2. Returning the Favor
I went to bed that night(next to BF) thinking about what happened and feeling happy, excited and a bit nervous. I was nervous for 2 reasons. 1) had anybody heard our little encounter? and 2) was this going to be awkward in the morning? I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I had only slept a few hours and awoke to sunrise peeking in the window. I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee. There he was (lets call him FIL), already enjoying a cup of coffee. He smiled at me and got up and made me a cup. We sat there, sipping coffee and talked a little. Not one thing was awkward between us.

We snuck out, everyone else still asleep, and went to breakfast and the store. We talked and neither of us were being satisfied at home. We could please eachother. FIL and i headed back and went to my house to get started for the day. Every once in while one of us would go up to the other and just touch eachother. Rub eachother and kiss. I hadn't been kissed like that in a looooong time. Very sensual and romantic long, passionate, tongue in mouth kissing. It felt nice to be desired. At one point I had to pee and the only bathroom working was in the basement which is where we were working. I have to pee, I said. Then go, he said. So I walked over to the toilet and slowly pulled my shorts and panties down. I sat down and he came over and kneeled in front of me. He was so excited. "I knew you had to have a nice pussy but I didn't know it was going to be this nice! Time to return the faver", FIL said. It was a little hard to go with him right in front of me but I managed. As soon as I started pissing FIL'S hand went right between my legs. I was surprised but decided to go with the flow. (no pun intended) He ran his giant, strong hands up and down my warm stream and touched every last drop. When I finished he said he'd clean me up. He put his hands on my backside and pulled me foward, toward him mouth. He spread my legs, took mental photographs then took his fingers and rubbed my pussy from my clit to my dripping wet hole. Up and down, FIL was so gentle. Then he slid his fingers inside me and pressed his lips to my clit. Slowly he began licking me all over my wet pussy, cleaning me, just as he promised. It felt so dirty which only made it sexier. The thought of his wet, slippery tongue got me so hot! He began to finger me faster and harder, all tge way to the back of my pussy. Ohhh it felt so good! I started squirming with sheer ecstacy. He moved his mouth to mine and kissed me hard while fingering me. He rubbed my clit with his thumb. I started to moan loudly and then my body started quivering, I couldn't hold back anymore, I was about to cum! Then it happened, the feeling exploded through my body and I squirted my sweet juice all over his hand! My knees were shaking, my mouth was dry and I could hardly breath! My slow, shallow breaths were heaving my chest up and down. He sat back with a satisfied grin on his face and licked me off his hand. "Your pussy tastes as good as it looks", FIL exclaimed. We smiled at eachother while my breathing was returning to normal. Then we heard the door opening and I quickly pulled my shorts back up. It was BF coming to get started on the house, he didn't suspect a thing! :)
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