:::EROTICA::: ~Romance and Chance~ A rekindling of Passion...
Nikki stirred, the blaring sound of the alarm beeping loudly to her left on her bedside table. She shifted over and blindly searched for SNOOZE, hitting it and silencing the alarm. She rested her head once more and opened her eyes slightly to see the morning dawn approach with the sky giving way to a tint of blue. The sounds of cawing ravens outside with the cool morning air, she sighed and sat up, running her hand over her head to smooth her hair. The alarm once again blared back to life at her table. "dammit," she cursed as she found the off button, the alarm stopping in the instant. She turned her head to see Spencer still asleep, but he would be awake shortly later. She rolled over and kissed his should though, not wanting to wait, it was early, the kids were still asleep, they were alone, she seldom found time with him, time for them to REALLY enjoy. She brushed her lips over his shoulder as her delicate fingers ran down along his surface skin of his bicep. Her other hand running it's nails up his bare back and along the back of his neck, careening through the back of his hair. Traveling up and running through his scalp, squeezing the fistful firmly and running hands through it once more to feel it to the roots of his hairline. He stirred and turned over, "Hey... What's wrong?" She grinned, "Nothing. We're alone... me, you, kids are still asleep..." Spencer grinned back, "Oh! I see, morning sex?" She scooted closer, "Y'know I always feel lighter on my feet when we do it in the morning." He rolled over and rested his head in his hand looking down at her smiling face, flexing his eyebrows in agreement with her statement, "Well, you sure we got enough time?"
She peeled up her t-shirt and exposed her large breasts in the dim morning light shining through the blinds of the bedroom window, casting a soft aqua tint across her skin and down her belly to her slender hips. His eyes traveling down to see she wasn't wearing panties, the nicely trimmed landing strip paving the way to the lush valley between her legs, "Not unless you were planning on either sleeping in, or going in early."
His jaw clenched softly as he took in the site, and his large warm hand running over her smooth skin as he squeezed one of Nikki's breasts firmly. She cooed as she looked and watched his hand grope and squeeze her breast, applying ample pressure gently. A shallow breath escaping from her mouth as she shifted in her bed, her hand gliding up his leg. He leaned down and flicked the tip of his tongue over her slightly erect nipple, taking into his mouth. Nikki sighed and licked her lips, and softly breathed through her mouth as her every limb chilled. A cool moist feeling on her nipple an areola as she felt it leave his warm mouth. He breathed quietly, "Mmm very nice..." She turned and kissed him, slowly and passionately as they swirled their tongues. Spencer broke the kiss as his hand slid south, his nails lightly running over her breast, his nails raking as they went down her stomach to her belly button. "I want you baby! I need you now! Please," Nikki whispered. Spencer leaned in closer to her, "I need you, I need... coffee..."

"Nikki! Nikki," boomed a voice, distant, almost an echo in a vacant room. Nikki's head shot back to reality, her eyes snapped open as she came back to her senses, she must've dozed off; looking up, and seeing Marie standing in the door. Her silver hair tied back, and her eyeglasses hanging off the end of her nose with her ice blue eyes staring narrowly down at her, a cold stare that made Nikki want to say she was sorry, but her voice incapable of working. Marie's voiced cleared, "We need some fresh coffee, if your not busy please?"
She stepped from the door with the sound of her heels proceeding away from Nikki's door. Nikki licked her upper lip, annoyed; not by the fact she had an unexpected visit from her supervisor who was supposed to not be in today, but because she had caught her unexpectedly, and ruined a good dream she was having. Alas it was still often just a dream, nine years ago it was different for them; Spencer and her. They were young, had the time, often fully capable to enjoy one another's company with nights of sensual, deep, fulfilling moments they both could enjoy together. No family business, no work, nothing except for each other. She stood up to go to the coffee in the Lounge down the hall. As she walked the mental images came back to her, the moist panties under her skirt didn't help with suppressing them. She remembered; before she would be a mother of wife, how they would spend weekends together. Lush & Erotic, filled with Stimulating games and fun for the two of them. She smiled, remembering the night they spent at home for Valentine's Day. She had come home, and found the entire room was dark, but lit with a few candles around. She followed a trail of candles burning a steady path to their bedroom, she entered to find him laying in bed with Chinese and candles behind them, it was a small step. When they got their own home together, and they had better finances, he went further. Each time he did something more romantic and higher for them, the night starting small and warm. A nice meal, a night out, it was ideal to the quality time she always found most special to her. In every sense it was all she hoped to have for the two of them. She dumped the filter, a smile on her face as she remembered all the escapades they would get into. Memories of the way they had their first anniversary together, all the lights were off, the drapes pulled closed, red candles lit and placed around the room to give a sensual smell, the candle light giving off a heat and romantic mood. The silk sheets on the bed feeling so smooth against her skin, the wine was delicious, as well as the warm meal she had prepared earlier in the evening he arrived. Nikki suddenly realized the coffee pot was full of water and overflowing over her hand. She stopped the water and poured the pot in the back of the coffee maker, placed a new filter along with the appropriate amount of coffee, turning the switch to the maker on. She left the Lounge and returned to her office, the feeling of her thighs giving her more reason to seek relief as she sat down with a shallow breath forcing itself from her throat. Her mind fluttering with the images and feelings of his kisses down her neck, along her collarbone, his hands running up her bare back with her pressing her chest against his, wrapping her arms around his neck to hold him. Nikki stood up once more, putting the "Out to Lunch" sign out on the door. She closed it, locked it, and returned to her desk. Switching off the light, the room instantly blacked out as the only light she could make out was the light from the door's jams and spaces. She stood in the dark and quietly undid her skirt, outside hearing people come and go, phones ringing, doors opening and closing in rarity.

