Aria, my sweet caramel lover, and I were enjoying some hard sex one autumn evening and were more than verbal and frank. We love to talk dirty when we fuck. This night we had the window open and Carla, our next door neighbor, was in her side yard with her dog and she got an earful when we both came hard.

Carla and Aria have coffee nearly every morning. The next morning, Carla mentioned that she overheard us. Aria apologized profusely, but Carla said it wasn't necessary. She was just envious oh Aria's ability to cum so hard and so often.

"Amy Donald is a premature ejaculator and I have to finish myself off with my pocket rocket after he rolls over." Carla complained

"We will have to find a way to resolve that problem" Aria said, smiling.

At dinner that night, Aria told me about the coffee conversation and asked if I would mind being shared with Carla while she tries to see if Don could be convinced to perform more oral sex before burying his cock in a woman. I, of course, agreed and we planned our little tryst.

We had Carla and Don over for dinner and the pleasantries turned to movies, then R-rated ones and then on to X-rated ones and the dialogue became more raw. Finally, Aria stood up, went over to Don, held him tight and asked Carla, "May I have the pleasure of seducing y our husband?"

Carla's reply was, "Only if I can seduce yours!" Eyes were fixed between spouses, smiles exchanged and affirmative nods were given all around. Aria caressed Don's hardon as she told him to follow her to the guest bedroom with its king sized bed. Carla and I stayed in the living room, first kissing, caressing and then starting to undress when I took her hand and led her to the master bedroom with its super-sized bed made for messing up during sexual heat.

I finished undressing Carla, marveling at her tight body, firm little breasts, hard nipples as I stood at the edge of the bed next to her as I slowly stripped like ample dancer, not letting her touch. I stroked my 8 inches and then pulled he to the edge of the bed with her legs on my shoulders. I bent down and kissed her now wet lips, nicely swollen in arousal. She was delicious. I sucked her clit into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue in a criss-cross motion that brought groans from Carla. Then I slipped in two of my 2fingers into her cunt, soaking wet, and stroked her
G spot as her clit got eaten. I discovered how muscular Carla was when she clamped my fingers almost to the point of pushing them out of her. In a few moments, she came for the first time and she said that she needed to pee. I told her that I think it was an urge to squirt and I have towels precisely for that purpose. "Don't bo anywhere" I said and soon two towels were under her hips. More stroking and sucking and, sure enough, Carla let out a scream an1d soaked my face, hands and the towels.

Fresh towels a- day I asked her if she was ready to be fucked hard. "Yesssss! Take me! FUck me!" I did just that. Standing before her, I spread her legs and pushed into her, gently at first and when I felt her open for me, I rammed home. Holding her hips, I lifted her to a sitting position, she put her arms around my neck and I lifted her ass as I stood. She naturally wrapped her legs around me and we fucked hard. She rocked her hips and I ram-prodded her. Soon her squirts were flowing down my legs and she told me that she now knew how Aria feels when I fuck her. We continued and I had to lay Carla down, but we continued with great orgasmic results for Carla.

Aria came into the room and told me, "Assume the missionary position!" I did and I felt Aria climb on top of me and lube my ass. She rammed our anal strap-on into my ass as I was about to cum in Carla. At that moment,
Don went to the edge of the bed where Carla's head was and offered his slightly softened but still stiff cock. Carla raised her head, took his cock and gently guided it over her lips and into my mouth.

I've never had a cock in my mouth, but this one had Aria's taste and the savory taste of cum similar toy taste. With Aria, there is always something new!

I was still stroking Carla, Aria was butt fucking me and the two "conventional" lovers came. I felt the almost pain in my groin, the heat in my prick rising and a vagina squeezing me like never before! Carla screamed as did I.

After we all recovered and Carla and Don got showered and dressed, they left and Aria took me to bed to rest up.

Soon, "Are you ready?"

"I thought you'd never ask!"
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