::EROTICA:: Naughty, Nice, and Very Nice.
The cold outside was harsh on Raymond's hands. The snow was coming from the side but had broken up since he got of route 690. He gave the back door to his car a soft nudge with his knee as his hands were full. His briefcase and travel bag, along with a smaller bag containing Christmas gifts he'd purchased while out of town on business. He took a steady pace up the stone steps and along the walk to his front door. He looked up for a second to see the lights were off. "Perhaps she was in bed," he thought. It was past 1:00 AM. His flight didn't finally land until Midnight; slowed down from the snow storm they were getting. Then between getting his rental car and collecting his baggage at checking he'd lost more time than he planned. He stepped up on the stairs and grasped the door knob, when it suddenly opened and swung open. He looked up to see his wife, Tracy standing in the door. "Hi baby, glad your home," she said with a wide smile. Raymond shuffled his way forward. Tracy reached for the bag of gifts, "Here let me help." But Raymond pulled back, "Ah ah, nice try." He grinned, and she laughed as he held out his travel bag, and Tracy took it from his shoulder. As he came in he clicked his boots clean of snow, stomping and knocking the tips on the floor to make sure he had gotten it all. "I thought you were in bed by now, sorry if I made you wait. The flight took longer because of this weather." Tracy turned around, "Oh it's okay, I wasn't tired anyway. What do you think of the tree?" Raymond set the bag and briefcase down by the wall, slipped off his coat, and hung it on the hangar by the door. Tracy had told him over the phone she was doing the tree, but he wanted her to wait so he could help get a good size one. He turned and walked around the corner to the living area. The tree stood tall at maybe 6 ý ft. and was fully decorated with everything from bells, to bulbs, lights, ornaments, small Christmas dolls, and candy canes. Tinsel and beads also were stung around the tree, with a light lit star on top with 2 angels around the ends. It was a nice tree, fully, green, Raymond was pleased. "You did really good hun, I like it!" "I thought you'd like it, and I got something else for you."

Raymond turned, "What? A present?" Tracy smile was one of mischief, as she kept her robe wrapped around her snugly. Raymond cocked his head and gave her a grin of ponderous thought, but had a hint from the way she was holding the robe. "It's Christmas Eve though," Raymond said folding his arms across his wool sweater. Tracy smiled wider, "Well this is *your* gift to open on Christmas Eve." He grinned, "Oh and what gift you going to open then?" She swiveled her hips as she walked to him and wrapped her arms around his back, Raymond's arms unfolding and wrapping around her back in return. Tracy's hands snaked down underneath the top of his jeans and the band of his Boxers. "Oh I'll open what I want soon enough." His eyes shut and he shook his head as he turned with her. Tracy walking forward guiding him to the love seat against the wall, pushing him gently down. "You and your surprises," he said smiling and looking up at her. She bent down and gave him a soft kiss, speaking in between kisses, "Now you know... I enjoy my surprises... and I know you enjoy them too..." Raymond managed a muffled "mmhmmm" from her repeated kissing. She then stepped back and walked across the room to the small stereo on top of their TV stand. She turned it on and it was a soft erotic like tune. Raymond learned that if it was one thing Tracy loved doing was using Limewire to download Music, particularly the kind that sound very erotic and could definitely set the mood for a "stimulating night". With the stereo playing, she pulled the curtains over more to insure no one could see inside their living area. The tree itself cast it's glow of Christmas lights across the room's walls giving just enough light for Raymond to make out Tracy's features. She turned and stood in the middle of the room undoing her silk robe tie. Her eyes watching him. Raymond himself relaxed his body and took a breath, he smiled and looked at her hands. Watching them untie the robe and open up. Tracy let it fall from her shoulders, and shut her eyes as she tilt her head back as she drew a breath in. Raymond himself let out a sigh as he saw his "Christmas present". Tracy had apparently gone to a Lingerie shop while he was gone. She stood before him in a Red Satin 2 piece garter set. The cups of the bra held in her firm D cups. When she moved the bra's fabric glimmered in the tree's lights from the tree. The bottom piece was a lush red satin Tee-Thong. The red fabric fitted her snugly and the string like band stood out nicely along her slender hips. Raymond's eye than took in a 3rd piece that Raymond had almost not noticed at the last second. It was the white stockings that were on her legs. The thin white fabric was see thru, very sexy as it clung to her legs ending just at the thighs. She grinned and ran her hands up her sides, swiveling her hips to further tease his gaze. She turned around seductively and gave a view of her narrow, but firm ass. Raymond made out a deep red upside triangle, her slightly tan ass cheeks and long legs were also tan. Raymond found his voice again, "You went to the tanning salon again didn't you?" Tracy threw her brunette hair looking over her shoulder, "Well, didn't want to do this present half-assed." Tracy pivoted her body slightly and bent over, running her hand down the length of her slender leg. Raymond could feel his excitement growing from her teasing as he let out another deep breath, "You're terrible." Tracy giggled and walked to the stereo, stopped it, and grabbing up something else, "I know... but you