1000 Words - Fountain of Youth (FF)
(The following story is exactly 1000 words. Cover art can be found in my photo gallery)


The secluded fountain was not a popular place in Central Park. It had dried after years of neglect and the stone statue that stood in the middle had chipped away. Birds visited and trees grew, but no one else seemed to think this empty fountain was interesting. It was fortunate that this corner of the park was neglected for a small pink firefly and a small orange firefly suddenly decided to visit. Despite it being the middle of the day, these two glowing insects spun together, swirling about as they soared down under the trees from the blue sky above.

Knowing that no one was around, the pink bug exploded into sparks, leaving behind a gorgeous, voluptuous, naked woman in its wake. The tall woman of roughly forty years touched down on the grass and continued to frolic through nature, giggling as her massive, firm, 70FFF breasts bounced above her tiny waist. With long, neon-pink hair flowing behind her, she skipped under the shade and braced her tight ass against a giant tree.

"Come fuck me again, Celeste." the older babe called to the firefly.

Soon, the orange firefly burst into light as well, leaving behind a young babe of just eighteen. This teen did not touch the ground but merely hovered over it, her naked body drifting like a feather through the air. The young nymph just levitated over the grass, letting her long light-purple hair fall past her tight teenage ass as she pressed her nudity against to the older woman. She lovingly placed her breasts against the naked woman's towers while lowering her lips to her neck.

"Of course, Tiff." Celeste said, kissing down towards her gargantuan FFFs.

"Did that lady see you fingering me in that lingerie store in Tokyo?" Tiffany asked as Celeste kissed around her nipples.

"No. We were invisible." The teenager reminded her.

"And did that guy see us masturbating in his back yard?"

"Don't think so."

"And that old man?" Tiffany moaned, still enjoying Celeste's kisses. "Did he see us jogging naked through his Italian vineyard?"

"He sure did." Celeste laughed.

"Oh, what a great morning!" Tiffany shouted, taking the short teenager's face in her hands and glaring down at her. "Fuck me, please!"

With those words, Tiffany pulled Celeste to her lips, kissing her passionately and holding her younger body against her own ridiculous curves. The two naked girls kissed frantically, rubbing their nipples together and teasing their tongues. Tiffany shoved the petite Celeste towards the crumbling fountain behind her, but Celeste would not have it. She spun the taller woman around, pushing her towards the fountain and forcing her up over the ledge.

Tiffany fell against the statue, moaning and spreading her legs wide for the teenager behind her. Weightless, Celeste floated her nudity over the ledge to join her friend, simultaneously brushing her hand over her shaven pussy and magically creating a giant, orange, rubber dildo upon her body. As she eased up behind Tiffany and she touched her long, neon-pink hair, Celeste's orange dildo seemed to stiffen like a real cock, rising upward and growing to a thick 12" long.

"Oh yes..." Tiffany moaned as Celeste eased her cock between her thighs and let it tickle her pussy. Celeste's then slammed her toy up into the pink-haired woman, startling the birds in the trees above.

"God, you're big." Tiffany screamed back, begging to be fucked harder by the teenage sorceress. Celeste's smiled as she felt the woman push back against her, latching on to Tiffany's body and forcing the entire toy inside her pussy. Celeste bit her lip and pounded Tiffany's pussy as they stood in the fountain, their shared nudity glistening with glitter as the sun beamed down.

"Tell me you want it!" Celeste demanded.

"Oh yes! Fuck me harder!" Tiffany yelled back at the teen.
Tiffany gripped the statue before her, taking the pounding from the shorter, younger babe. She let Celeste ram her giant toy into her, spreading her legs wider for the rubber cock as the teenager pulled the older woman back against her as she drilled her. Juices dripping down their firm thighs as Celeste's cock slammed the pink-haired fairy-woman harder and harder, making her moan uncontrollably. Celeste ran her orange fingernails down Tiffany's back, smiling and Tiffany's giant breasts bounce with each powerful thrust.

"Fuck yes!" Tiffany screamed out as breasts bounced frantically. "Fuck me!"

Celeste buckled behind Tiffany and knew her pink-haired lover as going to burst. With her hands braced up against the status, Tiffany cried out in joy as she was about to cum. Knowing it was time, Celeste forced her cock deep inside Tiffany, letting her magic explode from the rubber tip and fill the older woman up. Simulating a male orgasm, the young babe caused Tiffany to burst on her cock, exploding her juices from her lips and coating the orange dildo inside her.

"Yes, baby." Celeste said as she watched Tiffany cum. "Like that."

Tiffany leaned against the fountain as Celeste's toy vanished from her body. Magic oozed from Tiffany's pussy while Celeste looked up, realizing that their sex had disrupted reality. Now, instead of a crumbling statue was a beautiful statue of Celeste fucking Tiffany from behind. With the fountain now remodeled, Celeste held her hands down towards the dry stone, instantly creating water that flowed up to her ankles. Tiffany looked down as the cool water touched her, then back to her teenager lover with a thankful smile.

"Where should we fuck next?" Tiffany asked, still letting cum drip from her lips.

"We haven't fucked on the beach today." Celeste told her.

With that, Tiffany's naked body burst into light, leaving a small pink dove in its place. Celeste watched as the pink dove flew up into the air about her. Eager to follow, Celeste let light burst from her own body, leaving behind a small orange dove that quickly soared up into the sky in pursuit.

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