2000 Words - Extra Credit
(The following story is exactly 2000 words. It is also part two of a shorter series, but that doesn't matter. Cover art can be found in my photo gallery)


Homework was the last thing Blaine wanted to do that afternoon. He was not at all pleased to have his face stuck in his textbooks for the day was still quite young and he'd rather go down to the arcade or comic book store. Nevertheless, the eighteen year-old sat up in his bedroom with pencil in hand and eyes on the text, looking down at his schoolwork yet not actually reading anything. It was just as his eyes were starting to feel heavy that he heard a girl's voice outside.

"It's right down here!" he heard, causing his eyes to get the strength to look around his teenage bedroom and attempt to figure out where the voice was coming from. As he turned from his books and walked over to the window of the second story bedroom, he didn't get more than two steps before he saw the second most amazing sight he had ever seen in his young life.

Floating outside his bedroom window, basking in the afternoon sun was a blonde girl in a blue-satin baby-doll with the most outrageous cleavage he had ever seen. She didn't see Blaine as she hovered, her long, satin nighty blowing in the outside winds and her bare toes hovering well over twenty feet in the air. With her tiny, matching blue panties hanging around her tight waist and her bouncy, 34HH breasts resting in the sunlight, she calmly looked up to the sky above, talking to someone else while she levitated outside his bedroom window. The blonde then turned and caught Blaine's eyes, smiling a fantastic smile as she realized he saw her.

"Oh! Hi Blaine!" the floating lingerie model shouted, her gigantic breasts bouncing playfully above her tight abs.

Without another word, the blonde leaded forward and began to soar right towards Blaine's closed window, allowing her satin lingerie to dance in the air behind her. She was headed straight for the glass head first, yet this busty babe in her mid-twenties did not crash through the glass. Somehow, she didn't even touch it as she floated into his bedroom, slipping her sexy body right through the window as she entered his bedroom.

"Hi!" the blonde said with a smile, still overing a few feet in the air before lowering her toes down to the carpet. "Remember me?"

"Um ... I." the teenage boy stammered, still in awe of this girl's fabulous chest bouncing before his eyes. He did remember a woman; a slightly older woman, sitting in his bedroom demanding sex about a month ago, but this girl wasn't that woman.

"I brought a friend!" the blonde giggled, and she stepped back from the window to let Blaine watch as another woman elegantly floated down from the sky above. Still outside, this woman with even larger, rounder, firmer breasts than the blonde girl floated down from the sky above. Blaine's jaw dropped as this gorgeous, woman with neon pink hair and matching pink baby-doll drifted towards his window and slipped through the glass just like the blonde girl did. This woman who was almost as old as his own mother calmly touched down on the ground next to her friend and rested her butt down on the window sill. She said nothing to Blaine as she pulled the cup of her baby-doll down off of her giant breast, caressing her self and licking her glittery lips as she thought about what was inside the teenage boy's pants.

"See, we're here in town for a modeling shoot." the blonde starting, twirling her hair in her hands. "... and, my friend needed to get fucked. She's been bugging me about it all day. I figured since I loved your cock last time we fucked, and I thought you could help my friend out. What do you say?"

"I ... okay." Blaine stammered, still unable to take his eyes off of the two lingerie models leaning against his window.

"Goodie!" the blonde shouted, getting consent. She then hoped up from the window sill, her heavenly breasts playfully bouncing in her lingerie, and took a single step towards the teenage boy. It was in this first step that Blaine felt his zipper on his jeans slide down and his button pop. With her flowing baby-doll dancing behind her, the magical lingerie model took another step, causing Blaine's pants and boxer shorts to fall to his ankles all on their own. His 7" cock was already getting hard, and that was exact what this blonde babe was staring at as she took a third and final step before simply dropping to her knees before him.

Before Blaine knew it, this twenty-something sexual beauty had her lips over his cock, pulling him into her mouth as she rested on her knees before him. She began to suck his cock without much warning, licking up and down his teenage shaft and moaning as she felt it get harder and harder between her lips. Blaine felt dizzy as this blonde lingerie model sucked his rod, trying to maintain his balance as he looked over toward the girl with the pink hair. It became clear that the woman with the shimmering pink hair wasn't waiting long either. With her eyes still on the back of the blonde's head, she quickly slipped her tiny pink thong from her pussy, lowering it down her long legs and then kicking it across the room.

The sights continue to mesmerize Blaine for as the blonde sucked his cock, her friend simply vanished from the window sill only to instantly reappear on his own bed. Resting on her back with her legs spread wide, she ran a single finger up between her shaven pussy lips, watching as her blonde friend bobbed up and down his thick shaft. Unable to control her lust, she slipped a single finger inside herself, moaning at the thought that Blaine's hard cock was about to be inside her. With one finger inside herself, the pink-haired woman motioned form Blaine to come to her, spreading her legs father apart so he could get a good look at her wet pussy lips that longed to wrap him up.