like it." She grinned turning around and putting a Christmas hat on, the red and white like cap fit her scalp nicely. She slowly walked over to him, "The hat came with the set... a nice Holiday Package worthy for us don't you think?" Raymond just gritted his teeth as he hummed another "mmhmm" from his closed lips. Tracy crawled on top of his lap, her legs dividing apart as she sat on his lap. Raymond's head tilted back as she traced her fingernails along his 5'o clock shadow of a beard, her face inches from his with that same devious grin. She looked him in the eyes for a good 5 seconds as she felt his hands run around her back and squeeze her ass, and then delivered a slow deep kiss. The two engaged in that kiss for a few minutes, their tongues swirled and flicked. Their eyes closed as they felt themselves get lost, enjoying the moment of both silence and being together. Raymond ran his back up from her body. His right hand up through her brunette hair gently while his left ran across the right side of her face. Tracy had her hands entangled in his dark hair, taking a second or two to run one digit down his face. She could feel his intensity growing as the kisses became more deeper, more quick, leaving her short of breath at times. Raymond breathed in the dark, "Shouldn't we go to bed?" Tracy kissed him, giving her answer obviously. He returned with a kiss of his own, feeling her fingers undoing the buttons to his denim shirt one by one. His own hands inched for her bra strap, but she stopped him by pinning his forearms to the love seats cushions, "Uh uh... can't open it yet." Raymond gave out a groan and dropped his head back, she moved in with a wide grin and gave a teasing kiss on his throat. Extending her tongue and tracing downward giving him another kiss before resuming un-buttoning his shirt. Once un-done, she helped him lean forward as he peeled it off and tossed it to the side arm. They kissed again, her Santa hat still on her head. She certainly did do the "Santa's Helper" very well; which suddenly sparked an idea in Raymond's mind. He would have to be quick about it though, if he was fast enough he could probably get it over on her.

Then with a quick move he did it, Tracy cried out with laughing and squeals as she felt herself shifted and turned over. Raymond's quickness and strength surprised her while she was kissing him. Now, he had her across his lap with her round little tight ass bare and exposed. Raymond ran his hand over the bare skin of her ass and grinned as she struggled slightly, but his strong forearm was holding down along up the middle of her back and his hands had a firm grip on her wrists down by her lower back. With her hands and arms pinned down from behind she couldn't really get any bearing to get free, and her legs were kicking slightly but she was not one to kick wildly. He kept running his hand over her ass, and even at times along the back of her thighs to get a feel of the lace like stockings. The panties themselves were indeed a silk like satin, smooth and very comfortable feeling. He looked up to see Tracy was shifting her head to find his face. "Don't you dare," she exclaimed with a slight laugh still in her voice. Raymond stifled a laugh, "Don't I dare what?" Tracy said again, "You know DAMN well what." Raymond grinned and kept squeezing and running his palm around on her ass, suddenly tempted by the given position she was in. "What, you mean this," he asked as he raised his hand and brought it down, swatting Tracy's ass. Tracy cried out; in both surprise and shock, and gave into laughter as she kicked frantically. Raymond smiled and gave his wife a few good more swats, his hand leaving a slight red palm mark with each gentle swat. She laughed and cried out for him to stop, and so he did, letting go of her hands and allowing for her to sit up. Her mouth was wide with a smile, but gaped at his trick. Her red lips outlined her wide smile as she sat back in his lap. "You cheeky little creep," she scolded. "Hey I thought it was pretty fun," he grinned looking at her. "You would, considering you get away with it," she grinned. He gripped her ass firmly in both hands and turned her over, switching places, "Would you like me to make it up to you?" She grinned, "Oh and how you plan to do that hmm?" She ran her hand through his hair and gave a gentle push downward. His head gave slight nod of sorts, "I'll think of something." With that said he moved downward, giving her stomach a soft kiss. His hands gripping each of her legs and pushing them up and apart. She smiled and looked down, watching his lips plant soft kisses along her belly and waist line. His hands running down her legs, feeling over the lacey material of the stockings. Tracy bit her thumbnail as she felt his kissing along her inner thighs, the tip of his tongue tracing lightly along the lace and soon over the surface of her skin just below her groin muscle along her right inner thigh. Her legs still spread-eagle as he proceeded to give several light kisses and licks. Moving ever so slowly, his hands running closer inward, rubbing her thighs. Tracy could feel her loins giving way. She ran her hands through Raymond's hair, feeling his tongue flicking over the groin and shortly thereafter feeling his breath on her pubic bone. She reached down and took her left leg in her hand, pulling it high up and all the way back against her shoulder. She looked down and grinned as Raymond ran his fingers up over the crotch of her thong. Stroking them gently, up and down... up and down. Tracy shut her eyes and chewed her lip as she felt the warm tingle from his touch. It was faint, but definitely there. The silky material also did little to hide how excited she was getting. Raymond's finger began to feel the accumulating wet spot