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He was standing at the door when I drove in. I hurried into the building, and to his waiting arms. He kissed me passionately, like we were long time lovers instead of this being our first meeting.

As we entered the room, she was waiting on the bed. She smiled knowingly. This was my introduction, my first threesome with another woman. Now that I was here, I was shy, hesitant. Tony showed no such hesitation as he kissed me again. He helped me to undress. He smiled, looking me over while he quickly removed his own clothes. He then helped Jane undress as we joined her on the bed.

She kissed me deeply. Her lips and skin are soft, I thought. While he pulled us in to a circle, Tony joined the kissing. My hand went to his hard cock, my fingers wrapping around its girth. He explored my mouth, my lips, while Jane took one of my nipples into her mouth. My free hand tangled in her hair, enjoying the feeling. Tony moved down to kiss her while I found her nipple. It hardened under my touch. My tongue reached out to lick it, my own nipples aching now. I welcomed the fingers that started to play with them.

Tony decided that since it was my first time, I would get to lie back and relax while they got to know me a little better. I gasped as I felt the fingers, the lips exploring my body. I loved the mouths kissing and licking, the fingers touching, caressing. Tony moved up and kissed me briefly, but lifted his head to watch me as I felt a woman's tongue for the first time. I marveled at the softness of her touch. How it drove me crazy and left me wanting for more of it. Her soft, warm tongue touched my lower lips. Her tongue slid down one side, then down the other side. My legs parted. I felt my pelvis tilt and reach for her as my wetness dripped on to the bed.

I pulled Tony down and moaned into his mouth as I finally felt her tongue slide between my lips. I reached for his cock, stroking it as he kissed me deeply. Jane let her tongue softly explore my wet pussy. So gently, so softly she licked. She laughed quietly as I moaned and thrust myself against her mouth. I had my first orgasm of the day as she softly sucked my clit while Tony tugged on my nipples and played with my tongue. I smiled up at him, my eyes sparkling with anticipation. Jane and I changed places.

Tony fed her his cock as I worked my way down her body. I sucked on her nipples, gently nibbling, holding her small firm breasts in my hand. My tongue traced a trail down over her ribs, over her belly. I licked the groove between her leg and hip, slowly moving my tongue over her mons. I kissed the top of her slit. I glanced up at them as I lowered my head and let my tongue slide between her lips. It was warm. I dipped my tongue in again. I heard her softly moan, saw a small ripple of pleasure move through her. Bolder now, I lay down between her legs. I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. I've seen my own pussy many times, I've seen pictures and movies. This was my first up close real pussy.

I looked at the pink folds, the trickle of liquid just visible. I watched her reaction as I closed my mouth over her. I used my fingers, my tongue and my lips and I explored every part of her. I licked down the length of her slit, my tongue delved deeply into her. I tasted her wetness. I reveled in her heavy breathing, encouraged by her moans I pulled her hood back gently and softly suckled her clit. Tony moved down and entered me from behind. His thrusts caused me to lick her harder as he pushed me forward. She came first, her hands tangled in my hair, moaning more loudly. I was next to climax but barely, my pussy contracting tightly around Tony's cock drew him over the edge quickly. I wasn't finished yet though. Softly, I licked her pussy, drinking in her wetness.

Laughing, we all collapsed in a tangle. Tony said he wanted to watch us as he rested. He wasn't able to rest long though as the sight of two passionate, horny women licking and tasting each other was too much for him to lie back and watch. He joined in the licking and sucking, touching. As Jane and I did a 69, he entered her from behind. I licked her, sucking her clit while I played with his balls. Every few strokes he would pull out and slide his cock into my mouth for a few strokes.

After a few minutes of this, he changed ends. I moaned as his hard cock slid into me. It's incredible to feel a big, hard cock sliding in and out while a warm, wet tongue caresses your clit. He pulled out after a few strokes and let her suck on him. As he felt himself close to climax again, he warned us. We both lay down side by side. He straddled us as best he could, and shot his load over us. He collapsed beside us as we all lay together, smiling and promising to do this again...soon.

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