That was the blonde girl's cue to pop his cock from her lips and give her friend what she wanted. With his boxers and jeans still around his ankles, Blaine was quickly pushed on top of the older woman with the giant breasts, tossed like a rag-doll into the arms of the beautiful babe. As she caught him, he found his prepped cock waiting at the fleshy gates of her eager pussy. No words were shared as the pink-haired woman pulled him tightly down on her lingerie-clad body, making sure his 7" cock slipped inside her. With a thrust, Blaine plowed inside, driving his thickness into the pink-haired woman and feeling the glory that was her magical pussy.

"Oh wow!" the woman screamed. "You're so thick!"

"Fuck her, Blaine!" the blonde shouted while climbing to her feet so she could watch.

Blaine did as she commanded and began to ease himself in an out of the busty pink-haired woman. With his hands planted firmly on either side of her glorious body, the teenage boy moved his shaft in and out of her lips, fucking her and letting her heavenly juices coat his mighty cock. The blonde girl watched from behind, smiling down and slipping a finger under her panties as she watched Blaine fuck her friend. She licked her own glittery lips as the pink-woman's might breasts bounced with each thrust the teenager gave her.

"Yeah, baby." the pink-haired woman cried, looking up into his young eyes. "Fuck me good."

Her dirty words only caused Blaine to move quicker, driving himself in and out of her glorious lips. His bed began to squeak as he fucked this lingerie model on his own bed, letting his mighty cock take control of his body as it drove deeper inside the glamourous woman. The blonde began to finger herself faster as she watched the legs of her friend rise upward above her head, spreading herself as far as she could possibly go so that Blaine could dominate her body. His thick rod was like a jackhammer, pounding her tight pussy harder each time she cried out for more.

"Yes! Fuck me! Oh fuck! Harder!" she cried, spreading her legs wider and letting the teenager climb further on top of her. The bed screamed metal screams as Blaine plowed into the busty woman, watching as her giant breasts bounced right out of her baby-doll. Her fantastic pussy and her giant breasts were far too much for the teenager to handle.

"Fuck! I'm cumming!" Blaine finally screamed, and he blasted his cum deep inside the older woman.

"Yes! fuck yes!" The pink haired woman screamed as Blaine filled her up with his cum. She too exploded with joy, unleashing her own orgasm and coating his teenage bed as her sweetness poured. As Blaine blasted his teenage cum inside the older woman, the blonde leapt into action. She ripped Blaine from her friend, tossing him aside and forcing him to spray his cum all over the beautiful face of the pink-haired woman. Unable to resist her desires, the blonde girl dove between her friend's legs and began to suck, tasting both Blaine's cum and the older woman's as she sucked them from her pussy.

With his cock now in his hands, Blaine jerked what he had left on to the massive breasts of the pink-haired woman, blasting his cum all over her cleavage and watching her smile at the sight. With the blonde girl still between her thighs, the pink-haired woman looked up at Blaine's shaft in front of her face. She couldn't help but grab it and pull it into her own mouth, sucking up what was let of his orgasmic juices while her lovely blonde friend sucked up her cum. Blaine was surprised as he unloaded into her mouth, shooting his cum down her throat as she finished the teenage boy off. With his tip now in front of her face, he shot his final round upon her, coating her ravishing face with cum before finally falling back on to the desk behind him.

"Shoot. We better get back to the shoot!" the blonde told her friend as she rose up from her pussy, her face coated in cum. With her friend drenched in sex, the blonde spun up from the bed and on to her feet, standing before Blaine as he tried to hold himself up against his own desk. As the blonde girl eased up against his cock one last time, the pink-haired woman floated up from the bed on her back, cum still dripping from her pussy, her breasts, and her face. With the blonde girl's blue eyes looking down at him Blaine glanced over her shoulder and watched the busty woman who he had just fucked simply drift through the closed window and back outside.

"Thanks for that." the blonde said. "Remember, don't tell anyone, and maybe we'll come back and visit."

Blaine was in awe as this blonde girl with the giant chest calmly lifted right off of the ground again, hovering before him for a moment before she turned and moved back towards the window. He looked right through her satin gown, hypnotized by her firm butt as her tiny thong ran up the middle. She drifted away from him and out the window, hovering just outside the second story bedroom before giving him a playful wave and shooting up into the sky. Now alone and with his cock still hanging out after being used so well, Blaine looked down at the floor and found a slight problem.

The pink-haired woman had forgotten her tiny thong, and he had to hide it before his parents found it and started asking questions.

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