from rubbing. Her hips quivered and her grin was often fading and coming back again. "Let me get these off," she said as she leaned forward bringing her leg down. Raymond helped her up, "Turn around for me." Tracy turned and felt his hands run up her legs and over her hips. The firm pressure of his hands squeezing her ass suddenly made her give out a quiet moan. Tracy could feel his thumbs running over the thong's material and his fingernails giving the sides of her cheeks a gentle rake like scratching. Hooking the waist bands of her thong, he peeled them down slowly. Tracy only stood there, enjoying the passing seconds of that moment. She stepped out of the thong and kicked it to side, and feeling Raymond's hands groping her ass again. Squeezing up handfuls of flesh and gently caressing it with kisses. Tracy turned, wanting his kissing elsewhere, wanting his tongue elsewhere. She sat down on the cushion of the love seat and looked down at her runway strip of pubic hair running to the folds of her pussy. Raymond could smell the sweet aroma of her. He pushed her legs high up and apart again, Tracy taking her left leg once again up to her shoulder with her hand. Raymond pulled her slightly downward her mound inches from his face as he breathed in her scent. Tracy bit her lip again, feeling her mound admit a soft throb from the silent, but intense moment. "Very nice, " Raymond breathed as he moved in ready to taste her, but then moving to the left giving the outer folds of her lips a gentle flick of his tongue.

Tracy felt a warming sensation shoot up her pelvic bone. Her breath escaped her lungs as she let out a quiet sigh herself. The Christmas lights from the tree flashing a flow of color across the room, and across the outline of Raymond's shirtless figure knelt down in front of her teasing her pussy with his tongue flicks. It was too dark to clearly make out where he was going to lick, leaving much surprise factor to the excitement for Tracy as she felt his tongue and lips touch her in several places, all the right places for that matter. Then she felt the warm feeling as his mouth cupped over her pussy, she let out a sharp gasping breath, "Ooooh, Ray... Raymo..." She was incapable to finish her sentence as she felt him go to a steady pace of probing deeply with his tongue. Raymond's hand held her right leg wide apart, while his left spread her lips. His tongue flicked and tickled the inner folds of her lips, and often flicked over her clit. Taking brief moments to slurp the wetness dripping from her and drinking it down, sucking on her lips to insure he never missed a drop. Tracy was tingling from her thighs up, feeling the warm tingles growing from her pubic bone and spreading outward across the rest of her body and limbs. Every second she felt Raymond grazing on her lips, or flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue was warm chill that seemed to ripple out over her every inch of her flesh. She brought her free hand down and ran it through his hair, her breaths short and gasping. She let free a few sighs, whimpers, and soft moans. She was not one to be loud unless she truly wanted to be in the right mood. Her groin muscles flexed with the feeling of Raymond's tongue suddenly probing very deeply, it always drove her up a wall and sent her into spasms when she was close to Cumming. She groaned aloud finally and threw her head back, "OH! Oh god baby... not yet... oh that was good, but not yet... I don't want to cum just yet hun." Raymond slowed his action, taking his time so Tracy could enjoy the sensations. Raymond often found when she did; or for that matter when he did take his time, that when Tracy climaxed she climaxed extremely hard. Her body would spasm and shake, shuddering and thrashing. Often from such climaxes she'd lose feeling in her limbs, or need for Raymond to hold her down so to NOT have her lose balance or fall off the bed. He sucked his index and middle finger, running them up and down on her lips while his other hand let go of Tracy's leg and applied pressure on her pubic bone. She grinned and rested her leg across his shoulders, she loved what he was about to do. Often it always left her body in shaking state, but it was so fucking good! She felt his finger penetrate inside, filling her box up tightly. Raymond curled his fingers upward and stood up, looking at Tracy's face. Some strands of her brunette hair in her eyes but a desirable look was on her face. He began to piston his fingers, moving in; but also up and down. His remaining hand palmed to her mound, with his remaining fingers extended. His motion soon grew more aggressive and fast. Raymond's fingers still curled upward inside Tracy, and Tracy felt it suddenly beginning. The warmth spread out, and with then shoot out over her. Ripple after ripple, it passed over her. Her breathing became soft moans, her moans became loud whimpers, the sound of her juices stirring from Raymond's hand triggered it. It was such a hot sound and the moments seemed to stop, Raymond's hand pressed down on his wife as she thrashed about on the love seat. Her body shaking wildly and shivering as her legs rose up and fell, her pelvis rose and fell, her body shifted and squirmed. Her whole body ravaged by a strong long lasting G-spot orgasm. Her pussy was dripping, as Raymond pulled his fingers out before her approaching orgasm her vaginal walls contracted several times in the climax. She breathed and gasped, sharply giving away her whimpers and sighs, " Ohhh my god... fuck... mmmm!" She tried to get her body relaxed, Raymond rubbing her twitching thighs. She sat forward still slightly weak but eager to return the favor, "Stand up baby, time for my present." Tracy helped him to his feet, and began to undo his belt and jeans with shaking hands.

