1000 Words - Magic Fingers
(The following story is exactly 1000 words. Cover art can be found in my photo gallery)


The hot waters of the shower cascaded down the naked body of the brunette babe named Cindy. She ran her hands along her naked body, feeling her tight abs that rested under her magnificently firm 34FF breasts. Her hands roamed up over her mighty chest, feeling the perfection that was her own immaculate body. The lovely babe of just twenty-six enjoyed her morning shower, but would have enjoyed it even more if her lovely fiancé would join her.

Not a second passed after Cindy's desires for another body against her own formed that she felt a second part of hands run along her inner thighs. She was not shocked to suddenly feel someone else in the shower with her for she knew exactly who it was. There was no question in her mind that it was her fiancé; a beautiful, busty, twenty-five year-old blonde named Hannah. Hannah, who was secretly a powerful sorceress, and sensed her lover's need for her nudity and magically appeared in the shower with her ready to play under the hot spray. Cindy turned to Hannah and tried to kiss her lips, but found it almost impossible to do so as she ran right into Hannah's gargantuan chest. The brunette took a step back to examine Hannah's new breasts; breasts she could expand with her mind.

"Wow. Your tits are huge today." Cindy exclaimed, feeling the giant chest of her fiancé. As expected, Hannah's breasts were large, firm, playful, and flawless above her 24" abs.

"38HHH today." The ravishing blonde told her lesbian lover. "I'm headed to the beach today." "A local bar is holding a wet T-shirt contest at the pier."

"Aren't you tired of winning?" Cindy asked, still rubbing Hannah's massive breasts.

"Yes. Which is why I'm going to bounce these babies around after the winner is crowned."

"You're so evil." Cindy giggled, and then dove her face down between Hannah's giant breasts to suck. Hannah moaned as Cindy began to tease her mighty nipples, pulling at them with her teeth. She let her thoughts wander from her mind, magical thoughts that roamed right along with her moans. It was these thoughts that found their way up between Cindy's thighs and along her pussy, massaging her clit and probing her asshole. It was Hannah's magical powers that slipped up inside Cindy's pussy, fucking her softly as the brunette tried to get her hands around Hannah's chest.

"Yeah baby." Cindy moaned into her cleavage as she felt something thick and hard inside her pussy and her asshole. "Fuck me with your mind."

Hannah spun around in the shower, pressing her ass up against her friend as she braced herself up against the tile wall. With her free hand, she was able to conduct her thoughts more directly, shooting invisible sensations from her finger tips and between her thigh. She shot pleasurable powers inside herself as well as her lover, fucking both her own pussy and Cindy's pussy with nothing more than her imagination. Cindy fell against the slender back of Hannah as she felt herself getting fucked harder and harder, allowing the water from the shower to run down their naked bodies.

"Fuck that's good." Hannah moaned as she fucked herself with her mind.

"Harder!" Cindy demanded, bouncing up and down behind Hannah while riding her thoughts. Hannah just nodded and tossed her hand at herself, shooting her magical powers from her fingers and between her thighs at a growing pace. A pink glow began to pour from her fingers and climb between Hannah's own pussy lips, fucking her over and over again with a perfect cock that the blonde could imagine. Soon, both Cindy's pussy and asshole were pounded deeper with Hannah's mind, both her glorious holes filled with two imaginary cocks.

"Make me cum!" Cindy screamed aloud, pressing her hands against Hannah's back as Hannah's imagination fucked her hard.

"Yeah?" Hannah nodded. "I'm so close too!"

Pure light exploded from Hannah's fingers as her hand blasted the greatest sexual forces deep inside the two girls. Her magic and her lust were both on a special high that morning as the twenty-five year-old blonde with the obnoxiously busty body fucked herself and her fiancé with her young sorcery.

"Yes!" Cindy screamed as her orgasm exploded from her lips. She scratched down Hannah's slender back, watching as the red scratches she formed quickly healed as Hannah's magic healed her instantly.

"Me too!" Hannah joined in as the pleasure and pain pushed her over the edge. She tossed both her hands up against the wall, allowing her cum to burst from her lips while the hot waters of the shower roamed down her naked body.

With a spin, Cindy turned Hannah around and braced up against the tile wall. With Hannah's lovely lips inches from her own, Cindy smiled a blissful smile as she looked into Hannah's blue eyes. Hannah's massive 38HHH breasts still kept Cindy from kissing her lover as her own 34FF breasts rubbed against them. The girl's sweet cum continued to drip from their thankful pussy lips as the water's spray cascaded down their bare asses and long legs. For a moment, the two naked girls became lost in each other's eyes, sharing the same thoughts of lesbian love.

"I better get going, baby." Hannah said with a smile.

"Do me a favor." Cindy began, looking down at the massive cleavage of her lover. "When everyone is watching, make our breasts even larger. Make them tear your shirt right off."

"I had already planned to, baby."

Cindy smiled, and leaned forward to give Hannah a good-bye kiss, but it was too late. The naked blonde with the obnoxiously curvy body had simply vaporized into nothingness, leaving behind a few magical bits of glitter as her magical thoughts simply teleported her all the way to the beach. Cindy was left alone in the shower, but she didn't mind. She had her own adventures planned for that day.
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