She peeled down her skirt and sat down in her chair. "That's better," she cooed as she opened her legs and ran her hands down the outer thighs and back up, letting them slip down and run down the inside thighs and back up as well. Closing her eyes as she let her hands run up over her shirt and squeeze her breasts firmly together through her shirt. With her eyes closed she often could mentally picture the scene of the night, after they ate she cleaned up the dishes and had him go upstairs. When she joined him, she found he lit all the candles for her. All across the dresser, some lined the foot of the bed along the floor, some on his and her sides of the bed on their night stands. The lights off, the small stereo in corner playing a sensual tune from a CD she had purchased on eBay. In the bathroom she could hear the drawing of tub water as the faucet filled the tub, she came around the door slowly to see him sitting on the tub's edge. His hand dipping in the tub to check the temperature, a white cotton bathrobe wrapped around his naked masculine frame. He smiled warmly as he turned to see her, "It's ready. C'mon let's get you out of these." She stood in front of the lengthy bathroom mirror, feeling his hands running over her body as he undressed her slowly, one button at a time, one article of clothing at a time. Nikki undid her buttons on her blouse, her mind lost to the night she shared with Spencer. Such a night was longed for, feeling his gentle touch again in the most delicate places that made her feel alive, feel sexy. She peeled her blouse apart and pulled up her sports bra, her large D's falling freely. She cupped them and crushed them together, biting her bottom lip to stay quiet as group of people passed her door talking and laughing. Her eyes closed again, her visual returning of Spencer undressing her. Standing in front of the mirror as he kissed her neck and wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her tightly. She remembered she turned to face him, kissing him; her hands undoing the tie of his robe, and letting it fall to the floor behind him. She smiled and urged him into the tub, he watched as she took a lighter and lit the few candles they had in the bathroom. Four on the floor outside the tub, and Three in each corner end of the Tub far out from the bowl. Turning off the bathroom light, the room basked in twilight as candle light gave erotic life to the room, the twilight danced along the walls and over them both. Nikki slowly stepped in the tub across from him, feeling the warm water envelop around her legs and feet. The soothing feeling was replaced by another feeling as Spencer's hands ran up her legs, his tender kisses grazing over her calf muscle. She breathed in through her nose, taking in the scent her lit candles filled in the room. Nikki took in another breath as she pinched her erect nipple hard, tugging softly as the chill rippled over her body from her core. She leaned back as far as she could and brought one leg up on the desk's edge. She ran her fingers over her bottom lip and let them snake down over her bare chest, past her belly, and glide down her hip. Slowly tracing her fingers with a feather light touch to her panties, the feeling of heat and wet cloth signified her extreme arousal, she grasped the cloth in her hand and pulled them tightly against her mound, forcing a breath from her mouth, "Oh my god! Ooh fuck," she breathed quietly in the dark. Nikki's head fell back, remembering how he touched and washed her back, feeling over her flesh tenderly with a sponge as he washed her slowly and calmly. Taking turns they both washed and sponged each other clean. Finally they took turns shampooing and conditioning each others hair. When Spencer washed hers she remembered how amazingly gentle he was, it was so relaxing, feeling his hands firmly massaging her scalp, thoroughly, and delicately washing her hair. Often she had fun laying back against in his chest, the warmth of the candles and the tub enveloping them. Her hand would occasionally slip' and brush against his semi-erect cock making him squirm some under her. He scold her, but she felt his hands run down from her hair and squeeze her breasts, rolling the nipples in between his thumb and forefinger.

She smiled and felt her pussy pulse through her panties, running her middle & ring fingers up and down. The soft warm pulse radiating out through her inside. She remembered when they got out of the tub and returned to the room, where candle light and the music still thrived on. The music looping, playing the most exotic tunes and warm sounds of nature, including a creek, thunderstorms, rainfall, crickets in the night, and so on. She dried off her hair with the towel, only to feel herself being hugged from behind again by him. As he kissed her neck and along the side to her ear; where he kissed and nibbled on her ear lobe. She remembered dropping the towel as her breathing grew, unable to keep herself in control, feeling that control slipping away with the warm pulse of her loins coming to life again. In a instant she squealed as he picked her up, her arms wrapping around his neck with the cotton robe still snuggly tied around her. His naked body bare, brisk, still damp from the bath as he laid her in the bed and joined her. She giggled as he growled playfully climbing up on the bed. "C'mere you," she hissed reaching for his face. Spencer climbed up on the bed, laying next to her, sharing another kiss with her. His hand ran down and untied her robe, peeling it open to expose her naked body. Pulling the panties to the side, Nikki ran her fingers up and down her lips. Feeling the sticky juices seep through them, lathering her palm she gave her clit a few good slaps that forced her legs to quiver and her stomach to spasm slightly, "OH! Oh yeah... OH yes," her mind drifted further back, feeling his hands, his kisses, oh what chills. She could feel his fingers run over her pubic bone and along her pelvic bone, massaging the flesh before he even touched her anywhere else. His fingers being gentle, or being teasing as they raked their nails over her skin. Oh the way he made her feel, unbearable. And she loved him for it, she could barely help but give in. Raising her hips up, wanting him to touch her, wanting to feel his digits deep inside her box, feeling good. Oh so good! It was so good to feel his touch! Spencer!

Nikki breathed sharply as she inserted a finger, her vaginal muscles twitched as a small chill rocked through her, "Oh fuck! Oh god... oh god... oh baby... yes! Oh god yes," she opened her eyes, darkness still residing over her room, she hoped no one heard her before having been so loud almost. She quickened her fingers, her pussy squelching loudly to her every thrust, feeling her juices messily lather and flow, her fingers, palm, her chair would be a mess but she didn't care. God I want you baby! I want you so bad. Her face tensed, her head shifting back and forth. Rapidly she worked her hand, fingers thrusting in and out, and than Nikki would pull them out and rapidly rub her swollen clit back and forth, up and down, any direction that offered the relief she longed for. Her face flush, her throat tight as she tried to stay quiet, hearing more people pass. She could feel it coming, deep within it built, growing more and more. Her fingers curled inside upward, her palm pressed against her clit, and she quickly moved her hand up and down. The rapid urgency loudly giving way to wet squelches and slaps as her juices stirred to her fingers. Her palm frequently slapped against her clit and mound with her rhythm. She felt her orgasm coming on, ready to erupt and overtake her. The people stopped for a second, just outside. "Oh please No! Not there, go, go, go, please go! I can't stop," she kept going rapidly. The feeling almost upon her, looming, her limbs began to spasm, her legs shaking, her head pressed in the chair's head rest. They moved on, and not a moment too soon as Nikki gave in to a powerful climax that violently exploded within her. Her legs shook, her hand giving a final strong thrust and holding there as her legs shut on it in mid air. Her whole body tensed, her eyes squeezed tightly, her mouth gaping with her mouth quickly covering it as her head shot forward and back. Soft gasps, sharp whimpers breaking through her hand, through the dark room as her body convulsed and twitched. The chills rippled and tingled over her body, her skin, muscles, insides, felt warm and fluid. She retrieved her hand once her body calmed down, she laid in the dark for a moment, spent, exhausted, almost unsure if she was capable to get up. She would need to clean up and look presentable. Her chair sticky with the warm wet honey she secreted. Her hand and fingers sticky with the juices, she lathered them and licked them delicately from her finger tips and palm. Savoring the sweet taste she had. She missed those days, she hoped in so many ways she could have one again. But times were different, the lush nights, the romantic evenings, the quality time they once relished in was nowhere to be seen. Hopefully it would turn with them soon, she needed it. Needed it more than anything else, she sighed and found her strength to stand. Turning on the light, she dressed again, using the tissue box to clean the mess she had made on herself and the chair. Unlocking her door, she opened it. Returning to the office to fix a cup of coffee.

