5 more days
As we well know I like men in uniform. The United States Army simply is a fetish for me. I feel for them and I like to feel them. In their absence "WE" can feel them more. Missing their words, hugs, kisses, looks and little quirks. They face what we can only imagine each day. Their mortality, being and existence. Getting to know people and places that we can only dream about. No matter how much we try to replace them with some one like them it is never the same.

I know that this time of the year I miss him the most. He is there just as he was last year and there has never been anyone that can replace him.

One moment in time for two weeks, then that dreaded call came again and he was off. We met again at the airport. Our eyes met and it was like reality had finally came true in that moment. The type of man that makes even the hardest woman's panties get wet. Before he touches me my knees are already so weak, he is like that first time all over again for all of the first times in our lives. The first time that we ever had sex I didn't even want to know his name. I just wanted to FUCK him silly. That ugly green t-shirt fit perfectly. The even uglier green pants were hot too. They just needed to be off your body even though as far as they got was his knees. That was the first time that I realized you could make me cum just because of the shape of the head of your cock upon initial penetration.

I want to scream but nothing comes out(there WILL be plenty of that later). In my mind I think to myself how is it possible that I can love someone this much. This person who knows when I am happy or when I am sad....even when I am hiding little things behind my eyes.

The taste of his lips...tongue. The curve of his shoulders as my hands trace the contour of his body. He inhales as I exhale. umph! is all that I can say when he takes hold of me. OMG is what my body cries, I tremble so hard that I am terrified. I can't believe that I can touch him and feel him. Now he is flesh whereas before he was a voice or instant message. He whispers into my ear, "baby I missed u. I love you."

Have u ever held onto something so tight you can no longer feel your arms? Our tongues mingle and my whole life flashes before my eyes seeing every single moment good and bad that we have ever shared with one another. Like sneaking away from my nephews birthday party and fucking the bathroom of my brothers house and lying about how the toilet got broken. Or sneaking into the neighbours barn and fucking on the hay, while watching their slut daughter being gang banged the boys from across the road.

5 more days and we will be together again. Making LOVE and memories......
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