'What's the problem?' - A beach encounter, chapter 2
As soon as I spotted the towel I quickly made my way to it, crouching down as the water became shallower and making a quick final dash from the water to the towel. While holding my crotch and trying not to make too much of a splash.

Relieved when I reached it, I quickly tied the towel around my waist. I purposely did not look around to find out who saw the whole spectacle. It wasn't necessary. I was covered up now and I could make my way to my own things. Only I felt someone tapping on my shoulder, and a feminine voice, a very familiar voice, saying "Hey mister!".

I turned around to face Jenny, a sweet girl I knew from work. From the looks of it, she had just come out of the water, and her very firm body was dripping with salt water. Her indignant face of anger immediately softened when I faced her. "Hey!", she exclaimed, "Fancy seeing you here!". After the customary hugs and greetings she asked, "So, where are you taking my towel to?".

I told her that I will bring the towel back in a very short while, that I just needed to get my stuff from further up the beach. I didn't explain why. She hadn't asked why.
"Well there's just one problem", she said, "I'm dripping wet from my swim and I want my towel now". "Could I borrow it for just a minute?", I pleaded, but received no mercy from her. "No", she very firmly said.

Jenny and I were very open and flirty with each other at work, and so I knew it was okay to tell her the truth. I even started to get that playful feeling I always get when Jenny and I met each other on the corridors. It was either me teasing her, or her teasing me. So I decided to be bold.
"There's only one problem", I said as I opened the towel wide to flash her my nakedness.
What happened next I would never have expected. Not from this sweet innocent girl. Not even from the teasing mind games we so often played with each other. I had expected her to laugh and tell me it's ok to borrow her towel.

In the second after I opened my towel to her, she quickly stepped forward and closed the gap between her body and mine. In my shock I'm glad I didn't lose grip on the towel, but I just stood still, unmoving. She then deftly took the ends of the towel from my hands and tied it around her back, effectively sandwiching us together within the towel. She then looked up at me with innocent wide eyes and asked, "What's the problem babe?". Taken out of my stupor I then just cleared my throat and said "Nothing... erm.. there's no problem".
"Good! Now we've both solved our dilemma of wanting the same towel" she justified with a playful wink.
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