2 hours later
2 hours went by, looking at the cursor blinking on the white page in front if me.
I promised my editor to have the last chapter of my book finished by the end of the week. Let us just say, I wasn't to confident this was going to happen.
I decided to call it a day and to go out for a drink or a walk. I shut down my computer and grabbed my rain jacket, it had been raining for days.
I locked the front door of the house, as I turned around, my head still occupied with my last chapter of my book, I suddenly bumped in to a lady who was walking on the side of the street. She fell to the ground hurting her ankle pretty bad. Startled by this event and apologising I helped her back to her feet. She was about my age, dark long hair and beautiful eyes, she was dressed in a smart black miniskirt, a white blouse and black jacket, her elegant feet where nicely fitted in black high heels.
She tried to stand but her ankle was hurting to bad. Being in front of my house I suggested she came inside so I could have a look at her ankle. We went in to the house where I helped her on to the couch. I walked to the kitchen to get some ice. We had a short conversation when walking in to the house,she was telling me her name was Steffie, and that she was on her way to a birthday party from a friend. I had a hard time to find some ice in the freezer, during that time Steffie found a printout of the first few chapters of my book I was writing, flipping through the pages, when she found quit a hot paragraph ( if I say so myself ).
She was reading it when I came back into the living room when I came back with some ice for her foot. Surprised she looked up, asking me if I wrote this? (my books are mostly intended for adults, if you know what i mean)
I nodded my head, saying I was having a writers block for the last chapter.

To my surprise she suggested that maybe she could help. She signed to me suggesting I'd sit next to her on the couch. When I sat down she came closer to me whispering something in my ear. She was telling me that she I read a small part when I was in the kitchen and that she found it very good and extremely arousing. She had maybe some ideas to get rid of my writers block. She put her hand on my cheek and turned my head towards her, before I was aware of what was going on she was kissing me passionately, running her hand over my chest, unbuttoning my shirt and running her fingers over my naked skin, over my chest and belly down to my pants. I must say she definitely caught my by surprise, leaving me speechless. I was not thinking of stopping her. Still kissing her I felt my pants opening and without hesitation a hand was grabbing my hard cock, stroking it gently. Out lips disconnected as she moved her head forward taking my cock in her mouth. The feeling was amazing, almost gasping for air I was overwhelmed by the situation.
After a couple of very intense teasing seconds (the teasing came from her side ) she moved back up again kissing me gently on the lips.
She moved her leg over me so she was sitting on my lap facing me, looking me straight in my eyes, as she started unbuttoning her blouse exposing her beautiful breasts. They were not very big but nicely cupped in a gorgeous black lace bra.
I moved forward as I started kissing them while she unlocked the bra from the back showing her gorgeous breasts, her n*pples pink and ow so hard.
Feeling so turned on I started licking and sucking them as I felt both her hands jerking my hard , mmmmmm that felt so good.
I told her I wanted to feel myself inside her. She smiled at me, telling me I was in for a bit of a surprise. She took both my hands and guided them down under her shirt, still looking me straight in the eyes, as if she wanted to see my reaction. I was so expecting to feel her wet horny p*ssy but indeed to my big surprise, my hands where feeling a hard cock. I'm a hundred pro cent sure my heart skipped a beat at that moment. She pressed my hands on her cock. For a second I was planing on pulling them away, but then I realised this was making me so horny. Instead of pulling away I folded my hard around it, and started to move it up and down in a way I would do by myself. Gentle moans were escaping her lips as I was junking her hard .
Tell me, she asked me, do you still want to feel me inside? I did not need to think about that, and as a reaction to her question I pressed my lips against here's, kissing her passionately.
She lifted her body to undo herself from her black panties, leaving her totally makes on top of me. The feeling and warmth of here skin against mine was more then I could describe. She lifted her body a bit and with her hand guiding my cock to her sweet little as s. She had made sure my hard was so wet that entering her would not be a problem. As she lowered herself I felt a warm sensation coming over me, feeling it slide deep inside her. Omg that felt so good. Gently I started stroking her cock again as she was moving herself slowly up and down over me. I think I have never felt this horny.
As time went by I started to pick up the pass on my stroking, while she was asking me if I could make her cum while she was fucking my cock. After a short while her breathing became deep and whit a small cry I felt her cock and ass pulsing, a warm spray of cum escaping her cock ending up on my chest, as she sank deep over my cock. I could feel her ass tightening with every pulse. She was asking me to cum inside her. Just hearing those words was enough to make me shoot my cum deep inside her while she was still slowly sliding over my cock.
I think I never felt so horny, without thinking I pushed her body up a bit so her c*ck was right in front of me, I opened my mouth and let her c*ck slide in to my mouth sucking it, tasting an other mans c*m for the first time. I cleaned her c*ck licking it and sucking it until she could not stand it anymore. She sat down next to me, not saying a word just enjoying the afterglow
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