1. Where it began
I met my BF a lil over 10 years ago which is also when I met his dad. I had always, since the first day I laid eyes on him, thought he was so sexy. Mind you I was 17 and he was 47, but who's counting? I use to "joke" around and tell BF that his dad was hot and I was going to do him. He'd just give me a whatever look. He use to just pop up at our apartment and hang out for a bit or call and then not ask to talk to his son. I didn't know him well and didn't think anything of it. 4 years later a house comes up for sale right next to his parents and we get it! Before we could move in we stayed at his parents house to work on ours and that's where it all began.

The first time I noticed was when we were prepping to paint. I was sitting halfway up the stairs taping off baseboards and I knew my ass crack was hanging out. Then I felt somebody watching me. I turned around and there he was hands on the ceiling, toolbelt on, all hot and sweaty! He made me want him sooooo bad! That night after we got done he made me do some shots of Jack. I didn't like doing shots but I did them anyway. The BF was at work so it was just him, his wife and I. Then BF came home and had shots too. So doing shots became a regular thing.

The next night same thing. House, then shots. BF was off butt went to bed, wife went to bed. We were just hanging out and talking, He just kept eye fucking me and I couldn't help but wonder if his cock was hard. I've always been the curious type. He was on the couch and I was on the floor. So I crawled over to him and placed myself on me knees right in front of his crotch. I ran my hand up his jeans and over his cock. He was definitely hard! He closed his eyes and slowly laid his head back. I just kept gently rubbing my fingers and hands all over him. He was rubbing my tits getting my nipples hard with excitement! I was soaking wet and horny as hell. I started rubbing his hot, hard cock a little harder, still through his jeans. Not knowing if we were going to be caught just got me even more into it. His breathing got heavier and heavier. Sudenly his whole entire body started tensing up. He was twitching with pleasure. Then, with the sexiest moan he exploded his hot cum right inside his pants. There was so much that he had a wet spot on his crotch that I gladly sucked off for him. Mmmmm, he tastes good. Nobody ever heard us. So our secret affair begins.
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