Raymond stood still as his wife anxiously undid his fly and belt. Peeling them down to his knees, she looked at the large outline of his boxers hiding the hint of an erection. Tracy looked up with a mischievous grin as she ran her palm over the underside of it. Feeling it through his boxers, she wrapped her delicate fingers around it. The cloth of his boxers coiling around it in her hands as she rubbed and squeezed it to a solid 8 inches in length. Raymond himself had to grit his teeth with closed lips. Tracy threw here brunette hair again over her shoulder before moving in and giving the head a small tickle with the tip of her tongue. She looked up and took it gently between her lips, running her teeth along the cloth. Letting it go; Tracy looked up, "Is that my present?" Raymond only murmured a soft ,"Mhmm." He looked down at her as she grinned back, pulling down the elastic band on the boxers. Out popped his member, she grinned as she looked up at his gaze. Tracy's lips brushing across the head with a seductive look in her eyes. "This is the only thing better than a Candy Cane," she hissed. Tracy's tongue than snaked out and ran along the underside of the head, her left hand taking the shaft up to raise it upward at an arc. She ran her tongue along the underside giving the shaft a thorough lather with the flat side of her tongue up to the underside of the head; where she stopped and ran the underside of her tongue back down it to the scrotum. She brushed her lips along the sides, grazing and kissing all the way to the tip again. She looked up and paused, staring him intently in the eyes before swallowing his cock with a quick consumption. She let out a low moan, her throat vibrating as she bobbed her head up and down on Raymond's hard member. Raymond himself held his jaw clenched tightly as he tried to not let on to her. He loved it when she tried to get him to give in easy, often it was almost like a competition to them in ways. "See who could get under one another's skin first." He looked down and watched with a hint of sweat developing on his brow. Tracy sat just at the edge of the Love Seat below, her hands running up and down his toned legs. He could hardly see her, but he didn't need a visual idea from what she was doing. Her lips and warm wetness of her mouth were was intensely good,. Tracy swirled her tongue around on the head time to time, and often at times ran it along the shaft itself when she took it from her mouth. Tracy looked up at him, certain he could see her as she swirled her tongue around the head. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft, squeezing and stroking it at times. Tracy always enjoyed going down on Raymond, she felt it was a pin-point unique quality that turned her on most about him because she loved to drive him up a wall. When she was young, she wanted to give a blow job so good that she'd hoped that one of her partner's knees would buckle. That thought entered her mind and possessed her sex drive in an instant. Tracy smiled and brought her other hand up, wrapping both her hands around Raymond's cock. She began to give his cock a slow, but very hard jerking. Her right hand on top of the left, both of them began to stroke in a twisting like motion. The thick lather of saliva, and combined friction of Tracy's hands working his hard cock was starting to effect Raymond.

Raymond himself was trying to his best to keep a firm grasp of his senses and body. But Tracy was making that very difficult. His hands frequently presided on his hips and on his lower back. Then when she began her dual-hand job. He almost thought he'd cum. "Mmmmm baby... yessssss," she hissed in the gloominess of the room. He shut his eyes and looked up at the ceiling, trying to visualize something, anything to aid in his self-control. Tracy sped up, her hands now moving in a fast rhythm up and down, abandoning the "screw" like motion of her wrists. Ray almost thought he would cum, but Tracy slowed her pace abruptly. Her palms massaging his balls while the other hand ran the palm up along the shaft and over the head. Tracy grinned as she knew she could've brought him off, but she wanted to get the most out of him first. She would give him a moment to relax and let his "present" calm down. The head and shaft were a slight red, and slick from her mouth. She wanted to give him just a little bit more for good measure though. "Mmmm I love my present baby," she said with a seductive haste to her voice. Taking Raymond's cock up again and running it across her lips, extending her tongue to run the tip of it across the swollen surface skin of his head. "Aw, Fuck Trace, Jesus," Raymond breathed. "Ha ha, mmm yeah baby I know. I know that feels good, doesn't it? Just wait baby, just wait," she hissed. Tracy then did something greater to surprise him, she gathered her saliva and spat it on his cock. Then with a lustful appetite, she took his cock back in her mouth and began to suck him off again. "Oh fuck," Raymond groaned as he brought a hand to run through her brunette hair. He knocked her Santa Hat off accidentally as he was blindingly searching for the scalp of her hair. He grasped it in a handful, holding it aloft away from her face allowing her to work his rod even easier. She slurped and swallowed, finally making the move to deep throat his 8 inches. She felt it in the instant as it filled her mouth, and most of her throat. The feeling hit Raymond like a shot, causing him to suddenly almost double over and grip Tracy's head gently with tense fingers. "HOH! HO, Holy Shit," he growled as he felt Tracy come up for air for a second before resuming to sucking him off. Tirelessly slurping and bobbing as her lips worked his shaft, and her tongue swirled around on the head. Her hands held him by the hips as her head slowed down, twisting with each slow movement up and down. His cock sliding