1000 Words - The Morning After
(The following story is exactly 1000 words. Cover art can be found in my photo gallery)


Half awake, Hannah's blue eyes fluttered as the sun poured in her bedroom window. On her back in her teenage bed with the same sheer, white lingerie loosely draped over her naked body that had been there when she finally passed out from exhaustion, the eighteen year-old woke to the most unusual scene. She was confused for there was an arm draped over her large, bare 34DD breasts. She was shocked for there was another warm body next to her; the sexy body of another teenage girl. The virgin never woken up next to anyone before, let alone another girl, let alone someone wearing the same sheer, white lingerie over her body as she was wearing now.

Then it all came back to her. She remembered standing in front of the mirror in the long, white, robe and nothing more, trying to keep quiet as she practiced her magic. The last thing she wanted was for her mom to discover her own daughter was a magical sorceress, so she had to cloak her bedroom in a magical spell of silence. With a wave of her hand and a thought from her magical mind, the teenager's secret powers made sure no sounds would escape her bedroom.

Then, as she looked in her full-length mirror and abused her magic to make her breasts bigger, her waist smaller, and her hair longer, she saw perfection. She saw the most beautiful teenager in the world in the mirror, and found herself oddly aroused by the naked teenager, even if it was just herself. Unaware of her own magical potential, Hannah reached through the glass and ripped her reflection out, pulling her reflection on top of her body as their breasts together on the bed. Soon, Hannah found it impossible to resist herself, touch herself, kiss herself, and in the end: fuck herself.

That was why she was exhausted; the virgin had discovered the female orgasm.

"Morning." Hannah said to herself, looking down and watched herself slowly wake. Hannah smiled up at Hannah and didn't say a word. She just slowly climbed up from the sheets, leaned forward, and kissed herself on the lips. Hannah opened her mouth and let Hannah explore her, allowing her tongue to roam her mouth and taste her kiss. With Hannah climbing on top of Hannah, there was little she could do to stop herself from continuing what she had started the night before.

"Eat my pussy again." Hannah moaned as Hannah rested on top her, softly kissing herself.

"Of course." Hannah giggled, and she let her kisses roam down her copy's chin, down her neck, between her new breasts, down her tight abs, and down between her thighs. Hannah squirmed on her back as Hannah kissed her juicy pussy lips, lips that were still tender from all the sex from the night before. The morning sun blessed her sex that morning as it beamed in through the curtains of her bedroom and soothed her naked bodies.

Hannah was amazed at her magic for as she felt a tongue rise up her pussy lips, she could also taste the sweetness that rested between her thighs. As her tongue exploded the heavenly lips in front of her face, she could feel that same tongue roaming around between her legs. Hannah ate her own pussy as she rested on her back and on all fours. She thought this abuse of her hidden magic was weird, yet at the same time it was too perfect.

Hannah tasted her own sweetness, sucking on her pussy and running her hands up her clone's matching curves. She pulled at her lips and sucked up her nectar, allowing her tongue to dance all over her lips and her clit. Hannah pulled at her breasts while pulling at her tenderness, moaning softly as she felt every action she gave. Her own pussy was dripping wet with desire, electrifying her need to taste a girl's cum.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Hannah screamed.

"Me too!" Hannah cried, coming up for air as her chin dripped with her own juices.

Together, the two bodies of Hannah burst with passion, Hannah's cum squirting right into Hannah's mouth as Hannah too came hard while she rested between Hannah's thighs. Hannah ran her hands over her own massive, magical breasts as her clone sucked up her cum, allowing her to share the sweet taste she had only just discovered. Hannah sucked up all she could from herself, cupping her mouth over her clone's pussy and drinking her cum with more joy that she knew existed. Then, as her orgasm trickled from her lips and sweat danced over her naked body under her satin robe, Hannah giggled a blissful giggle while she ran her hands through her clone's hair.

"God, I'm good." Hannah said to herself.

"I know." Hannah replied, still licking up the cum that dripped from her thighs.

Then, it happened. The door to her mom's bedroom down the hall slammed shut.

"Shit!" Hannah cried as she turned from herself. "Mom's awake!"

With Hannah between her thighs, Hannah looked over at the large window to her bedroom and forced it open with her mind. With the window open, the teenage sorceress in white lingerie looked down at herself with a sneaky smile, sharing her thoughts with her clone.

"Shall I continue in the clouds?" Hannah asked herself.


With their loose lingerie elegantly dancing around their ankles, the Hannahs playfully scampered over to the open window holding hands, their bare toes lifting right off of the carpet as Hannah and Hannah started to float. Once outside the window, their flowing gowns and bare breasts embraced the warm air of the sunny skies. The two nearly-naked magical teens extended their arms from their heavenly bodies while soaring up into the skies together. In two separate bodies, the magical teenager simply shot up into the clouds with ease, deciding from that day forward she would abuse her teenage sorcery for sexual satisfaction.
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