2000 Words - In The Air Tonight
(The following story is exactly 2000 words. Cover art can be found in my photo gallery)


It was no surprise to Cindy that the clubs and bars were boring. The twenty-six year-old had given up early that night, returning to her apartment at 11:00 PM after finding no one worth sleeping with. Sexually frustrated, and still with her skin-tight, blue dress hugging her round, firm, 32F breasts, her toned, 23" waist, and cutting off just below her firm thighs, Cindy angrily tossed her purse onto her kitchen counter. It was then that she heard her cell-phone slide out along the marble, causing her to toss her long, shimmering, caramel hair from her gorgeous eyes and stare at it for a moment.

She got an idea.

Within seconds, Cindy was on her phone, listening to the ringing on the other end. Cindy walked back through her living room in her skin-tight dress, walking out onto the balcony of her tenth-floor apartment while she waiting for her teenage friend to answer.

"Hello?" A sleepy voice said.

"Alexis! What are you doing?" Cindy shouted, glad she had woken her friend.

"Sleeping. I have school tomorrow."

"Fuck school. Let's do something! I'll come pick you up!"

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone.

"Okay, but hurry."

"Awesome!" Cindy shouted. "Get ready. I'll be over soon."

Still standing out on the balcony, Cindy tossed her phone back into her apartment without a care. Even though Alexis lived twelve miles away, Cindy knew she could get to her house very quickly. Still in her dark blue heels and skin-tight dress, still with black stockings riding all the way up to her juicy, thighs, and still with her full, round, 32F breasts bursting through the V-cut of her dress, Cindy tossed her long, brown hair from her eyes and looked up to the stars above. Then, with a bend of her knees and a jump into the air, Cindy shot up like a missile into the sky, blasting off and letting the night winds rush down her voluptuous body. She did not come down.

Cindy, the sexy party-girl with the gorgeous body, could fly.

Cindy shot up above the buildings and cars below in her tight dress, holding her arms out to balance her flight. With her caramel hair dancing in the winds, the brunette traveled well over one-hundred-miles-an-hour towards the suburbs where her teenage friend lived. Because of the oddity of her ability, Cindy couldn't let anyone know she could fly. Luckily, the twenty-six year-old's ability of flight wasn't her only secret for when Cindy took to the skies, she also became invisible. No one would spot this sexy girl flying overhead.

Moments later, Cindy flew down from the stars toward the cul-de-sac where Alexis lived. The soaring brunette let her body ease from her darting speeds, slowing to a soft hover as she tucked her heels down under her busty body. Invisible to the suburban street, Cindy levitated over to the bedroom where her teenage friend slept. Even though Cindy had not made a sound or said a word, the window to this particular bedroom opened, revealing a redheaded girl of just eighteen while a sheer, pink nighty clinging tightly to her glorious, large, bouncing cleavage.

Alexis opened the window of her bedroom and let the night winds in. The winds tossed her bright red hair from her bouncing and obnoxiously large 34DDD breasts. The high-school cheerleader was wearing nothing more than a sheer, pink nighty over her gargantuan breasts and a pair of socks over her toes. She just smiled up at the floating girl, shaking her tight, bare butt behind her as if she was wagging her tail. Without panties covering her body, Alexis looked up at the hovering brunette in blue for Cindy could not become invisible to her.

"Are these 'ready' enough for you?" Alexis asked, cupping her DDD breasts in her hands.

"Bigger." the floating brunette giggled.

Alexis looked down at her own gigantic cleavage as it hung out from her sheer nighty. She let Cindy watch as her breasts started to grow larger, expanding inside her nighty and causing the fabric to tighten even more around her growing chest. Her pink nighty was pulled upward, rising up over her glorious, tight, cheerleader ass and her eager, shaven pussy. The eighteen year-old girl had secret powers just like Cindy did, powers to make her breasts any size she wanted, powers she keep secret from her teammates, her teachers, and her own parents.

Now with massively round 34HH breasts atop her slender frame, Alexis kicked her toes right up off the carpet of her bedroom with ease, flying right out of her window and up into Cindy's arms. She let the brunette catch her and quickly cloak her with her own invisibility powers. Now invisible to the world around her as well, Alexis tossed her arms over Cindy's shoulders while Cindy's hands cupped Alexis's bare ass under her nighty. The floating brunette held the busty teenage girl tightly as they floated together over thirty feet above the lawn.

"Fifteen minutes." Alexis informed Cindy. "Don't want my parents finding out."

"That should be enough." Cindy responded.

Alexis giggled, bit her lower lip, and then pulled Cindy's lips to her own, kissing the older girl deeply and opening her mouth for Cindy's tongue. The two magical girls floated together, kissing and groping and eager to satisfy each other's sexual desires. They pressed their giant breasts together, letting their perfect bodies intertwine above the suburban street. Cindy pulled at Alexis's tight ass cheeks, thrusting towards Alexis's and moaning into her kiss. Alexis's hands roamed down along Cindy's skin-tight dress and down along her own perfect ass, an ass that Alexis found no panties covering. She gave Cindy's bare ass a hard smack, exciting Cindy even further.