in and out between her lips, back and forth across her tongue. Her eyes looking up with intent desire for him, her hand's touch so gentle, wanting him. He grunted and stopped her, taking her face gently by the jaw and kissing her. His tongue swirling with hers, her teeth tugging on his bottom lip and at times his top. The two engaged in a deep breathless kiss. Tracy standing up with the strong hold of Raymond's hands on her shoulders, they slid back over her shoulder blades and searched for the clasp to her bra. He found it and fumbled with it, after a 4 second lapse of finger fiddling with it he finally felt the band un-clasp and fall loose, leaving Tracy fully nude with the exception of her Thigh Highs. Raymond broke his kiss, the breathless sighs and breathing of Tracy's voice in his ear as he looked down at her gorgeous D' sized breasts. The nipples were fully erect and areolas were showing a nice dark color from her tan. Raymond's hands cupped them both and massaged them, his ears still taking in the sounds of his wife's breathless voice. The sighs were louder, and her breathing was much rapid now. He brought her left breast to his mouth and sucked it in greedily into his mouth. His eyes closed, he could feel her hands swarm his head. Her right hand running through his hair again, while her left ran along his face with a gentle touch. He sucked hard on the areola, and flicked the erect nipple with his tongue. The hard sucking forced a soft cry from Tracy, "Ah! Mmm yes, Yes! Yes baby, just like that."

Raymond shook his head from left to right as he slurped it loudly between his lips, giving the nipple a soft tug with his teeth before letting it go from his mouth. His firm grip on it was gentle, but applied just enough pressure to give Tracy a muscle tingling chill. He ran his other hand over the other breast and gave it also a soft squeeze like massage, finally crushing them both together as he gave Tracy another deep passionate kiss to quite her intensifying moans. "I want you... I want my present baby... now," Tracy breathed with a short breath. Her lips barely an inch from Raymond's. He was close enough, just enough to see the lustful appeal on her face. The heat coming off on her was enough to warm his blood if they were outside in the snow. He felt her hands stroke his still hard cock. He grasped her by the elbow and spun her around, pushing her over the arm of the love seat slightly. Tracy herself leaned down, arching her back down and her ass upward. She brought her right leg up on the arm with her. Raymond again looked at the white thigh highs seeing they were the only things she had on now. It made her look that much more sexy looking. Tracy looked back at him seeing only his silhouette in front of the brightly lit Christmas tree that stood behind him. He looked down at the nicely swollen lips of her pussy, glistening in her wetness. He ran his hand across her ass and took his cock in his other hand. He ran it up and down on her lips, teasing her slightly. The tease forced from her a whimpering plea, "Ooooh god... good baby, please, please, please, please, please put it in... please!" He grinned evilly and slowly penetrated. Feeling the tip pass her lips, and enter her ever so slowly. Tracy let out a long relieved like moan, feeling the intense feeling of being filled up. Her vaginal muscles gave a slight squeeze. Raymond grit his teeth and rested a hand on Tracy's back, and his opposing hand grasping the round curve of her hip. He slowly began to thrust, rocking her hips and ass back to meet his thrusting hips. Tracy looking back over her shoulder to watch him or look to the side where she'd shut her eyes and rock her body back to him. The soft motion began to grow more intense as the couple's rhythm intensified on the Love Seat. The room felt exceedingly hot as the two kept their pace. Tracy's brunette hair was slightly damp, her forehead and breasts showed a nice sheet of sweat accumulating on her flesh. She sighed and breathed heavily as she rocked backwards toward Raymond's thrusting hips, his face a tint of red with his arms slightly damp with sweat as well. Tracy looked over her shoulder as her moans became more louder. Her eyes fluttered and her hands began to claw the clothed arm of the love seat as she felt her vaginal walls squeezing on Raymond's cock, Raymond slowed down. In and out, Raymond moved his hips at a slow pace. The two caught their breath and quietly enjoyed the warm tingles expel out over their muscles inside and out. The warm tingles were deep and vibrant to Tracy as she moved her ass in circles on Raymond's hips, Raymond himself stopping to let his wife indulge herself with his tool. "Ooooh yeah baby, yes. Yes like that, grinding on that cock, yeah," she softly breathed. Raymond stopped her and gripped her lower back, and let loose a burst of stamina as he slammed his hips rapidly into Tracy's. His hands bringing Tracy back towards him with equal hard force. The sudden intense flow of rapid fucking shot up through Tracy, her cries and satisfied squeals were sharp and high. Her grip on the arm was clawing again as she was trying to hold on to reality by some measure, and also just hold on period. She shut her eyes and felt her head fall down on the arm of the Love Seat. The hard hitting and wonderful feeling was endless, and overwhelming. She could feel ever sharp bolt of chills shoot through her, and the additional force from Raymond's hips slamming into her pelvic bone made it even greater. "OH! GOD!! AHH! AHH! HA! HA! HAA RAY!! OH GOD!! MMM," Tracy cried out. Raymond's face was tense and red as he slowed down, wanting to make it last. He ran his right hand up and gripped Tracy's left shoulder with soothing intent, and Tracy's whole body practically shuddered. Tracy let out a sharp breath, "Oooooh my god! God baby, don't stop... please, please fuck me."

