I agreed to meet Him and that everything would be in His hands. He knew my limits. He knew my safe word. He knew my fantasy and I knew His. He was going to be my fantasy come true.
I met Him at the cheap hotel we had decided on. "A seedy dalliance requires a seedy location," He had said online. I had laughed and agreed with Him.
We exchanged pleasantries, paid the desk clerk, and entered the room. I looked around at the amenities, such as they were, and we smiled at each other.
I had circled the room and wound up back at the door, with my back to it. He approached me and ran his hands down the outside of my arms, down to my legs, inward toward my crotch, and up my belly to my tits. He grabbed my nipples through my silk bra & dress and pulled and squeezed them hard and just held them for a moment.
I looked into his eyes and he grabbed my chin and pushed me up against the door, hard. "What are you doing? Didn't I tell you never to fucking look up? Didn't I?"
"Yes," I said, looking down with my eyes.
"Yes, what?" he demanded.
"Yes, Sir."
"I didn't hear you. Yes, WHAT?" He knocked my head against the door to punctuate the word 'what'.
"Yes, SIR!" I said, my heart beating, my pussy getting wet.
"That's better," He said, and guided me to the area beside the bed.
He turned me to face Him and ran his hands all over me again.
"I think we need to lose some of this," he said, pulling on my clothes.
"Yes SIR," I said, and began to slowly strip.
First I kicked off my shoes and then pulled off the white silk blouse, slipping it over one shoulder then the other, then dropping it on the chair. Next I pulled up the skirt of my dress slowly, teasingly, like I was going to take it off. But instead I removed my stockings.
Then I pulled my dress up, inch by inch, until it was just barely covering my hips. Then I pulled it off all at once, revealing my silk bra and new white undies he had instructed me to wear.
He gasped with appreciation and took in the view. He pulled me to him and turned me around, holding me against him, my back to his front. He held me tight against Him as he pulled my hair to the side and ran his hands over my tits, playing & squeezing.
He began undoing my front-hook bra with one hand, while still holding me tight with the other, breathing heavily in my ear. He got my bra open and my tits swung free. He pulled the bra back over my shoulders, slowly down my arms, and tied my wrists with it.
He pushed me face down on the bed and said, "Just let me look at you." I lay there with my face in the bedspread, just waiting, and my heart pounding. "You're a horny little slut, aren't you?" He ran his fingers between my thighs, against my crotch and felt how wet my undies were.
"Yes SIR," I answered, getting even more wet.
"I think you should be punished for being such a little slut, don't you?"
I was getting ready to answer when I felt his hand come down HARD on my ass. "Pow wow!!"
"Did that hurt?"
"Yes, SIR!"
SLAP! "Did it?"
"Yes SIR!"
"Owwwwww!!!" I was writhing around on the bed while he held me down.
"Ok, I guess that's enough for now. What do you think?" he asked.
"Yes, I agree SIR."
He just laughed and told me to turn over.
I lay on my back and he sat next to me.
"Close your eyes," he said.
I did so, and I jumped a little when I felt his hand start travelling over my body. Over my shoulder, down my arm and back up, and over my breasts. He grabbed my nipple between his finger and thumb and started rolling it harshly, pulling it until my breast was stretched upwards. I tried not to react, but I know I was moaning softly and writhing around.
"You like that, don't you slut?" he asked.
"Yes SIR," I answered, barely able speak.
"What was that? I didn't hear you," he said, as he gripped & pulled harder on my nipple.
"Ow! Yes SIR," I said, loudly & clearly.
"I think it's time for these," he said, and I heard something jingling. I peaked and saw him pull clover-style nipple clamps out of his pocket.
"Didn't I tell you to keep your eyes SHUT?" He smacked my face hard when he said that. I turned away, and he turned my face back towards him and slapped it again, "Didn't I?"
"Yes SIR," I nearly shouted, feeling a little bit of REAL fear that this man was truly a woman-hating psycho and not just playing a game. Of course my pussy became all the more wet.
"That's what I thought," he said, and I felt him pinching my right nipple hard and pulling it out away from my body, making it good and ready for the nipple clamp.
INSTANT PAIN washed over my as the nipple clamp went onto, so harshly. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," I breathed deeply, feeling the heat travel from the pain in my nipple and send sensation directly to my clit.
Soon the second clamp was put on my left nipple, no preparation at all. Apparently it was already hard and perky enough.
"MMMMmmmmmmm, ooohhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," I was moaning and trying to hold still. I felt his hand go to my crotch, "My God you are wet. I think you need to just stay like that for awhile." He took some wrist cuffs and put them on me and pulled my wrists up over my head.
"You just stay there while I take a shower and I don't want to hear a FUCKING word from you, do you understand?"