*** Later that Day ***

Nikki kicked her shoes off the second the lock clicked and the door swung open. Slipping in and closing it behind her, she through the open space of the living room, reading the mail she recovered from the mailbox outside as she was coming in. Once done she dropped it along with her purse on the floor and dropped into the sofa. Turning over she began rubbing her forehead and massaging her temples. She tilted her head down at the TV's internal clock on the DVD player. 3:00 PM, the kids would be home shortly around 4, she would have some time to herself. She rested her eyes for a brief moment and stretched, resting her head in her hand as she leaned on her right elbow. Opening her eyes to see a paper out of place on the TV stand, but she didn't want to get up to see what it was. Her feet were sore and head felt two sizes too big for her body, all she wanted was a nice long nap. Between the work day, and her fun at work it left her stamina somewhat depleted. She opened her eyes again as she felt the soothing fingers of sleep reaching for her and trying to embrace her, she forced herself to her feet, "Can't sleep yet." She slipped on her flip flops she normally wore around the house instead of slippers, and walked across to the TV stand, grabbing the paper up as she turned down the hall. As she entered the Dining Room, the afternoon light had begun peeking in through the shades. She touched the touch lamp on the wall to illuminate the Dining Room a little better from the ceiling lamp so as to read the scrap of paper in her hand. Finely written, but only a series of words:


Nikki flexed her eyebrows at the odd note. Kids weren't home yet, Spencer? No he was at work, didn't get home till 6 P.M. She walked to the Kitchen just beyond the next archway into the Kitchen through the Dining Room. She stopped at the frig and opened it, searching for something out of place. Instantly she got the idea with a smile streaking across her face, her low stamina seemingly lifting away like a cloud. A Wine Bottle, Vintage Riviera; a brand of Red Wine with a golden ribbon on it's base. She took it from the top shelf, the bottom holding yet another mystery' scrap of paper. She grinned as she took it, it was Spencer, it had to be. Her eyes scanned this one too:


She looked at the ceiling with a wide smile as her tongue ran along the roof of her mouth, wondering what surprises she was in for. She turned and closed the refrigerator door with her hip as she walked away, passing through the Dining Room, through the corridor to the Living Room, and around the way to where the Front Door and Staircase leading upstairs met. She climbed, hearing the soft hum of some kind of melody playing. She slowed her ascent as she reached the last 3 steps from the top to find the scent of Jasmine in the air, one of her favorite fragrances. As she climbed the last few, she turned the corner to see her bedroom door slightly open with a dim light inside. Outside the door her eyes caught what looked like a trail of rose pedals, she smiled as it was another hint; confirming her already certain suspicions. She walked quietly, hoping to surprise Spencer; most likely waiting on the bed for her half dressed. Maybe not dressed at all for all she knew, all other doors in the hall were closed, even the family bathroom next to the guest bedroom adjacent from it. She was hoping though given it wasn't the best of timing in the world...
Suddenly, Nikki jumped at the feeling of Spencer grabbing her in a strong embrace from behind, he had ducked away in one of the boys rooms and came out when she passed. She felt the warm heat radiating from his body with the scent of body wash. She peered out of the corner of her eye to see his lips caressing down her neck, his thick brush of hair thick and matted with moisture, he must've just gotten out of the shower. She could feel his bare body pressing into her with a towel wrapped securely around his waist. The damp feeling from his frame and the towel's front signified further evidence of her conclusion. And yet, she smiled as he kissed her neck and his firm hands rubbed her arms as he stood there, "Hey you."
She smiled and turned her head, "Hey, what's all this about?" "What," he responded. Nikki shook her wrist, the liquid sloshing around inside the dark bottle. "OH! I made a nice afternoon for us in private," he shuffled his feet forward, moving her forward in turn, "The kids will be home in maybe fifteen minutes." They reached the door and he let her go, she stepped in the room to take in a site, "I sent them to your Mother's for the night, and a bit of Tomorrow as well."

The bedroom was thick with the scent of Jasmine and Rose pedals. Dark cloaks covered the windows, allowing dim shades of light into the room. The stereo on the far side of the room playing a soft exotic sensual melody. The lights dimmed with one being tinted red from a shawl covering it slightly, giving the room's wall and ceiling a red glow as the lamp shined it's light through it, the lamp opposite cloaked with the same; leaving the back walls and ceiling a deep red. The bed stripped of it's comforters and covers Nikki had left that morning, replaced now with silky blue sheets that glistened with smooth fibers in the dim light. The sultry slow music to her left making her blood flow a little quicker to her stomach; where a flutter of escaped her lips with a steady exhale. She was taken back by it, the times she always enjoyed these special times with him, with each other. She felt his hands come up and run down her arms as he stood behind her, "Do you hate it? It seems tacky I know." She spun around and wrapped her arms around his neck, "OH I like it! You made such a surprise effort for us, it counts more than you think." And she kissed him on the lips, slow and deep. Her tongue roaming into his mouth, his into hers, the two searching each others spaces. The feeling of his hands sliding down her arms made Nikki break the kiss, "We better stop. We might get too into it," wiping her mouth as she caught her breath. Spencer grinned deviously telling her flustered face clearly. She smiled and ran her hands over his bare toned chest, "Let's have something to drink, want anything to eat? I can coo..." But she was silenced by his finger as he took her by the chin gently and moved in slowly again, ever so slowly, planting a soft tender kiss on her waiting lips. Not slipping her any tongue, he kissed her slowly and gently as he came back he simply spoke with a soft tone with his eyes only open by a slight bit allowing her to make out the glimmer in his pupils. He grinned and walked backwards slowly pulling her by the chin, "I got dinner... in here." She followed with a wide grin to the bathroom, his towel covered ass knocking the door open and revealing another surprise to her eyes that made her nearly stop dead. Behind him the room was SURROUNDED by candles, the sink, the tubs corners were occupied by three tall candle sticks that held 2 in each corner of the tub. Even the toilet seat held a collective of good size ones, the melting wax leaking on the porcelain toilet seat. The warmth they created as Nikki stepped inside the bathroom was most welcoming, it was reasons for this why they wanted a spacious private bathroom off from their main bedroom. Nikki always indulged in taking a long hot bath with a lot of candles when she was alone too, she stepped to the tub and saw a fresh tub of bath water had been drawn she eased a finger down inside it to feel the temperature, instantly she felt it as her hand shot back with a painful, "OW!" It was piping hot, "I wanted to make sure it would still be good for you when you got in."

