A-Z Erotic Christmas
'I am your Christmas angel; what's you wish?'
'here take this whip, I'll bend and you'll swish, swish'

Each one of us we had a bell to ring
Well she and I, we rang and rang, ding ding.

'Oh feel' she said 'this lovely tree-hung ball'
she's right but my balls did her more enthrall.

'Please will you light my candle?' 'yes I will'
how shone her eyes when she let me her fill.

I'd wrote bard words to her, the Xmas card
but she more liked what we did in the yard.

She with a coyish look 'can I your's pull?'
she was a cracker; she did pull, push, full!

'These decorations, please I need some help'
her ladder set, I held, her happy yelp.

Oh what a dress, more of undress, provoked
Yes I, turned on, and soon its use revoked.

The table groaned with weight the dinner set
she, I, we moaned, a cum; pre-eat duet.

An elf her outfit, then she disappeared
into the back room, me too, fully geared.

They dangled fine her earrings heavy, thick
she smiled, admired my dangle, heavy, thick.

'You fancy it?' she smiled in fairy dress
oh yes, we fancied, so undressed, access.

'It's Xmas time I'd like to play a game'
she said. 'Well let's' I said, and soon we came.

Holly you're prickly, but Ivy don't fall
let's join together, conjunct 'gainst this wall.

My invite was accepted; she came round
she winked, the prompt, I was a rampant hound.

Xmas time, so come on, all be jolly
a fantasy via a Barbie dolly?

A kiss for hello, a kiss in the game
we like it, be adventurous, don't be tame.

The lights went out, she grabbed me straight away
I plugged in, lit her up, that made her day.

Oh look this mince pie, cherry there on top
so proud, she slid it in, it not a flop.

The mistletoe, white berries with white juice
she eager, egged me on, took in my sluice.

My love, a fancy whip, please me Master
yes now, you love my rump, faster, faster.

Was time for nuts, she gripped the cracker firm
But I prevailed and oh she loved to squirm.

What lovely outfits did the females wear
but mischief girl said 'ravish me, and tear'.

You want your pudding and also eat it
'Now?' 'Yes sir, you know I too like a bit'

The camera clicked, she flashed and smiled a lot
and looked, and both of us turned on; was hot.

It's cold at Xmas, she said 'share my quilt'
I learnt her body, oh how she was built.

I came from Lapland, pressies, all in red
'Oh sir how can I thank you? Here, my bed'.

He was so fine and big the snowman there
so cold, so I will warm him, as he's bare.

'Oh sir, yours is so whopping, your stocking
mines empty, it needs something, a blocking'.

She looked at it: 'so tall and proud this tree
where is there something sir, tall, proud, for me!'

'I don't know how', she said, 'how to stuff it'
the turkey, I did, she squealed, 'what a fit!'

With card to hers, prompt, knocked, in, underwear
embraced me eagerly, 'make me cum big bear'

It's pressies that we take and do unwrap
but she unwrapped me; she wanted my tap.

To celebrate the season write a verse
and one full of naughty, it not too terse.

Hung on their front door was a fine big wreath
Well she had two, fine ones; 'sir, gentle teeth'.

At Xmas time all think to make a wish
I, she, we met, looked, I'd now fish this dish.

The pud fills you up with many a thing
'Full?', 'No!' she said, 'get her too, let's three-swing'

One's had enough when time for xmas cake
not I, not her, 'come here you lovely rake.'

For fires it's big, it's hard, a fine yule log
This Princess wants a fuck: 'please be my frog'.

At Xmas we play games such as Zelda
we'll play, a 3-some, her, me, my Helda.
arthur 22dec11
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