Raymond pulled out and sat down, "You want you present baby, go ahead and do whatever you want with it." Tracy grinned, raising a hand up to wipe the sweat from her forehead.

Tracy smiled and sat down steadily, guiding the tip of Raymond's cock to her swollen lips. She felt it ease in with little effort, and the familiar warming tingle ripple out over her features. Tracy relaxed, taking a few moments to enjoy the rippling sensation of the tingles flow away. She ran her legs along her inner thighs, over up her stomach, then up and over her chest. Cupping her breasts with her slender hands, she ran her fingers over the erect nipples, rolling them between her thumbs and index fingers. Raymond was burying the back of his head into the backrest of the love seat. His body slumping in the seat as he breathed quietly, giving way to a quiet deep breath as he felt the full length of his 8 inches enter almost completely. He ran his hands up her ass and lightly raked his finger nails along her lower back as he brought them around the sides to Tracy's hips. She grinned chewing on her bottom lip as she felt his hands begin to motion her hips, pulling them back and pushing them forward. Tracy slowly moved her hips, grinding slowly, feeling the length of Raymond's cock inside her. Raymond extended his legs out slightly, Tracy supporting herself and began a steady bouncing motion. She grinned and felt the ripples start again, growing stronger with each bounce on Raymond's cock. Tracy closed her eyes and could see the Christmas Tree's glow of lights giving a colorful illumination of the Living Room through her eyelids. The steady rhythm of her bouncing intensified as her breathing grew more rapid. Her loins feeling the tingling chills from the feeling of Raymond's hard cock. Raymond's hands had not left Tracy's hips, they still held they're placement as he watched below seeing the silhouette of his cock piston in and out of his wife's pussy. She slowed to catch her breath, "Ohhh god baby... oh god." Raymond reached up and took her by her sides. Leaning her back to him Tracy eased back, bringing her legs up on the edge of the love seat. Tracy reached and placed a hand on the back end of the love seats back rest for support, while her Husband held her by the hips. Raymond grit his teeth as he felt Tracy's hips circle, rotate on him. She let out a soft giggle of mischievous nature. Raymond then slowly eased her down again, his cock going deep again and forcing a soft "Ooooh" from Tracy's lips. Tracy herself at this point placed her other hand on the back of the love seat for support. With her legs spread wide and her feet on the ends of the love seat. She now eased back on top of her husband practically, facing away and looking down at his hard cock going deeply inside her cunt, bringing her up and down on his long 8 inches at a deep, but an agonizing slow pace. She looked down and could make out the outline of his shaft as it eased in and out. She then heard his breathing and threw her head back letting loose a breath of her own. In that instant Raymond's rhythm quickened, and he began to bounce Tracy on his cock harder. His hands bringing her down on his rod harder and faster, Tracy was beginning to feel it building. "Mmm ah yes baby," she breathed. Raymond moved his hips now, joining in the rhythm. Raymond would move his hips up to meet the bounces from Tracy, and Tracy would shudder from the force of Raymond meeting her bouncing with each of his thrusts from his solid hips.