She turned, to see him holding a small black pouch, "And this is a bonus, but I'll let you have this when you get in." She smiled and sucked on her now sore finger, coming to him, "How long did you plan this?" He looked off into space as he thought his time table carefully, "About two days, but I wanted to plan it perfect so I set it up a week back. I'd say almost a week to ten days I knew and planned it. Set the kids up to go to your mothers, took the day off to plan and prep. And of course made sure nobody..." Spencer turned, grabbing his cell phone from his Jeans laying on the clothes hamper behind him. Turned back to Nikki; holding the phone up, he ejected the phone's battery, loudly the battery clattered to the floor. He kicked it to the side of the bathroom, and threw the useless cell phone over his shoulder onto the bedroom carpet, "Nobody, could disturb us for the rest of the night, and the entire day tomorrow." Nikki's jaw dropped, hoping he didn't just break the phone but very fulfilled in his actions, at least in the sense he had taken himself to a new level with character. She came across and jumped up into his arms where he caught her around the waist, Nikki's legs wrapping around his back. Her arms coiling around his neck and bare back yet again as the two kissed intently, Nikki praising him many times over, "Oh I Love You, you sexy man you!" Her heel rubbed and accidentally undid the towel, causing it to drop to the tile floor in the center of the bathroom leaving Spencer standing in the breeze, bearing all with Nikki still in his arms with her legs wrapped around him. She broke out in a laugh as she realized things had gone south, so to speak. Spencer shook his head, "Nice, see what you did now?" "Hey that isn't my fault! My foot caught that by accident," she said as she gathered herself from her laughs. He grinned and they kissed again, he walked onward to the left, towards the bathroom sink setting her down, Nikki giggling as she tried to maintain the kiss without looking, nearly losing her balance as he set her down on her feet. She turned and smiled in the mirror, looking back at his reflecting face, his eyes beaming down as his hands ran around the sides of her shoulders. They traveled up and over her collar bones, and massaged her neck muscles, slightly running around the sides of her neck, and along the underside of her jaw slightly tilting her head back. He ran his fingers through the thick curls of her lengthy shoulder length hair. She could feel the small tremor between her stomach and thighs grow from today's earlier "attention". Her eyes fluttered, and closed all together as she felt her scalp being squeezed firmly at the roots of her hair as Spencer's fingers continued to run through her hair with delicate finesse. Slowly his hands ran down her sides and around, running the tips of his fingers lightly over the surface of her blouse. Her large 36 DD's snuggly and barely held in by the sports bra underneath. One by one, Spencer undone the buttons on Nikki's blouse, leaning down to brush his lips over the back of her neck and down along her shoulder as he peeled open her blouse, letting it slide down her arms easily. Slipping it free, he tossed it behind him on the hamper, turning back to run his hands up the toned, well defined back of hers. Each curve, each outline of muscle and bone that showed in her every inch of flesh. The sports bra snuggly tight against her body like a 2nd skin of sorts, or spandex. Her breasts so big he couldn't help but let his hands run around her sides. The feeling of Spencer's fingers run over her ribcage made Nikki twinge a little bit from the ticklish chill come over her, but that feeling was quickly nullified by his hands taking both of her large handful sized breasts. Her head fell back onto his shoulder, allowing him the access he needed to kiss her neck deep and passionately. Nikki's hands felt like rubber, all she could feel was her skin begin to crawl to life as her nerves fired off like firecrackers. With every grope and massage, every touch and squeeze his hands gave to her breasts she felt her flesh just feel like soup, warm, fluid, soothing, electrifying. She felt his fingers run down in search for the bottom of the sports bra as his kisses traveled up to her ear lobe. He lightly nibbled on the ear lobe, his fingers finally finding the end of her bra and peeled it up easily. The elastic fibers stretching and expanding, letting her 36 DD's fall freely out to his eyes. He peeled it over her head and tossed it over behind him with the blouse, turning back to run his hands up Nikki's bare back.

Nikki bent forward slightly over the sink, her tight heart shaped ass strutting out as an "invitation" to take off her skirt. Spencer knelt down behind her and ran his hand down over her ass as they came to her lower back, he didn't squeeze, didn't do anything. It was almost like an artist admired his work, he took in every detail, every single bit of it to further enjoy it's elegance in it's defining features. She felt his hands run down the sides of her ass, and back up over her hips. The cloth of her skirt was very smooth, and to Spencer the feeling was that much more pleasant to enjoy for him. He ran his hands down to the base of the skirt and as he brought them back up, he raked his fingernails; no more like he "clawed" them gently up the sides of Nikki's legs. Nikki's mouth opened, her eyes remained shut, and she took a breath in through her mouth as she felt her skirt being lifted. The ends of her skirt caught by Spencer's fingers as they ran up the sides of her legs, peeling the skirt up and over her bare round ass. Spencer than grinned and spoke softly, "Well well! No Panties Today hmm?" He saw the soft shade of her panty line as it coursed around her hips, and down in between her cheeks. She sighed with a shaky breath, "I kind-of had a bit of fun today at work, y'know... Reflecting on "Old Times?" "And that turned you on," he asked softly. "Oh Yeah," Nikki breathed. Spencer chewed his bottom lip, feeling his cock stir to life and become slightly hard as he squatted there behind her. His hands ran back down her sides and around, gripping the firm cheeks of her ass. Squeezing them both hard, Nikki let out a soft moan from her throat in approval. But Spencer had other plans. Standing up he helped her step out of her skirt and flip flops. She lifted her leg up and let him pluck the skirt from her ankle, tossing it with the hamper; he turned to the mirror again. She stood there, her face flushed slightly but still she exhibited great control for the tense urge she was getting in her loins. He smiled and was so enjoying it as much as she was. She had a wonderful body as ever, her hourglass hips, her hear shaped ass, relatively there was not a single thing Spencer could find to be a flaw with her. Right down to her waxing her legs and pubic hair. He ran his hands around and rested his chin on her shoulder, watching in the reflection of the mirror as his hands glided down over her breasts, lightly running the fingertips over the hard erect nipples. Nikki ran her hands behind her and gripped around him, feeling her hands find his lower back, his tail bone, and his bare smooth ass. Spencer's fingers rolled each of her stiff erect nipples in between his thumbs. Making them protrude out like tiny erasers, the areolas popcorn with Goosebumps.

