'til dawn, moonrise, moonset...
Inspired by my girlfriend at Baskin Robbins

How We Meet

Her short, frayed, tight jeans, slender bare belly peeking through a mid drift top, petite perky breasts, huge nipples, unusually large lips, small face with a permanent, genuine happy smile, turns me on every time I calculatingly come for an ice cream cone.

"So why do you come here every night just about closing time and get the same chocolate fudge, pistachio almond, regular cone?"

"Well, I could say it's because I love watching you move to the rhythm of the juke box."


"Or, this is the time I finish work and head on home. I see you through the window and I can't control the steering wheel."

"Keep coming, you're not there yet!"

"I really get off on your sexy slender figure, luscious lips, cuter than a chipmunk smile and provocative wink."

"Getting closer! Come on, say it."

"O K, I've been dying to get up enough nerve to ask you out."

"What took you so long? Isn't my wink and a smile good enough to wet your appetite?"

"My appetite's been so wet for so long it's about to sprout. Didn't know if you'd take to kindly about an older man hitting on you."

"I prefer older men, especially the ones with well rounded experience. You're so buff I'll bet you got experience dripping from your tongue all the way down to your cock. Now, is that enough encouragement.

"Do you mean the kind of enough to go watch the full moon rise and set?"

"And just what do you have in mind between moon rise and sun rise?"

"Don't you mean moon set?"

"No, goofy, the sun rises before the moon sets."

I just look straight into Nikki's glossy blue eyes wondering if this girl's for real.

"Oh, I get it...actually, I more than get it you devious howlin' wolf. Just what kind of rumors have you heard?"

"Only gossip, it's not worthy of being called rumors, so please enlighten me!"

"Well, there's this one gossipy rumor that says I can't be satisfied by just one guy so I never go out on a second date with him. Or, there's the one about how I crave oral sex and guys can't handle that. Then, there's the one about me being bi sexual. But the real kicker is that I'm a sex starved maniac who can't get enough sucking or fucking, making me a nymphomaniac. Wanna hear more?"

"I could care less about gossipy rumors. It's what's behind the rumors I wanna know about. I want to know the real person and whether or not we're compatible."

"Well, all the rumors are true. However, the real truth is that I never go out with a guy twice because I haven't met the one who can make a woman out of me, if you know what I mean. I do cravingly love oral sex especially when a guy can perform boundless exotic magic. I've been with other girls because they can out last men ten fold. Finally, I may look like the girl next door but I do crave extremely prolonged erotic sex. Every orgasm makes me want more and more. I can't even find other girls that can last long enough. So, I end up most times playing with my endless variety of toys."

Exploring Compatibility

"I'd like the opportunity of taking you out for a fun filled adventure that may or may not lead to sexual activity. If it does it's only because we're compatible. If we are compatible then we can hopefully dispel all those rumors."

"Even the one about oral sex?"

"Especially the one about oral sex. In fact, I may as well inform you that I've been taught by the best. Several of my girlfriends are bi sexual and for them it's also because of what you reveal about guys not having what it takes to bring a girl to a state of orgasmic bliss with their tongue. They're so eager to dive into deep water and still come up bone dry."

Nikki bursts out laughing...

"That's the first time I've heard that expression. Did you just make it up?"

"Yeah, I'm afraid I say what's on my mind without editing. I'm not sure I know what it means either."

"I do! If we do get involved sexually I can guarantee that you will experience deep waters but you sure as hell won't be dry."

"About that last rumor. If you are as orgasmic as you say, then you're not a nymphomaniac. They have a hard time ever achieving one orgasm let alone multiple orgasms. So, if your labeled a nymphomaniac then I'm your male counterpart."

"So, you're my satyr. Looks like we've got some rumors to dispel."

Compatibility Test

Nikki reaches over to kiss me on the cheek then instantly grabs my head slowly rotating my lips into her sensual mouth. I love making out and she's got the kind of rich full lips that I can have an orgasm over.

Her tongue guides us into an exasperating open mouth, head rockin' kiss that takes us both into a spell of heavy breathing, massive sucking and mesmerizing petting.

She starts sucking my tongue like a lollipop then slides her tongue under mine. We both start double sucking as if fucking each others mouth as deep as possible. We both moan through a giggle as we tickle each others glottis then shift to nibbling and sucking each others lips one at a time.

I get so turned on by kissing someone so sensual that I almost cream myself. We both enjoy biting down on each others lips just to stimulate the flow of excitement and prepare the way for a gourmet feast. She bites down on my upper lip as I bite down on her lower lip then we both start slowly deep sucking as much of each lip as possible. We lose ourselves in a fit of lip exchange that aches for more body contact.

Her hips keep thrusting forward as I purposely avoid making contact. She grabs one of my hands placing it on her thigh then sliding it into her pussy. She takes my other hand and presses it around her breast then guides my thumb and index finger around her huge nipple. I feel her body getting more and more excited.

Her body spasms when I twist and rub her nipples one at a time. I create this rotating sequence of twist, rub then massage with the palm of my hand.

Our mouths continue attacking each other like a pack of hungry wolves. We even mimic the growls combined with heavy panting.

