ALMOST!...Caught in the Act
ALMOST!...Caught in the Act
By: Sassy Sue

We were sitting in the car deciding on where to go when the storm hit. A flash of lightning, a crash of thunder, and the rain began to fall when we exited the movie theater parking lot. The street wet and shiny when we passed the street by my house and it began to pour but I was hungry. He is driving looking for a place to grab some food. I simply could not help myself despite the weather.

"Baby how good is your driving?" I asked as innocently as possible.

He said, "I'm a good driver you know that."

"Well then, just keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel."

Shifting in my seat, placing my hands on is belt I unfastened it and slid the zipper of his pants downward. Slipping my hand into his pant, my fingers found the boxer fly and took his penis with my fingers. He was soft, Placing my lips on the velvet head of his dick, I gave him a soft, lingering kiss. Opening my red lips, I took him into my mouth. Almost instantly he started to grow thicker and longer. I thoroughly enjoy feeling a man get hard while his soft flesh is in my mouth. Licking the soft pliable flesh as it stretches and becomes rigid and the veins begin to throb. I keep my movements slow, teasing him once and a while by licking the tip of his cock lightly before taking him even deeper in my mouth. He was groaning and cursing under his breath repeatedly.

I could tell when we would stop for a red light because he would move my hair from my face, run his fingers through it, and arch his hips up in an effort to give me more of his erection. The pace was slow and steady, it was my pace not his, when I knew he wanted nothing more than to force his thick cock down my throat and make me gag until tears run down my face.

I could feel the car make a turn, suddenly the interior was bathed in a flash of red, yellow and blue neon lights and then stopped. His voice erratic and he managed to order burgers and coke while my tongue is tickling his hard shaft. I slid my mouth off his cock just seconds before the carhop brought our tray of food. He smiled at the young girl, his shirt concealing his raging hard-on.

I had to rise up now sadly...time to get food. But, after that I fully intended to resume to pleasuring him.

I got my food. I took a few sips of my drink ravenously devoured my burger and then was back to my place, my head in his lap and my brown tress teasing his pulsating cock which is still rock hard. The car lurched backwards and then surging forward we were speeding down the rain slick street.

Thumb and fingers, encircling his sweet cock I resumed stroking him and them I took the head of his cock and suck greedily the pre-cum from the eye of his purple dickhead. Focusing on every inch of his cock, licking, sucking and fondling his balls but I wanted him to cum, to fill my mouth with his thick hot cream, I needed him to stop so he could get the most from the blowjob I was performing. A sweeping turn and we park on a dimly lit residential street in the shadows of the night.

I sat up nonchalantly while still jerking him off...faster, hard this time. He leans forward and pulling me into a kiss telling me that I had no idea how badly he wanted me. I glanced towards the trunk and he already knew what I meant.

The rain has stopped; the air was cool and fresh as we climbed out of the car making our way to the rear of the vehicle. I shove my shorts down and he pushes my thong to the side. He enters my pink wet pussy me from behind. I am dripping with my juices that had soaked my thong when I was sucking his cock. Every thrust he pushes his thick cock deeper into me and then he is slamming into me pressing my mound against the cold wet metal of the trunk lid. I came, showering his cock with my cum, squeezing his cock with my cunt. He is frantically pounding me and I am groaning as he takes me. Obliviously to everything when flashing blue lights shone through the tree line caught our attention.

I hobbled towards my door pulling up my shorts as I went. He clumsily made his way to the driver's side, his clothes in a disarray. The headlight of the cop car is shining through our windows as it slowed but did not stop. The cop looked at us as he passes but does not stop. Needless to say, even though we didn't finish our fuck, at least we evaded being caught by the cop!

Giggling like two teenagers, we drove to his apartment where we got naked and screwed the night away in the privacy of his bed.

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