She turned her head slightly, meeting his mouth with hers in a desire filled slow, tongue swirling kiss. Her hand reaching around and still searching, finally grasping his semi-erect member and stroking it to life. Spencer pinched her nipples; softly at first, but steadily, steadily increasing the pressure enough that it forced her to moan. Than whimper, until finally she broke the kiss in a heavy pant of heat, "Oh! Oh baby stop stop stop stop! Oh damn, we better put a lid on this!" Spencer grinned, "Too much? Or not enough?" He kissed her side of her face tenderly with warm breath washing down her neck. Her hand let go of his cock, "best get me in that tub cowboy before I really lose it." With that he chuckled and lifted her up in his arms, she cried in laughter as he carried her over to the tub and eased her naked frame into the hot water slow and easy. The hot water enveloped around Nikki's limbs, the heat coursing over her skin. Spencer's arms exiting the water as her body came to rest. She smiled up, feeling the warmth bring a soothing comfort to her as she felt great comfort. The candle flame out of the right corner of her eye flickering with life. Spencer stood and turned, reaching to the sink for the black pouch he previously had set down. Squatting down by the tub he undid the noose and opened the pouch. Reaching inside, he pulled out a few items; which he set down in a row along the tub's edge. A small bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion of some kind. He leaned on the end and smiled, "How is it?" Nikki beamed up as she sunk lower into the tub, "Warm, Relaxing, Shame I'm sharing it alone..." Spencer stood up, "Scoot forward." Nikki, moved forward a bit with the loud deep rumble of her body moving against the bottom of the tub. Spencer steeped inside, one foot and than the other, taking a seat behind Nikki. The water almost spilling over the edge of the tub as the two now occupied the tub together, Nikki moving back slightly pressing her bare back against Spencer's chest. Spencer relaxed back against the tub and began to massage Nikki's Shoulders slowly. She smiled and took a deep breath, "That's good, much better." Spencer leaned in and spoke in her ear, "Mm-hmm, I'd say so..." He softly kissed her neck as his hands ran down her arms, and lightly ran back up with the fingertips. She felt the chill of ripple over her surface flesh from his fingers gliding over her skin like feathers. She turned her head and felt his face nuzzle against her cheek as he tenderly kissed along her neck and underside of her jaw. His hands slowly slipped into the water and curved down beneath her, running around her waist and sides. Slowly gliding around to her stomach, running slowly up out of the waterline and over her breasts. Nikki turned her head and met Spencer's lips with a slow and deep kiss. She tugged on his bottom lip, breaking the kiss as she tugged it softly and released it. Spencer's hands groped and gently squeezed them together, Nikki sighing softly as her head drooped back and rested on his shoulder. Spencer kissing down along her shoulder and close to her collarbone, each of his hands massaging her breasts. Nikki squeezed her legs together and gently grinded on his lap, feeling his member beginning to grow hard again beneath her in the tub. The water sloshed slightly as she ground a little harder, back and forth, back and forth with her hips slowly.

Spencer, "Think I better start this before we get too into the moment." Reaching around, Spencer grabbed the Shampoo, "Dunk..." Nikki gave an odd look, and Spencer tilted his head, his other hand surprising her and pushing her head down slowly. "Oh! I didn't know what you meant," Nikki exclaimed as she tilted her head back. Her hair bathing in the water and coming back up wet and ready to be washed. Spencer squirted some of the Shampoo into his hand and began to massage it into her scalp and hair. Slowly and delicately, he washed her hair and lathered it well. Thick white foam of suds enveloped her hair and his hands as he washed the ends of her hair. "Okay, rinse," he said guiding her head to tilt back. Nikki tilted her head slowly and felt the back of her head enter the water, closing her eyes with a soothing smile as she felt his hands gently massage and rinse the shampoo out of her hair. The loose feeling of her hair, and lush scent of the shampoo was as good as the hot water and burning candles. The distant music playing in the bedroom was soft, but still playing; probably on repeat to loop the music selection. "Okay, time to condition it," Spencer said squirting the Conditioner in his hands as Nikki opened her eyes. She sat up and ran her hands up and down his legs beneath the water, "What did I do to be so spoiled like this?" Spencer's hands once again massaged her hair and scalp, "Well, I guess I missed the time we had alone together. Because I know it meant something to you. And since I knew, things were hectic, and we didn't have much time together as it was, I thought you- "we" needed it... the two of us." Nikki smiled, "What was the give away?" "Give away," Spencer asked curiously. Nikki, "Was it how I dressed, something I did, or something you thought?" Spencer continued, "Well, I think it was a thought. I missed it... missed the times we had..." Nikki's smile grew small, but the warm feeling she always had for him grew. However small the special moments they had alone, being together was the best piece for them. So many times, before the kids, before their careers, they always enjoyed being around one another. She remembered when he said to her how being with her brought a "peace to his soul" as he put it. She felt that in itself was something worth holding on to. Her eyes closed suddenly as she felt a tender slow grasp of the scalp of her hair, Spencer's firm hands gripping her hair at the scalp and squeezing it hard at the roots; which felt extremely good. It felt like a tight comfortable squeeze on the roots of her hair. He squeezed and pulled, letting her hair slowly slip through past his fingers. Running his hands back up through the back of her hair, suds from the conditioner seeping through the webs of his fingers and over the knuckles. "Rinse...," he said. Nikki slowly tilting her head back and dunking it in the water, closing her eyes as the water churned with his hands rinsing her hair thoroughly. Once done he reached beyond her and grasped the small bottle of lotion, squirting some on his hand and began to rub it in her back and shoulders. Gently his hands squeezed and rubbed, nice small circles; ever-widening with ease. She relaxed and felt the comfort of his hands massaging over the upper and middle parts of her back, rubbing into her shoulders. Gently squeezing the back of her neck and raking his nails down the bare curve outlines of her back. His hands traveling down beneath the water and than rising back up, rubbing his wet hands around on her back. Nikki shifted forward and turned around to face Spencer. "What are you doing," he asked. Nikki grinned, "I want to face you..." She turned and scooted closer. Sitting on her knees somewhat, she sat slightly just over Spencer's lap, placing her hands on both his shoulders and pushing him back against the tub and back wall. The candle's still flickering with light that seemed to dance on the walls of the bathroom. "No, your looking for trouble," he said with a grin. Nikki grinned and brushed back her wet hair from her eyes, "Now whatever gave you that idea?" "Well, besides the fact that your sitting on my lap naked with your boobs in my face and that grin, what more reason do I need," he asked with eyebrows raised.

Nikki smiled and slowly rocked her hips, leaning forward a bit. Her hot breath breathing on his face as her face drew closer to his, she could feel his hands running down her legs and back up, wrapping around the large muscle of both her thighs and squeezing them. Nikki clenched her teeth, quietly trying to control her breathing as she rocked back and forth on his lap, grinding forward and backwards, her hands pressing off his shoulders in a "pinning" manner, but more for support than control. His hands ran down and gripped her ass, firmly squeezing it with both hands. She let out a soft moan, feeling her pussy underwater give off a soft throb that permeated through her. Her hands ran up to his face and held his cheeks, feeling the facial features as she looked in his eyes; grinding her hips a bit faster. The water beginning to slosh and churn with her rocking hips, her breathing growing into a few soft sighs. Nikki leaned back, her body bending back with a slight arch in her back, her large breasts glistening with bath water that continued down her stomach, pelvic, waist, and pubic areas. Spencer looked down, seeing the nicely trimmed runway strip that barely hovered above the waterline. He breathed through his mouth as he looked at it, and than back up at Nikki. She grinned and licked her upper lip, grinning as she chewed on her bottom lip with an inviting smile as she arched back. Looking down at him while supporting herself with her hands on either sides of the tub, the soft flicker of candle light behind her that made out her features just barely. He slowly leaned in and kept eye contact, closing his eyes just as he kissed her groin muscle that flexed nicely, and lightly grazing his lips up over her pubic bone and down over her tiny runway strip. She softly let a breath escape past her clenched teeth as her head fell back, "Mmm baby..."

