ADAM & EVE pt 2
ADAM & EVE pt.2
(pt.1 - perhaps look at BlueEyes' 'Her Secret Garden')

Death Valley, that is where Adam and Eve ended up. They'd been near this area where there had been a great apple orchard in a garden, but Adam especially had eated lots and lots of apples (well he did have to go out hunting for food, chasing birds and the like, so he needed plenty to eat to give him energy.). Well all the apples were gone, so they were moving on, and were now in a more desert-type area.

Adam worked hard at setting up their new abode, catching a few big animals for skins to make their skin tent dwelling. He knew how to rub 2 sticks together to make a fire - and Eve was very, very good at rubbing hard things too. He even made a table, a bed, and they had a lovely big thick fur rug to sit on and lie on in the evenings. Between them they'd made a very sexy fur outfit for Eve. She'd put it on in the evenings and she knew Adam's pole would like it, and god did she love Adam's pole, it clinging to her shapely body and was nicely-naughty at the bust, being low cut that thrust her breasts up and beautifully together.

Yes Eve loved Adam's pole very much, to her a fascinating thing that could change its size. She'd first give it little kisses to make it grow to its full height and thickness, and then she'd place her lips round the tip and lick a little. She loved the feel of the soft smooth skin, and well soon she was gorging it greedily, sinking her mouth down and down and filling her mouth with it to her throat. she'd taken a while to master this full way of enjoying Adam's throbbing pole, but now she couldn't get enough of it.

Adam loved it too of course, and early on he'd been so excited that he'd shot all his juices, that came forth at such times, and the first time poor Eve choked as a result. But she had learnt that if he got too excited she just had to squeeze his pole firmly with her hand and it would control him. 'Oh that hurt' was his reaction the first time but she knew now exactly how firmly to squeeze it to control her excited man.

Of course she did not want him to come either. Well when he did that pole went flop, shrivelled up too. She wanted it at its erect, proud, hard, thickest and full-length best. Oh yes she loved sucking his pole. she could go on and on for ages. it was a lovely feel for her hands and especially for her mouth, and she had very, very nice feelings down between her thighs, and even sometimes had the sort of excitement that Adam had when he shot his juices.

Adam wondered what was happening to her at such times and she simply said that he felt nice when he shot so she sometimes had similar nice feelings.

A where is this nice feeling
E oh somewhere inside me

he accepted what she said

Loving him eventually shooting she of course now was the one who decided when he would shoot. She controlled the situation. She loved feeling with her hands the pole pulsate as it shot and shot and shot the juices out, and she now knew how to place her mouth so she could feel the power of the shots on her mouth without choking. Sometimes he did shoot a lot, 6-10 shots of fluid coming from his excitement. How it filled her mouth and well it was dribbling all over her mouth by the end sometimes. Also though she just drank it all down in greedy gulps. she look up at him at the end, licking her lips, and he saw the greedy lascivious look on her little wanton face, full of mischievous and happy smiles.

A you are a greedy little woman aren't you
E very very greedy, yes I love it, but you do too don't you
A I do, and you are my little gem, my special own one

In and around the abode Eve made things look good with plants and flowers and was a very skilful cook. There were a few neighbours. Eve, who was a beautiful, shapely and full-busted woman, her breasts naturally proud and high, surely a 36DD girl, and had noticed Adam giving furtive looks at one young woman, who was quite a beauty and loved to flaunt her similarly full bust too, and had a reputation for talking to men about doing naughty but very, very nice things.

E you've been looking at her
A I keep an eye on all our neighbours
E oh I've seen your eyes linger on her, the little wench
A well she is just sociable that's all
E I've heard what she is sociable about too!
A well I have too be sociable
E oh have you
A well perhaps we should have a talk
E about what
A about the things she talks about
E I see, ok well we will this evening, but now you need to catch this evening's meal and I need to clean the abode

In the evening, after they'd eaten Eve asked Adam to get some water from the well and when he returned she was in her fur outfit which she had modified that day while he was out hunting and now it was tighter under her bust so that it thrust her breasts up and together even more, and she'd also made it more low cut there so all was shown with her nipples only just covered. She'd also put a touch of oil on her bust there so the skin shone.

A oh E what have you done. Wow, you look incredible
E well I can show that little hussy a thing or two
A you have always been my No.1, my one and only
E so let's talk
A well I have a pole and you enjoy that
E yes and you do too
A I do, but I think we could both enjoy where you get nice feelings
E oh I see, and how
A well apparently as you have a hole and I have a pole I could put my pole in your hole
E what! what talks have you been having with her
A oh there is talk generally among the men
E and with her too! has she had poles in her hole then!
A oh E I don't know, it is just talk, I love you
E you haven't had your pole in her hole I hope
A no, no, really
E ok, ok, well yes you have been a good man to me
A yes we are good
E well and to be truthful us women talk too
A yes I've seen it, so what is the talk
E well I'm very proud of you
A are you
E yes we talk about sizes of poles
A oh do you
E yes and yours is the best in the village
A really
E yes, thick and long
A well he is all yours
E and some of the women have talked about putting poles in there holes
A have they and did they like it
E some said it hurt, and messy and not good, but with one or two their eyes gleamed when they talked about it
A well we should perhaps try it
E yes I think we should, and look, us just talking about it and look at your pole, lovely & big, and throbbing too I bet
A all this talk
E well as long as you aren't thinking about that busty hussy
A no, no, just look at you
E does it turn you on my bust
A my pole, it is rock hard
E and me looking at your pole I'm getting a nice feel there
A are you
E and I get wet at such times
A well how shall we do it
E I will lie on my back on the rug and you on top and try to put your pole in my hole, just slowly too

Well they did and A slid his pole into E's hole a bit and then felt a barrier

A there is something in the way
E well perhaps we have to wriggle to get him fully in
A it does feel good
E oh yes it is a lovely feeling having your pole there, I want more of it

Well they wriggled about and A pushed a bit more, and then a bit harder and suddenly something gave way in A and he slid in quite a lot more.

E 'oh, oh, that hurt a bit, what has happened?'
A yes something, but I'm further in
E hold still, I'm ok, oh he does feel beautifully big
A and he feels all clung too, beautiful, just like your mouth
E but is it better than that
A I think it is better than that too
E come on slide him in and out like I do my mouth

And A did.

E oh A, oh A, this is the best it has ever been, don't dare, dare stop, and don't you dare, dare shoot
A oh E this is incredible
E don't stop, don't stop, but oh I'm getting that nice feeling coming
A I want to shoot, I want to shoot
E allright, yes shoot and oh, oh, oh that feeling

And Adam slid in and out faster and faster, and so he shot and shot and shot and E screamed and screamed and screamed her pleasure - and a few seconds later the nearest female neighbour came running to by their tent

N are you all right
E yes, yes,it's ok, we're very, very all right
N ok, good night
E good night and thank you

E I want us to do this again
A but he is going soft
E ok sit up I'll make him big again

And E did and they did it again

E god I love fucking
A fucking?
E the women used that word
A well I love fucking too, and I'm still hard
E well you can fuck this little hussy as much as you like

And god did he fuck her. What a night.
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