3. Give Me What I Want
After our last encounter we could no longer bare to stay away from eachother! We had to smile, wink, lick our lips and make sexual references behind everyones back. Many gestures from one another of oral sex and fucking, though we hadn't gone that far yet. We talked everyday. He came up with a plan, a secret meeting where we could be alone and not be bothered. I was to pick him up when he was supposed to be working. So I came up with a lame excuse for BF and drove out to meet FIL. He was standing there waiting for me. He came around to the drivers side and I slid over to the other seat. We drove just a few miles and he leaned in for a kiss. It had been a few days since we got to touch, let alone kiss and I missed his lips as much as he missed mine. We drove just a bit further and arrived at a motel. He went in and paid for a room and I waited in the car. The man behind the counter couldn't move any slower! Finally FIL came back and we went to our room.

He locked the door and drew the blinds. I was wet way before we arrived at the motel and ready to go. He had some stuff for me. Some clothes, some oils and a very special new toy! A red and clear dildo/vibrator with rotation and variable speeds. I love new toys! He stood in front of me and put his arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss. We held eachother long and tight. I could feel his hard cock pressing up against my body. He kissed and licked my neck then shoved me on the bed. He crawled on top of me and put his mouth to mine again, parting my lips with his smooth, silky tongue. FIL grabbed my wrists and held them over my head with his right hand and took his left hand and placed it on my breasts without ever losing contact with my mouth. Both of us were breathing heavy. He slowly moved his left hand from my breast and tickled his fingers down my side then slid his hand down the front of my pants. "You're so wet baby, FIL said with a soft breath to my face. "Mmmhmm", I wimpered. He circled my clit with his middle finger then followed my slit down to my eager pussy. Fingers gliding in and out of me. He released my wrists and undid my pants, pulled them off, pulled my panties off and kissed me all the way down my body trailing his hands behind his lips, feeling every curve that his lips had passed. FIL licked and kissed my already dripping pussy. He tongued my hole and it felt amazing. He knows how to get me going. I couldn't see what he was doing but I heard the gentle humming of my brand new toy! Oh yeah! He inserted the tip into me and a whole new jolt rushed through my body. Hr went in and out slowly at first taking care not to hurt me; stopping to let the vibrator to rest on my clit in between. The pleasure was taking over me. I started getting shaky. "i'm gonna cum, i'm gonna cum" I quickly stuttered. "oh yeah baby, you cum for me", he said. He began thrusting harder and faster and "! ", I screamed as I convulsed with pleasure. You know he just had to taste me so we got into 69 position. Him on top because I wanted him to control his cock so he could gag me with it. Not to mention me legs were far to weak to stand. He burried his face in my wet pussy and shoved his long, hard cock down my throat. I love the taste of him! Hes fucking my face and I have his head viced between my thighs. Now we're both moaning, enjoying the flavor of our bodies. Both of us pushing our hips into eachothers faces as hard as we could. I was choking from his cock and I don't think he could breathe but neither him or I seemed to care. My clit still sensitive and him watching me get off, didn't take long for us to cum together. We were moaning and huffing together as one and both at the same time came in eachothers mouth! His hot cum slliding down my throat while he twitched in my mouth and his face drenched in pussy juice. Barely breathing we collapse. Just laying there for a bit. After I catch my breath I ask, "how about we just fuck? I need your cock deep inside me. I want to feel you." Don't you think fucking is going a bit too far", FIL questioned. "Nope, we've already gone this far, lets go all the way!" , I said eagerly. We didn't have a condom so we were just gonna do it for a bit. He bent me over the bed and took my hip in one hand and his dick in the other, sliding it up and down my pussy, then jammed it all the way in! I got butterflies in my stomach from how good it felt, among other places. He went to town on my pussy fucking as hard and as fast as he could. His balls slapping from behind. With every thrust I bounced foward with an "uh,uh,uh", him pulling me tight toward him by my waist. Then he let go, pushed me down on the bed and jacked himself vigourously all over my back and ass. Then he slapped my ass and we laid in bed for a bit and cuddled. We felt eachother some more while laying there naked. It had been about 3 hours and figured we bwtter get going. We hopped in the shower and cleanned eachother, careful not to get our hair wet. It wasn't raining that day and itd be a bit odd to come home with wet hair. We got dressed and headed out. I dropped him off and went home saying I went shopping from the clothes he got me. Then FIL came home about an hour later "from work". Man we're good!
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