I'm more excited knowing she wants what I want but I love the tantalizing approach. When our bodies do collide I want her to know what she's in for. Her magnificent make out technique more than alerts me to the fact that she's no ordinary, "Hi, thanks for the refill", type one night stand.

Be careful what you're thinking while making out because those thoughts have a way of materializing.

Beyond Compatibility

I start massaging her wet pussy as she massages my cock through tight jeans. I feel it expand under my jeans with her pleasurable fingernail raking and tickling technique. Her pussy is so soft and wet I begin pressing my fingers randomly deeper and deeper into a spongy softness that's beyond imagination. She's wearing a thong that's to small for such huge pussy lips. As she gets more excited her lips swell and protrude around the edges of the centerpiece. Her lips are so massive I can't feel her clit.

We slowly move our bodies toward the back room. We start doing this hip hugging technique that infuriates our sexual desires. First, I stretch one thigh over her hip then press my ever hardening cock into her pelvis. She replicates the movement sliding down my thigh exciting the pulse of my cock.

Nikki hits the light switch and locks the door as we dancingly rotate and twist our way to a comfort couch. She guides my body to the edge where pressure from her arms signals me to lay back into the contoured comfort of this amazing piece of furniture.

As I lay back we're still engaged with invigorating mouth to mouth foreplay. Hugs with plenty of breast and cock rubbing massage raises our heart rate and flushes our skin. Sure enough she not only reaches for the expanding bulge hanging down my thigh she spreads my legs so she can position her pussy directly on its expanding length. First she fondles it positioning the head and crown on top my thigh where she can take advantage of how hard I've become. I flinch, she realizes that my cock won't bend under the tightness of my jeans. She changes angles and my sigh of relief increases the smile on her face. We're so excited neither one of us thinks of getting naked.

"I'm already having enough fun to know we're unmistakably compatible. I'm about to cum all over you. No one's ever kissed me so madly, so passionately. You are a tongue totin' magic man"...

Before she finishes her sentence I feel her wetness begin to flow. Can she ever flow!!! My mouth goes ballistic salivating so profusely it drips down my chin. Her excitement follows and our chins and cheeks become coated with liquid refreshment. I start giggling...

"What?" Nikki's expression is one of the cutest turn ons I've ever experienced. She does that smiling giggle thing that emphasizes her one word question while her fists playfully pound my chest. Her hips rotate her pussy over my cock then she glides its length while pressing downward with blissful conviction.

"What you said about deep waters and not being dry. If this is any indication of what we're in for, sunrise or moon set don't have a snow balls chance in hell of matching their brilliance with our orgasms."

"I can't believe you waited so long for us to find out how turned on we are about each other."

"I'm so turned on I'm about to cum through these jeans if you don't stop enticing me with that exotic hip action."

"Let's cum together, I'm so ready, this is a first for me, keep thrusting that cock against my pussy and you'll get a real taste of what being soaked through and through can feel like."

Far Beyond Compatibility

Her body squirms like a reptile as she finally lifts her mid drift top over her shoulders, spreads open my shirt and massages her huge, hard, sweaty, dripping nipples into mine. Her hips continue a long slow stride rotating her pussy over my cock. I release a spurt of cum prematurely but manage to control not letting go completely. Her body flinches...

"Go ahead, I know you want to, so do I."

I thrust my thigh driving cock so hard upward against her pussy I feel her vulva separate in a most unusual way. The spongy softness of her pussy ignites an uncontrolled orgasm that I can feel blast through my jeans. At the same time I feel the flood of her orgasm flow over my thigh, into my crotch, down my leg, into my sock and shoe.

Nikki's breathing becomes intense as she masterfully manipulates my cock through tight soaked jeans with her enraged pussy. Her hands fumble with her thong pulling it to one side releasing a pair of enormous pussy lips that fold around my cock finally exposing her elongated clit. She strategically places her clit over the swollen head of my cock then rocks her hips like a jockey going for the checkered flag.

Her tits are right where I can suck each one consecutively as her chest bobs up and down, side to side. Her nipples are so huge I can suck, pull and bite down gently. The greatest pleasure she gets is when I suck her entire breast in my mouth and the nipples reaches down my throat. I tighten my tongue to the roof of my mouth, sucking hard and slowly releasing while continually biting her soft breast. She erupts with orgasmic madness pressing her pussy harder and harder against my drenched, trapped cock. I cum with pleasure knowing this is just the beginning of a mutually erotic sexual compatibility contest.

"Rod, I've played with huge toys before but you're so much more than just a toy. I got carried away with our foreplay and, well, this is a first for me. I know they call this dry fucking but there's nothing dry about either one of us."

"Now all we need is the diving deep portion of this insane madness."

"Not before you fulfill your promise about taking me to that oral state of bliss. You do that and my pussy is yours for the taking. If my intuition is right I'm going to let you take me 'til you break me."

"Alright, you asked for it. However, the only thing I like to break is breaking you in to be taken again and again."

"I do like the sound of that. Now, take me and make me feel the way a woman should feel in that place you call orgasmic heaven."

Fade To Oral Ecstasy
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