"Oh baby." Cindy cried into Alexis's mouth. "You're as horny as I am."

"Maybe." Alexis said, biting her lower lip. "Aren't you going to pick me up'?"

Still cupping Alexis's tight ass under her tiny nighty, Cindy looked back up to the stars far above and shot up away from the streets below, carrying Alexis's teenage body and leaving the rest of the world behind. The suburbs quickly became dots of orange light as Cindy carried Alexis over ten-thousand feet in the air above her home.

Well out of the view of the world below, Alexis let go of Cindy and calmly drifted away, letting her sexy friend take in the full view of her teenage body as she floated. With the high winds blowing her red hair about and tossing her pink nighty away from her pussy, Alexis licked her lips at Cindy's own round, full cleavage trapped in her dress. Still hovering calmly, Alexis held her hand up beside her as if she was holding something in her hand and unleashed her greatest magical power of all. It was with a snap of Alexis's fingers that a long, thick, double-sided dildo appeared in her hand. The cheerleader's sorcery was so powerful that she could create anything she desired out of thin air.

Cindy showed her gratitude for her younger friend's powers by spreading her legs wide, pulling her tight dress up to her waist so Alexis could see her own shaven pussy while spreading her lips with her fingers. Alexis didn't need any more of an invitation as she floated right up to Cindy's pussy, gave her one, long, thick lick between her lips, tugged on her clit ever so calmly with her teeth, and then slipped her new dildo inside her floating friend.

"Oh yes, baby." Cindy moaned. "Nice and thick. Just what I needed."

"I know." Alexis giggled, looking up from between Cindy's thighs.

The sudden rush of joy caused Cindy to pull at her 32F breasts, fighting to free them from her dress while Alexis kissed her thighs and fucked her slowly with her toy. Cindy ran her hands over her monumental breasts, pulling at her nipples and waiting for Alexis to fuck her hard. She pulled her nipple to her lips, sucking on herself while Alexis sucked on her clit and parted her pussy. Just as horny, Alexis flipped over, spinning about in zero-gravity and placing the other end of the toy between her thighs. The redhead in the pink nighty quickly lowered herself down and slipped the dildo inside herself, moaning at its size. Finally, with one last thrust, Alexis and Cindy's thighs met high above the city. The two magical girls were now intertwined in lesbian lust with a double-sided dildo between them, and there was no going back.

"Oh yes, baby." Cindy cried out as she felt the teenager's thighs against her. "Fuck my pussy hard."

Like Cindy, Alexis fought to get her gigantic, magical 32HH breasts free from her tiny nighty, rolling them about as she moved her body back and forth with her mind. She floated in the sky with Cindy, moving back and forth whiling rubbing her pussy passionately against Cindy's. Cindy tossed her brown hair back and cupped her breasts again, lost in the weightlessness of their sex. Alexis rolled her mighty breasts, pulling them to her own lips to suck herself as she felt Cindy's hands roam over her teenage thighs. Cindy pushed back against Alexis, forcing the toy in and out of both of their bodies so that they could each share a thorough fucking.

"Shit yes!" Alexis screamed out to the city far below her, bouncing frantically on Cindy's body. Their thighs smacked together violently as the moon lit up their exposed bodies. With their giant breasts dancing in the moonlight, Alexis and Cindy pounded against each other as hard as they could, demanding that the other girl cum first. Cindy ran her hand down Alexis's thighs toward their sex, rubbing her clit as she felt the thickness of Alexis's toy drive deep inside her. She rubbed her clit frantically as she moved her body with her mind, feeling her rising orgasm ready to explode.

"So close, baby!" Cindy cried.

"Me too!" the flying teenager screamed as well, grabbing on to Cindy's ankles and pulling her harder up into her body. She pulled at Cindy with a powerful grip, helping Cindy drive the toy farther into her body. The thick dildo pounded the two girls deep as sweat began to coat their delicate skin. Alexis tossed her long, red hair about and bit her lip, knowing that her orgasm was ready to explode.

"Yes! Fuck yes!" she screamed loudly. "I'm fucking cumming!"

"Me too!" Cindy screamed, and let her cum explode from her pussy.

The two girls wailed in joy as they came together, screaming out into the clouds as they floated high above the city. Their cum rained down to the city below, but they did not care. They were so lost in their blissful orgasm that they forgot about everything around them. Still cumming, the two girls began to plummet back down to Earth, falling like two sexual meteors. As the winds rushed up along their sweaty bodies, Alexis leaned forward and pulled Cindy's lips against her own so the two girls could kiss. As the world below came closer and closer, Cindy and Alexis made out softly, sucking on each other's tongue and giggling as they fell.

"Thanks for that, babe." Cindy moaned.

Alexis nodded, giving Cindy one last soft, passionate kiss. The teen then pushed herself away, spinning like a gymnast as her ability to fly caught her fall just before she smashed onto her front lawn. Cindy caught herself as well, pulling the red dildo from her pussy and throwing it into suburbia without a care. As Alexis hovered back down to her window and landed her socks back inside her bedroom, she turned and watched Cindy's bare ass fly away from her home and back towards the orange lights of the city.
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