1000 Words - Tonight's Homework
(The following story is exactly 1000 words. Cover art can be found in my photo gallery)


Nothing could have ever prepared Blaine for that night. While his day was ruined when Amy refused to go to the prom with him, he would remember this day as the greatest day of his life. This was because when he ran upstairs to do his homework, he found heaven in his bedroom. No amount of internet porn or Veronica's Secret models could have prepared this eighteen year old boy for what awaited him.

Leaning against the foot of his bed was the most gorgeous blonde Blaine had ever seen. Standing a few inches taller than the teen, this naked woman of roughly thirty years old was waiting for Blaine in nothing more that a sheer white robe that was tossed loosely over her fantastic curves. With gargantuan, round, 34HH breasts standing proudly atop her slender frame and her shaven pussy looking up from her naked thighs; this breathtaking blonde literally glowed before the teenager as she timidly bit her lower lip.

"Fuck me, Blaine." She said softly.

"I ..." The virgin stammered.

The blonde just stood against the foot of his bed with her fingernail in her mouth and a smile on her face while the door behind Blaine shut and locked all on its own.

"Amy has no idea what's in your pants." The naked woman said. "But I do, and I want it." She looked to his pants and Blaine felt his belt unlatch and his zipper unzip. No hands touched him while this spectacular woman tossed her blonde curls from her eyes, letting her aura warm his body and her nudity harden his cock. Soon, the teenager's shorts fell to his ankles on their own, causing the older woman to lick her lips at the sight of his seven inch teenage cock.

Happy with their privacy, the woman turned away from the teenager and climbed onto his bed. She let Blaine see the crack of her glorious ass through her satin robe and stiffen him up. The beauty quickly climbed on all fours before him; tossing her robe from her ass and letting the boy get a clear view of her wet pussy resting between her thighs. Her aura called to him as he was instantly drawn to her pussy, stepping toward heaven as heaven just giggled.

"Come on, Blaine." the blonde whispered. "I want you to fill me with your cum."

Blaine quickly climbed behind her, easing his rock-hard cock between her thighs and his hands upon her hips. The blonde tossed her curls about as she felt his dick tease her, tickling her lips until it finally slipped inside her wetness.

"Yessss..." the blonde woman moaned, feeling his thickness ease between her soaked lips. As if by instinct, Blaine couldn't handle the wetness around his dick and slammed his cock into the mysterious babe, gripping her hips and pounding her with a hard thrust. He repeated this action, letting his dick override his brain and drilling the blonde goddess from behind. Over and over the teenager found himself ramming his dick into mysterious bombshell. He could not stop his actions, nor did he want to.

"Oh shit! Yes!" The blonde screamed. Her fantastic breasts started to bounce below her as the teenager began to ram her. She reeled on his bed, taking all of his large cock inside her lips and pushing back against him with growing desires. The young boy grit his teeth and latched into her tight curves, pulling her back against his cock and filling her up as much as he could. The goddess moaned loudly as Blaine continued to pound her as hard as he could. He had never fucked a woman before, but the blonde could have never guessed. Blaine drilled her with such passion and lust, causing his small bed to squeak under her sweaty body.

"So good!" the blonde moaned, her hair thrown about with each teenage thrust behind her. She loved this boy's cock and couldn't wait for his cum. Then, with his face flushed and his cock out of control, he gave this older woman what she wanted as his cum blasted inside her with unrelenting force. The boy exploded inside her, exciting her senses and forcing her to shove back harder against his hose.

"Oh shit!" the blonde screamed. "Fuck yes!"

She felt him fill her full, so full that his juices flowed from her lips. She bucked hard back against the boy, but he was far too inexperienced to handle her pussy. Spent, the boy's cock fell from her lips as he crashed upon his bed with a bounce. Thankful for his cum, the enchanted blonde fell upon him, resting her heavy breaths upon his neck and her breasts upon his chest. Together, the two lovers shared their exhaustion, thankful for what the other had done.

"You've got a great cock." The goddess panted as she rested on his chest. After giving the boy a few moments to realize his potential, the naked goddess leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

"I'm gonna tell my friends about you." She said to his lips. Satisfied, the blonde rose up from the bed and stood above him. Blaine just looked up at the older woman he had just fucked, watching his cum drip down her juicy thighs. She stood proudly before him, sneaking her hand between her wet thighs and feeling his cum inside her. She let him enjoy her nudity one last time as she eased her wet finger into her mouth, tasting his cum and her own juices.

Then, as if by magic, this fantastic woman began to fade away. Her flawless nudity, her feathery robe, and her gorgeous smile all simply faded from sight as she continued to suck their sex off her fingers. Blaine had no explanation for her magical disappearance. Exhausted, he just let his head fall back onto his own pillows. He would pass out thinking of her beauty, trying to fathom what just happened.
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