left leg off the seabed, my trunks coming off it due to pressure from her foot. I then felt her hands caress my back, my bum, and down my right leg to grab hold of my trunks and lift my right leg up instead. I heard the water splash behind me as she came up for air and I felt her press her body against mine again.

"Do me a favour baby, and turn around". I will never forget that sentence.

When I did turn, again she whispered in my ears those famous words of hers.. "Relax baby.. Close your eyes and relax". I felt her hands caressing the front of my body, leaving no inch unexplored. And then her hands moved to my back and started caressing all of my back too. Then there was no feeling. I knew this was one of her dramatic pauses.. again teasing me with suspense. My senses lulled by the sound of the waves... and the lapping of the water against my skin.

After what felt like a full minute I was getting a tiny bit impatient, and hence I reached out behind me with one hand. To find... Nothing. Nothing. She wasn't there anymore.

I turned around, admittedly, with anxiety. Wondering who had taken off with my swimsuit and why I had allowed her to.There were a few girls close to the beach but I couldn't see my trunks with any one of them.
My beach towel was a little too far from the water for me to make a dash for it without making a scene.

I did however see a vacant beach towel lying on the sand, just inches from the water...
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