Her hands gripped the back of the love seat as she felt the chills ripple out along her thighs, expelling outward across her flesh and limbs. The tingling warmth was growing, her throbbing pussy taking Raymond's cock as it slammed upward with each bounce from her downward. "AHHHH!! AHHH!! AHHH!! FUCK!! FU... FUCK!! RAY!! RAY!! OH, GOD!! OH, GOD!! AHHH," Tracy breathed. Her head tilted back and her brunette hair falling loosely. Raymond's face was tensed as he tried to hold back as his wife furiously now bounced on him. His grip strong and tight on her hips, Tracy's face contorted in pleasure she felt from Raymond's cock. The Living Room was now filled with the sounds of the creaking love seat, the sound of flesh meeting flesh, and their rapid breathing. The hot pulse like throbbing of her clit was driving Tracy up a wall, she looked to her left to see Raymond looking up at her. His lustful hungry stare meeting hers, she loved it when he had that look, god it made her hot. She slowed and moved up and down, cooing to the steady ease of his cock in and out. "Nice and Slow... Nice and Slow... That's it baby... Nice and Slow," Raymond breathed. Tracy looked down and watched her pussy take in his shaft, then ease out. Each time it slowly went all the way in and then came almost all the way out sent a shiver up Tracy's legs. Then Raymond took it out and ran it over her lips, running it back and forth over the folds as she ground her hips to it. "Oh put it in, please! Please baby," she breathed, not wanting to be teased. Raymond grinned and slapped it on her clit, forcing a gasp from Tracy's throat. He slapped it again, the head connecting with the swollen clit this time. "OH!! Oh fuck, put it in! Put it in NOW!! Please," she pleaded tilting her head back as her whisper grew to a demanding plea.

But Raymond tossed her to the side with ease, she looked up with a hungry look. Raymond could see her face now as the Christmas Tree's lights lit it's bright clear lights, illuminating her seductive features. Her face was sweaty and her hair matted to her forehead in damp strands. Her belly, her breasts, her thighs were glistening with a sheet of sweat. She looked as if she had oil on her body she was so beautiful. Tracy moved back and positioned herself against the arm of the love seat, she held the back of the love seat to her right while she held the arm of the love seat to her left. Raymond moving in, grasping Tracy's right leg and bringing it high up. His hand running along the silky material of the White Thigh Highs, feeling the final piece of seductive material on her. He brought her foot to his mouth and sucked on her silk woven covered toes. Tracy grinned and bit her bottom lip as she enjoyed the wonderful tongue swirling around her toes. She looked up into the eyes of Raymond and with her opposite foot began to run it up and down the length of his still solid hard cock. Raymond released her foot and moved in, taking her leg in his arm and holding it to his left shoulder. Tracy looked down and outstretched her left leg so to give Raymond room ,"Oh, Yeah baby... stick it in." She watched as he guided the head of his cock to her lips and ran it up and down. Then with one quick motion, slipped it right inside and penetrated her tight pussy again. The depth and speed of his penetration took away Tracy's breath as she was surprised by the quick "filling" of his long 8 inches. Even more, instead of a steady rhythm build up, Raymond began immediately with a hard fast pace of thrusting. Again and again, Ray held Tracy's leg to his shoulder and her other leg out stretched as he slammed his hips into her. Tracy gripped the arm of the love seat as she felt her body being pushed back from each of Raymond's strong thrusts, making the force that much better as she whimpered. And at times Raymond himself would aid in the force of his fucking by placing his left hand down on Tracy's pubic bone; where he would thrust for a period even harder to give her shakes so bad Tracy would begin to moan even louder. "OH MY GOD!! OOOOH!! OOOH FUCK!! OH GOD!!! AHHHH!!! RAYMOND," cried out Tracy with a short breath of a mix of moans and whimpers. She looked down and watched that hard cock slam her. In and out, every time coated in a glistening lather of her pussy juice. Oh it was too much, she felt her vaginal muscles contracting as a climax came over her body. Raymond didn't slow however, his pace was fast and hard. Tracy's body tensed, and she clawed the love seat as her orgasm exploded from within. Raymond's face contorted, his eyes squeezed shut, and his teeth clenched as he felt the effect from her. Her pussy squeezing his cock tightly, forcing him to slow his pace unexpectedly. In that second, Tracy let loose a high moan of pleasure. A loud long moan as she thrashed about on the couch. Her back arching so high up off the cushion it was almost parallel with Raymond's chest.

