'You don't mind, do you?' - A beach encounter, chapter 3
My cock, pressed against Jenny's tummy, was beginning to show signs of life. I couldn't help it. And I didn't know what to say. So I said nothing.
"Are you getting excited from this situation babe?" the sweet Jenny teased me. As she so often teases me with her words. However I was getting turned on by this entire situation. And when I do get horny, I take charge. Nothing else matters. Not where we are. Not who could be watching.
I looked at her and said a firm "Yes".
"Me too", she said softly, almost whispering. She then put her head against my chest and embraced me tightly.

All too soon I felt another small body and a pair of breasts press against my bare upper back. From the hands that came to surface around my and jenny's bodies, I surmised it to be my caller from just a few minutes ago. Again she took me by surprise, but again I didn't move. One of her hands held my swimming trunks, which she dropped right next to my feet. I then felt her removing her bikini top completely and pressing her bare breasts against my back. The feeling and the teasing was amazing, and I really wanted to turn and look at this sexy creature.. but no, I wouldn't. Jenny was still embracing me tight, still having her head against my chest. The other sexy being could wait. Even as she dropped her bikini top right on top of my trunks on the sand.

She then reached her hands between me and Jenny, and lifted Jenny's bikini top to reveal a very beautiful pair of breasts. Jenny, surprisingly, lifted her arms without bothering to look at this unknown 'assailant'. This stripping menace. Spreading love? With her bikini top lifted up and over and off her, Jenny's breasts spilled out, forming a beautiful shape. When pressed against my chest I could feel its delicate softness. I wanted to reach down and suck on them, but that could wait. Right now I revelled in the feeling of her pressed against me.

Then, I felt hands, not Jenny's hands, and not my hands, flowing down my tummy and taking hold of my cock. Gently squeezing it and stroking it and making it grow in size. Whatever game these two girls were playing, I had already guessed that they had planned this from the start, and I was enjoying every minute of it.

Soon her hand left my cock though, and reached for Jenny's bikini bottoms. I felt Jenny's bottoms being pulled down, pulling down my cock in the process, and finally taken off her. Now Jenny and I were fully naked and pressed against each other, with my cock pushed down and pressed firmly against her slit. My cock started aching with the build up of all the excitement. Engorged to its largest size.

"You don't mind, do you?" whispered Jenny. "Not at all" was my immediate response. And then she kissed my chest, and once again lay her head against it.
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