Spencer didn't use his hands, he extended his tongue and slowly ran the flat side of his tongue up the middle of her pussy. Lapping the lips that were wet from the bath water, slowly he lapped straight up. Letting his tongue curl at the end of his first lick to her eyes, giving her another slow lick. Nikki could feel her throbbing loins reacting as the pulse grew stronger and more ravenous. She began to feel her hips shiver to Spencer's every flick of the tongue, the slow drag of the flat side of his tongue felt amazing as it sent a immense warm chill up the middle of her the long it went. Often it chilled her, her thighs would quiver at the end where it'd reach her clit and flick off at the tip, oh my god! She began to rock, grinding on his tongue, urgent to feel it; as much as she could get. Her pelvis rocked up and down, grinding on his tongue, her breathing growing deep and heavy as she hissed through clenched teeth trying to keep her moans of ecstasy under control as best she could. Spencer's hands rose up from out of the water, and supported her lower back below. Holding her up over the water a bit, Nikki relaxed down on her elbows still looking down as she brought her legs up out of the water. Propping them up, standing on the ends of her toes as she laid back on her elbows with Spencer supporting her aloft the tub. The water dripping down each of her body's limbs. Spencer lapped once more slowly up, and than sucked her lips into his mouth forcing Nikki to gasp loudly, "Ahhhh... Oooh yeeeah..." Nikki's face grew tense and lush with desire as she kept eye contact with Spencer. He looked up, his mouth still busy down below. She couldn't see' what his tongue was doing, but ohh could she feel it! It swirled, flicked, the hard slurping of his lips sucking her dry making her stomach quiver every single time she felt it. Her legs began to quiver as she felt his tongue probing deep inside, swirling around on her pink folds, slowly he pulled on her lips gently as he slurped her long and good. The feeling making Nikki whimper softly, her back arching higher as she tried to press down on him, feeling her pussy growing hotter than the tub water below. "Baby! Baby take me to the bed, now! Now I can't take this anymore," she urgently said.

Squirming from her place over the tub, she got back in the tub sending some water over the floor. She kissed him intently and deeply, breathing heavily, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt his hands grip her around the back and hoist her up out of the water. Her eyes were closed but she felt his hands grip her ass and toss her up a bit, catching her at the same time she wrapped her legs around his back, hooking her ankles. She kissed him more heavier than ever before, breathing through her nose, exploring the roof and underside of his tongue with her tongue. Hearing the sound of the bathroom door opening and hitting the wall, the distant music now sounding like it was in the same room, and the sudden feeling of being dropped as her body hit the soft comfort of the bed. She let out an excited cry as she felt the soft mattress break her fall, Spencer standing over her at the foot of their bed. He reached up grabbing the comforter and quilts and began pulling them free off the bed to the floor. Crawling on the bare bed with her, Nikki got up on her knees and the two engaged in a deep intense kiss. Each one trying to feel one another's face, run their hands through the others hair, enjoying one another adequately from their skin, to hair, to smell. Nikki reached blindly below and searched for his semi-erect penis, finding it sticking slightly out below her with a nice size from the previous teasing. Breaking her kiss, she takes a huge breath of air into her lungs as Spencer continues to kiss her neck with his hands roaming her back and around the front of her to her left hip. His hand eased down and around to her sweet spot between her legs, massaging her clit that was still sensitive to his tongue action in the tub earlier. "Oh my god... Oh my god...," Nikki breathed as her head fell back, feeling her juices beginning to careen down her leg and all over Spencer's fingers. He proceeded to work them in nice light circles, massaging her clit and lips. Stirring the warm honey that lubricated his digits nicely and gave off that feminine sweet aroma in the air of the room. Nikki breathed harder, stroking his cock to life in great haste.

Nikki stroked, her wrist moving in a rapid circular motion as she worked up and down on Spencer's shaft. The feel of his fingers as they delve deep into her hungry cunt. The warm pool of chills rippled over her skin as she stroked as best she could, the feel of his hand beginning to clap against her mound, against her clit even; was making it a challenge though. Oh it was so good, she breathed and sighed. Her eyes struggled to stay open, but fluttered closed as she felt her body's chills overpower her. She looked up and Spencer as he gleamed with such an strong face, a face of the desire she longed for so long. His eyes staring down into hers, his features glistening from the tub water, his hand working rapidly below. Her eyes shifted to his hand, feeling the rapid impact of his bare palm against her mound as his two fingers continued to piston in and out, ever increasing in speed. He pulled them out and ran the warm wet fingers up and down her open slit, stopping at the top to rub her clit in a slow clockwise motion. Running them back down and inserting the two fingers again, curling them up and moving his hand up and down much more rapidly than before. The soft sticky slosh of her juices stirring, and his palm impacting her mound. She began to feel her legs quivering and shaking, the strong deep tingles growing from her stomach, and rippling down over her hips, her thighs, and the sensitive clit. She began to breath and whimper softly, "Oh yeah.. Oh yeah... yeah... yeah! Yeah! YEAH!! OH GOD YEAH!! YEAH!! AHH!!" Nikki's soft whimper soon grew into a thunderous scream of need, her vaginal muscles contracted, her juices began to slosh and flow with Spencer's every action. Nikki arched her back, running one hand up to grab his shoulder; while the other ran over her chest massaging each of her breasts. Once her orgasm came down, Nikki sat up quickly; half shaking from excitement and the climax and kissed Spencer deeply. While the two kissed, she slowly shifted around, exchanging places with him. Spencer scooted back and laid down with his head buried in the collective of pillows, looking down as Nikki slowly kissed and licked her way down his front. Tracing over his chest muscles lightly, and kissing down his slightly toned abs.

As she came down lower she was greeted with the warm heat radiating just below her chin from his now erect cock, fully swollen and protruding out to greet her almost. The pubic hair trimmed to a nice patch, the foreskin a soft fleshy pink with big veins running all around; above and below, along the shaft. She looked on it like a delicious meal she hadn't had in ages, her eyes transfixed and her mouth watering. She looked up at Spencer as she took it up in her slightly smaller hand that barely able to wrap its fingers around it. She extended her tongue and slowly ran it up the underside of the shaft from the scrotum to the underside of the head, letting the head drag off her tongue slowly. A wide pearly smile peeling across her face as she let the tip of her tongue flick off the end, making Spencer grit his teeth as he let out a soft moan. Than ever so slowly she took the length of him into her mouth. Sucking on his gently, letting him glide easily over her tongue and past her lips. She began to slowly bob her head, her left hand's fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft while her right hand ran up over his chest. She stopped and took a breath, throwing her hair to the far side of her head and swallowed him again, the soft slurps escaping her lips quietly. Spencer's hand slid down and grasped Nikki's hair up in a handful to hold it away from her face as she sped up her efforts.