Raymond let Tracy's leg fall from her shoulder, and his arms grasped Tracy underneath her back. Tracy brought her hands up over her head and held onto the love seat's arm again. Raymond's pace again sped up, his back feeling the ache of all his thrusting but it was nothing compared to the heat he felt engulfed around his cock. Tracy felt his hips slamming her again, hard and fast. Her eyes shut as she felt herself being bounced on his cock, felt her body being lifted off the seat of the love seat, she felt herself then being moved. Raymond picked up his wife, Tracy sitting forward and wrapping her shaking arms around her man's neck as he carried her somewhere. She then felt herself come to rest, soft, rough but furry. The carpet, the glow of the Christmas Tree just off to her left. She opened her eyes to see her sweaty exhausted man resting her on the carpet in front of the love seat. He moved back while still on his knees, grasping a pillow on the end and bringing it down. He reached down and picked her head up, placed the pillow on the carpet, and then rested her head on top of it. Her grin taking shape again as she let out a breath. Still feeling the almost skin crawling remnants of the orgasm earlier, she swore it had to be multiple. But before she could think of it she saw Raymond move in, pushing her legs back and moving down between her legs. He held each of her firm thighs in his hands, looking at the swollen folds and clit. Looking up at her eyes as she bit her bottom lip again, running one hand through her hair and another down between her breasts and over her belly. Bringing her fingers down to her pubic bone and spreading her lips, giving her clit a tease with her fingers just a few inches from his face ,"Oh yessss, yes baby... see me teasing that fucking clit... see what you did to it, you know I love it... you know I lov..." But before Tracy could finish her seductive taunt of words she felt her Husband run the flat side of his long tongue over her pussy, before sucking her clit into his mouth. "AH! OH GOD!!! OH GO, OH FUCK YEAH," she exclaimed as her thighs quivered to his slurping. Once Raymond had quenched his thirst he crawled back over top of her, pushing back her legs and pinning them back. His large rough hands applying a firm pressure on the thighs as he held them down and spread them wide apart in a perfect arc in front of him. Tracy's arms were over her head, gripping the pillow and holding it to her head, her eyes looking up at his eyes, and shifting down to watch his cock tease her clit. She looked up, mouthing, whispering teases to him. "I want my hat... give me my hat baby," asked Tracy. Raymond turned and in a second turned with the Christmas cap in his hand. "Put it on," she exclaimed with a wide grin. Raymond gave a sheepish look and without protest, put the cap on. It drooped to his shoulder and he looked at it out of the corner of his eye. He then took it off, "Here, looks hotter on you anyway." Tracy gave out a laugh and dropped her head back. Raymond placed the hat just at the top of her head as she brought her head back up, seeing it would probably not stay on.

Once they had their fun with the hat, Raymond again pushed Tracy's solid slender legs back towards her and wide apart. Running his solid member up and down on her lips and then easing it in. Tracy let out a low groan as she again felt him go deep. She looked up at him and curled her arms over her head, gripping the pillow on her as she felt him. Closing her eyes she gritted her teeth, whispering to Raymond, trying to see how much could he take. Raymond's hands firmly pinned and held her legs apart, his hips going effortlessly as his pace grew. "Mmmmm yes baby, yes give me my present, give me that sweet present. Fucking love it when you give me it, give me that cock Ray... give it to me," she quietly said through clenched teeth. Tracy felt his stamina growing, reaching it's peak of force and speed as he was again fucking her with a hard and fast flow. Her breasts shook, and her ass gritted against the carpet from the force of his hips slamming her. She could feel then another climax coming on, "Oh my... Oh ray, your going to make me cum again baby!" Tracy clawed the pillow, her Santa hat falling freely from her head as she was getting fucked so hard again. "Awww fuck, awww Tracy," growled Raymond as his grip on her thighs released and instead pressed against the floor as he leaned over top of her. Tracy's legs were still pinned by his large arms, but she felt his hips now slamming down into her. His cock now drilling her wet cunt endlessly, so hard, so deep!! Tracy released her hold on the pillow and her hands shot up, wrapping around his neck and head. Raymond moaned as he tried to hold back, Tracy's face tensed as she felt it come over her again for a final time tonight on Christmas Eve. "OH FUCK!! OH RAYMOND FUCK ME!! OH FUCK ME HARDER," Tracy cried out clawing his back. Tracy stared hard into his face, into his eyes as he leaned over top of her. Her hands holding his face as he continued, her eyes never left his. Her face suddenly tensed when she felt her climax come and blow her away like the snow outside their windows. Her pussy squeezed down on his cock as her body thrashed uncontrollably. Her back arched and twisted as she felt bolts of tingles shoot through her and ripple across her flesh. Raymond gripped her hips as her back arched, feeling his hit climax overtaking him not a few seconds after. "AWW FUCK, GONNA CUM," he groaned and gave a final hard thrust. Tracy's back still arched, she felt Raymond erupt inside her. Jet after jet of his warm cream as he shot his load, Raymond pulled her up to him. Tracy gave her best effort to lift her limp torso to him, taking his sweaty red face in her hands and delivering a deep passionate kiss. Raymond just stayed there for a few moments, his arms wrapped around Tracy, her legs and arms wrapped around him, and enjoyed every second of the kiss and the warm tingles.

The soft tint of blue sky was in the sky outside the window, Raymond lied on the floor next to Tracy, they were exhausted. It was undoubtedly one of the best Christmas Eve's they'd spent together as a couple, maybe one they'd remember forever. "Merry Christmas Hun," whispered Raymond as he kissed her forehead. "Merry Christmas Sweetheart," she smiled and rubbed his chest. Raymond spoke again ,"Y'know, we still got Christmas Day to enjoy..." Tracy only looked up with a grin and flirty look ,"Want to help me, stuff the bird?"

~The End~
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