"Yes SIR," I answered.
And he disappeared into the bathroom.
He took a very long time in the shower and my nipples were aching every second. I heard him get out of the shower and dry off. Then I heard him unwrapping the complimentary plastic cups and filling them with water. I knew he would want me to drink the water and my bladder was already bursting.
He came back and lay down on the bed next to me. "Keep 'em shut," he said, as if he sensed I was tempted to open my eyes. I felt his fingers flicking over my nipples, first one then the other. Then his tongue. Oh how maddening that was! He flicked his tongue so lightly, but so quickly over the ends that were sticking out between the nipple clamps. This made the clamps bounce around and renew the pain on my nipples, but his tongue felt so good and soothing!
Next he slipped his fingers under the crotch of my panties and began fingering me. I instinctively spread my legs for him and he said, "Ah, yeah!" and slipped to fingers into my hole, while massaging my clit with his thumb.
"MMMmmmm," I said, feeling his thick, long fingers deep in my vagina.
"What's the matter," he asked.
"It feels good but..."
"But what?"
"But I need to pee and that puts pressure on my bladder, SIR" I said, meekly.
"Oh it does? That's too bad." He wanted to make me pee my pants. He knew I couldn't hold it much longer and he relished the thought of humiliating me by making me pee my new white panties.
He removed his hands and guided me into a sitting position.
"Drink this," he said, and handed me a cup of the water. I sniffed it quickly first, I really didn't know this person and didn't know if he perhaps had slipped something besides water into the cup. It was clearly water, though, and I drank it down.
"Now this one," and he handed me the other cup.
Oh, I was so water-logged.
"Ok, get on your hands and knees." I did and he got between my legs and moved the crotch of my panties aside again. "Spread your legs a little further."
"Yes, SIR," I said, and I did. I felt his finger enter my sopping hole, moving in and out, circling my clit and driving me crazy. Then he put a second finger in and began pushing against the walls of my vagina. I moaned when he found what he was looking for, he was pushing on my bladder!
He started fucking my hole so that his fingers wound up hitting against my bladder every time. I had to pee so badly but was resolved to hold it as long as I could. He stopped thrusting, with his fingers way inside me, and crossed his index finger over the top of his middle finger. He pushed hard and let the index finger slip off the middle finger to land hard against my bladder. I was moaning so loud while he did this, causing repeated, hard pressure on my bladder, which was full-to-bursting.
"Please SIR, that is putting so much pressure on my bladder!"
"That's the idea," he said, "do you need to pee?"
"Yes, please SIR," I begged.
"Oh, I don't think you are quite desperate enough yet."
"Yes SIR," I said, and turned over and did as instructed.
He pulled the crotch of my panties aside and began fingering me really good. I was so horny that I was on the verge of cumming. Then he stopped.
I moaned in frustration as he moved his fingers around my hole, not entering, not fingering, just frustrating. Then he began his oral assault.
"No, please SIR, that is too intense when I have to pee!"
He wouldn't stop though, and I felt my bladder jostling as he attacked me orally, his tongue flicking maddeningly over my clit. He put 2 and then 3 fingers in my hole, pressing against my bladder with a constant pressure.
I didn't think I could cum when I had to pee so badly, but he would not stop. I was going insane with the sensation and felt my first orgasm build to an incredible height before I came, bucking and screaming.
"Oh stop, SIR, pleeeeease stop! It's too sensitive," I begged. But he would not stop. "Pleeeeease...." and soon I was on my way to another orgasm. He has started pushing then pulling back and pushing again against my bladder in a slow, steady rhythm, while he continued to eat me mercilessly.
"Oh god oh god oh GOD!!" I screamed, as I came again. "Pleeease stop, now, PLEASE SIR!" I begged, nearly screeching, but he would not stop. I did not think I could come again, and it did take a little while, but it built and overtook the need to pee on more time. I screamed in pure frustrated confusion as I came - feeling the release of the orgasm but the intense need to pee. It was overwhelming.
Finally he stopped. He moved back away from me and said, "What do you think?"
All I could say was, "Oh my god." I was pressing my legs together, trying to keep the pee from creeping out and he said, "Oh no, none of that."
He held my legs apart and I writhed a little, trying to keep my dignity, when finally it just came pouring out of me in buckets. All over my brand new underwear and the bed; the relief and the shame washing over me simultaneously as he watched me soil myself.
I opened my eyes and looked up at him and he said, "Very good."
I knew the game was over and asked if I could go wash up. He said, "Sure, but I want those."
"Oh yeah," I said, as I remembered that was part of the deal.
I gave him my soiled undies to keep and cleaned up and we went our separate ways.
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