She took his member deep down her throat and held her breath, her eyes slightly tearing up as she deep throated him for a short bit. Above she could hear his grunt of approval as his stomach tensed at the same time. And with a huge exhale, she let it exit her throat. Nikki caught her breath and stroked him off with quick circle-jerks. After a minute to breathe, she resumed her sucking. She tilted her head and flicked the head, swirling her tongue rapidly around. Than taking the length of his cock back into her mouth, she rapidly stroked and slurped with a steady rhythm, going slow at times; than speeding up when the time was right. Spencer grit his teeth each time, looking down and watching her, watching her moist lips wrapping around the shaft, watching the sight of her tongue gliding over the underside of his shaft. Spencer's other hand slid down and took up the other end of Nikki's hair, with both hands holding up her hair Nikki turned her head straight and began to rapidly bob up and down. Both hands on his hips, she took his cock straight down her throat in a great control and rhythm. The moist sound of it poking the back of her throat as she kept at it. "OHHH Yeaah," groaned Spencer as he closed his eyes tightly. Nikki dug her nails into his hips as she took his cock deep once more down her throat, holding it there and almost coughing. Holding it there for a minute, than releasing it, and coughing as she took a fresh breath into her lungs. Nikki sat up, breathing heavy with a slightly red face as well as some saliva dribbling off her bottom lip and down her chin. She crawled up to Spencer who sat up and pulled her in for a deep kiss, tasting the sweet fluids on her tongue. He didn't care, the warmth from the candles, the sound of the music playing a deep erotic song, the sweat he felt on his brow, it was perfect. He felt her breathing grow heavier as she crawled on his lap, but he rolled over and pushed her down in his place. Her breathing and kisses intense, and almost ravenous. Her hands swarming over his every muscle, sometimes scratching him and leaving a sting of pain that quickly faded.

Nikki was surprised suddenly as his hands quickly grabbed her hips and pushed her lower body up. Forcing her legs up into the air and Nikki; almost laying on her upper back and neck practically. Nikki moaned sharply as she felt Spencer's hands firmly push her back almost on her neck just about. Looking up, she felt his hands grab her legs and force them wide apart. Watching on as he held her legs apart with both hands on each of her thighs, and parted her moist folds wide apart as his face came into view from above. She bit her lip and watched him roll the flat side of his tongue out and run it up over her lips. "OH! Ooooh," she sighed as she grinned, watching his tongue begin to swirl and flick her clit. Her legs divided so wide apart, and being in the position she was it was hot! She squeezed her breasts tenderly as she watched Spencer just a bit up above continue to devour her sweet pussy. "Ohh my god, oh yeah! Oh Sp.. Spencer! Oh my god!" She breathed, feeling the familiar throb and chills from the tub begin to take their effect, her toes curling at the far ends high above his head... her legs twitched and struggled to flex forth but Spencer's strong hands held them firmly in place as he slurped hard on her clit. Nikki's head shifted on the bed's pillow her neck rested on, closing her eyes tightly. Her hands frequently interchanging between squeezing her breasts, to grabbing the bed sheets, to anything that she could think of in those moments that passed. She moaned and groaned through clenched teeth as she buried her head in the pillow it was resting on, her body bent back even further now by the arch of her back and Spencer's support as he held her almost up in the air off the bed aside from her laying on her neck. Nikki looked down and ground her hips, Spencer's hands letting go of her thighs now and taking up her legs. Wrapping his large arms around each of her legs, and holding each one to his shoulder, his hands interlocking across her waist an holding her in place as her legs began to shudder violently. Nikki's hands shot up and grabbed the sides of the pillow her head laid on, "OH FUCK!! OH MY GOD SPENCER!! OH MY GOD!! OH!!! OH!!! AAHHH YEAHHHH!! YES!!" She clawed the Pillow and her face tensed in a beautiful agony of release. Her every muscle let out a violent spasm as her convulsions exploded, erupting within as one intense climax after another expelled out across her body. Her body jolting and growing rigid, Spencer sat on his knees on the bed as he held Nikki's body tight. No longer on her neck, Nikki had arched her body so far her head probably could've almost touched her heels if she was flexible enough! Her hands shot out and searched to grab onto something, anything as she felt her senses overwhelmed with such intense chills. She could barely feel where it stopped as one seem to over-power the last... one...two... three... four... It seemed endless! Finally she felt her body; tingling and shaking, begin to come down from her orgasm. Quietly below she could hear the sound of Spencer groaning in approval as he slurped and lapped up every drop that she flooded into his mouth. She breathed and sighed, her voice hoarse from the cries she screamed in such a frenzy. Spencer climbed up next to her and was almost surprised by her sudden rush of a kiss, still showing for having more stamina despite having such a strong orgasm!

Nikki turned around, her body feeling like Jell-O through out her body. But she shifted around and spoke, "I need you, no more waiting... I can't wait anymore! Take me!" Spencer needed nothing else except that and took her by the face, her face breathing heavily into his. "I Love you... OH! How I Love you," he breathed inches from her lips and kissed her, heavily, deeply, rolling over once more nearly at the other half of the bed. Her grasped her wrists and ran pinned them on the bed, running his fingers through hers and grasping her hands tightly in his own as he kissed her tenderly, feeling her feet ride up his back and down over his bare ass. He took her left hand and put it with her right. Spencer's strong right hand holding both her hands at the wrist line as his free hand guided the tip to her folds. The warmth and wetness sleek, and inviting as it slipped it with immense slippery ease. A huge breath sharply exiting Nikki's lungs as she felt her hungry cunt instantly filled by his cock. His hand returning above and taking her hand in his. He looked down into her eyes, feeling her ankles hook around behind him, her hands clench tightly with his. He slowly rocked his hips as she grinded hers, and began to piston his hips steadily. Moving in a nice rhythm as his cock worked in and out. The moist juices seeping providing immense lubrication for him, and Nikki still ever so sensitive already began to moan softly even with his pace being at such a mild start. Her hands squeezed his tighter as his thrusting hips began to really impact hers really good, intensifying the stimulation in her pubic bone and making her shudder each time. Spencer slowed his pace, and took a nice slow speed. In and out his cock eased in and out, the slippery glide of Nikki's lips hugging down on his shaft. Nikki curled her lip, "Mmmm fuck..." Letting her head fall back again on the pillow with her eyes opening wide as she felt him pull it out and put it back in so deep, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god!!!" She breathed heavily through her open mouth, feeling Spencer speed up, holding a breath in his lungs as he pinned her hands above her. Her fingers clenching tightly into fists as her body began to shudder with every impact of his hips. Steadily his pace slowed as he let out a few soft grunts, Nikki breathed more easily now, but could still feel a deep pulsing sensation radiate all throughout her body from her pussy. Looking down and taking in the lush site of Spencer's fully erect cock gliding in and out past her lips. The shaft glistening with sticky fluids, and her pubic bone also sticky with juices. Looking up in his eyes she grit her teeth and ground her hips, trying to meet his thrusting hips. Grinding up to him, him grinding back evenly; the two enjoyed the feeling of chills emanating over each other's bodies. Spencer's hands slid down, releasing their hold on her wrists, running his fingers lightly down her arms, elbows, and to her large breasts. Cupping them both, he bent down and swirled his tongue around one nipple as his grinding turned into a rocking. Nikki sighed and ran her hands around his bare back gripping the back of his neck and than ran them down over his shoulders and along upper arms. Suddenly feeling his hands run lower and hook both her legs in his arms, pushing them down and pinning them. Adjusting his position over-top of Nikki, his weight keeping her legs pushed back, but not enough to make her feel at all uncomfortable. Nikki reached up behind her and gripped the bed board against the wall, looking down and watching as Spencer positioned himself at a slight downward angle, and began to rapidly drill deeply. The impact from every thrust from his hips made Nikki gasp and sigh, knocking the wind out of her and knocking the bed board against the wall. As the speed increased from Spencer's thrusting hips, so did the bed boards knocking. As the bed creaked and squeaked loudly beneath them, Nikki herself was giving away her own squeaks of sorts from her voice. Her vaginal muscles contracted and in a split second she felt Spencer hit a soft spot, a sweet spot, "Oh my god... oh god.. baby don't stop! Oh my gosh!! Oh yes!! Right THERE!! OH YES!! FUCK!! OH YEAH!!" She felt her hands pull and squeeze the bars of the bed board, her face tensed and she shifted it back and forth. Her hair thrashing wildly as she felt her climax come like a storm, hard and sudden; ripping her control from her body.

Spencer felt the squeeze from Nikki's vaginal muscles, his own climax faint; but definitely there. He slowed and took a quiet breath through curled lips, "Ooooh." He looked at Nikki; thrashing and squirming on the bed beneath him. Her face tense, looking a tint of red and a sheen of sweat that beaded all over her frame. Her skin across her belly, breasts, hair line, and brow sticky and sleek with a sultry mirror sheen as if she wore oil or lotion, oh she was so beautiful. He pulled out and put it back in, pulled out and put it back in. Every time making her legs quiver and her voice quiver as well as she moaned, despite her being in the throws of a climax; Spencer resumed his speed. Rapidly his hips impacted Nikki's, the scent of her sex thick in the air with the smell of the candles and their sweat. He grunted as he tilted his head back, a drop of sweat running down the ridge of his nose. Nikki opened her eyes, her body shaking still from her orgasm, "let... let me ride you...," she breathed in short shallow gasps. He slowed and rolled over, still deeply penetrated. Nikki shifted, finding her bearings to balance herself as she leaned back, Spencer laying down in her place; which he found to be quite damp from her sticky body. Nikki looked around as she got in position, the room was dimly lit still as some candles had burned down a bit, the stereo still playing the ominous erotic music ahead of their bed. The candles to the left and right sides making the heat seem closer than it was, but her eyes closed suddenly as she felt the intense chills starting to take over again. She looked down and ground her hips in a circular motion, rotating around with Spencer's cock buried deep inside. Her swollen clit poking out just over his scrotum in a beautiful view. After a bit of teasing, Spencer's hands guided her by the hips and began to rock her. Nikki leaned back on her hands, standing almost in a odd crab' walk way and began to ride up and down slowly. Cooing to the feeling of his cock easing in and out, going up inside her at the most excellent angle. She sped up, her soft riding became a gentle rocking, and finally to a bouncing. Her breaths were sharp and loud, each time she went up she took a fresh breath into her lungs, and as she came down let it out to feel her body tingle with stimulation. Spencer's hands gripped her hips, but Nikki wanted to have her fun with him now. She bounced up and down, leaning back, her damp hair falling across his chest, her head raising up only to look down at his cock going in and out at times. The visual always made her hot, and than she'd ride nice and slow... moving up and down to make him grunt as he'd struggle to hold back. Grinning as she'd let him slip out and than would guide him to her outer folds, tease him by grinding on his shaft and head. Than she'd put him back in, and push herself all the way down on him to try and get as much deep inside as she could. "OHHHH Yeahhh baby! Yeaaah that's nice," she teased as she ground on him, listening to him grunt and groan behind her. He gripped her tight and began to rapidly piston his hips, fucking her furiously from below, "OH YEAH!! YEAH FUCK!! OH!! AHH!! AWWW GOD!! YES!!!" Nikki screamed loudly to the ceiling as her head fell back, her thighs, breasts, and entire body violently shuddering from the rapid thrusting of Spencer. Spencer himself loudly began to moan and gave one last hard thrust that made Nikki almost fall, he held her tight for a second and gave another thrust hard. Nikki felt her thighs quivering, she wasn't sure how much more of this she could take but felt Spencer push forward, felt his hands urging her forward. "Move forward baby, move forward," he breathed.

Nikki got up and moved towards the bed's end, suddenly feeling Spencer turn her about and lay her down on the bed on her back once more. Her head hanging over the side, she opened her eyes and saw the other side of the bedroom up-side-down. She couldn't tell what was going on, suddenly felt him penetrate her hungry cunt again, "AH!" Her arms shot out both sides and clawed the ends of the mattress. She shut her eyes as she felt her body being almost lifted off the bed. His hands supporting her lower back, his hips rapidly thrusting with authority as he rapidly gave the last of what he probably had left. Spencer himself was barely managing as he was feeling his own climax coming fast. He grit his teeth and breathed heavier than ever before. Nikki grinned and tried not to laugh as she felt him rapidly fucking her so fast she thought she'd fall off the bed's end. Her hair hanging down on the floor, her head still hanging off the end of the bed with an up-side-down view of the room. She felt her body quivering again, "Oh baby I don't know how the fuck much more of this I can take; oh my god!!" Spencer grit his teeth, "Awe! I'm going to explode, fuck!"
Nikki's hands let go of the mattress, bringing them to her face as she felt her body growing cold inside, but hot on the outside. She squealed and gasped, her hands shooting away from her face and swatting loudly down on the bed. Spencer hoisted her up, Nikki's felt her weak body being lifted forward, her arms wrapped around Spencer's neck... her hips instantly beginning to buck to his thrusting. The two breathed heavily, moaning and feeling the great need for release as the candle light danced the orange glow around the. Nikki looked deeply into a hungry stare of Spencer. The two cried out together as they felt their climaxes ready to collide, "OH MY GOD!! CUM!! BABY!!" "NIKKI!! FUCK I'M GOING TO CUM!! CUM WITH ME!!" They held onto one another, and felt a huge explosion of immense feelings rip through them. They clenched each other, feeling one another's sweaty sticky frames shake and tense. Every muscle, every limb seem to be tense to every fiber and hair. Breathing heavily and shallow, they collapsed on the bed in one another's arms.


Nikki felt Spencer's hand running through her hair. She smiled at the warm comfort of them together, naked under the sheet's with the candles burning wick almost burnt out completely to leave them in darkness, "I love you Nikki." She looked up and smiled, "I love you too." And slowly the two kissed as the final candle went out. They slept, and Nikki woke to the morning with Spencer still there with her. With another surprise that the kids would be with his mom for the remainder of the weekend. That surprise and something far more worth while...

~The End~
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