A Bad Bad Wife
As we drove towards town, the sun was shining blissfully. Despite the fact that it was only 10am, it was already hot and the day promised to be a scorcher. My wife, Amy, had persuaded me to give up my Saturday off and take her shopping. I moaned, but knew that when Amy had set her mind on something, there was little that was going to stop her doing what she wanted. I had disappointed her last night, I knew.

Another fourteen hour day at the office had left me exhausted and when I eventually returned home to find Amy in a romantic mood, I was way too tired to do anything about it. That was a shame because my wife is an extremely attractive woman. At 39 years old she stands nearly 5ft 10 in her stockinged feet and still retains a great body. She works out regularly at our local gym, and that keeps her 38 24 36 figure in wonderful shape. Her legs are long and smooth and the whole thing is set off by a warm, friendly face, framed by short black hair and cut into a bob. I had wanted to take advantage of her charms this morning, but by the time I awoke, she was already up and dressed.

I tried to encourage her back to bed with stories of my solid erection needing her expert attention, but despite grinning at me wickedly and giving me a quick flash of her boobs as she brushed her hair, she was not going to indulge me. In fact she had been in a strange mood all morning. She seemed excited and horny and I couldn't understand why she was unwilling to fool around with me. Usually, Amy was very adventurous and up for virtually anything at the drop of a hat (or panties!), but despite dressing in a very short skirt and thin blouse, it was obvious that I was not going to be able to get my hands on her just yet.

The covered shopping centre was refreshingly cool when we entered. Morning shoppers were wandering about and the crowds were steadily building. As we walked from shop to shop, I became aware of the glances that Amy was attracting. This was nothing new to me. Amy has always been a flirty bitch and I know she loves to show off. Fortunately, I have never been the jealous type and get a lot of sexual satisfaction from just watching other men (and some women) watching my wife. I glanced quickly at her large tits as they bounced while she walked and the image of her flashing them at me this morning came flooding back to me. I could feel my cock begin to harden once again as I recalled the large pink nipples poking out towards me as I lay in bed, almost begging to be kissed and sucked.

We traipsed around shop after shop as Amy tried on different skirts and dresses, occasionally opening the changing room door and asking me for my opinion on how well they fit and how good she looked in them. The more shops we went to, the sexier the outfits seem to become. After a few hours I found myself looking at Amy as she emerged from a changing room in a figure hugging, red dress. My eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw her. The dress was cut very low in the front and barely concealed the large swell of her breasts. My eyes traveled downwards and I was treated to a glimpse of her shapely, tanned thigh through a split in the side of the material that reached almost up to her hip.

"Wow," I gasped. "You just gotta buy that one!"

"It's a bit expensive," she replied.

"I don't care," I continued, and then in a whisper, "You're making me hard just looking at you in that!"

Amy giggled at my comment and turned back towards the cubicle to change back.

"No. Don't change," I said. "Keep it on and I'll go pay for it. I'm sure they won't mind bagging up your other clothes so you can wear the new dress now."

Amy seemed happy to comply, and after I'd arranged the second mortgage to pay for it, we both headed for a restaurant for some much needed refreshment. If she had been attracting glances before, then it was blatant stares that were directed at her now. All eyes seemed to be on us as we entered the restaurant on the top level of the shopping centre. We sat at a corner table and the waitress took our order for coffee. I looked around me and could see a younger guy sitting to our left by himself. He was blatantly ogling my wife's body and as she sat down, the split in the side of the dress opened to reveal a large proportion of her leg. The stranger seemed unable to tear his eyes away from the view that was now before him. I leaned over the table and whispered to Amy.

"Looks like you have an interested audience." I said

"I know. I've seen him, he's nice. Young and very good looking!"

"Why not let him see a little more?" I continued with a wicked grin.

I could see that the idea appealed to her. Her faced was a little flushed as her excitement was obviously increasing. She turned and smiled towards the guy who was still staring at her. Adjusting her position slightly, the split opened a little more and revealed more of her leg. Her actions seemed to be having the desired effect on him because I could see him shift uncomfortably in his seat and try to hide an obvious erection. I was getting incredibly turned on by all this, and it was having an effect on Amy too. Her face was flushed an even deeper red now and her breathing was becoming shorter and shorter as she opened her legs slightly to allow the guy a glimpse of her lacy, black panties.

"Oh god! This is turning me on so much," gasped Amy, quietly "I've really got to do something about it!"

Adjusting my growing erection, I moved closer to her and whispered again. "Well, I think that with only a little encouragement this guy would just LOVE to fuck your brains out!"

"You think?" Amy replied. "That would be so cool! And even better if you could watch us!"

A Plan was starting to form in my mind. I instructed Amy to keep up her flashing to let the young man know that she was still interested while I went to inspect the bathrooms. At the rear of the restaurant there were two, single bathrooms; one male, one female and I let my self into the men's room. It was a single cubicle, quite spacious, but the type that only allows one person in at a time. I assumed that the ladies room would be the same. Taking out my small pen knife, I began to scrape and cut away at the wall that joined the two rooms together. The wall was only a very thin plaster, and within a few short minutes I had been able to carve out a small hole. I peeked through the hole and was delighted to find that the room next door was in fact identical to the one I was currently in. By putting my eye up close to the hole I was able to see almost the entire room. Satisfied with my efforts, I made my way back to our table.

I explained the plan to my wife. It was very simple, all she had to do was encourage the young man into the ladies room. I would then follow into the men's room and watch with interest what developed!! Amy had been constantly flashing her panties and legs at the young man who now looked fit to burst. He was very red in the face and was shifting positions frequently. Smoothing her skirt down over her knees, Amy rose. As she made her way to the bathroom she stopped briefly and whispered something to the young stranger that I was unable to hear. She then continued her way to the ladies room and I got up to go to the men's room. Once inside, I made myself comfortable. With the toilet lid down, I was able to sit and look through my personal spy hole. I could see Amy inside and adjusting her make-up in the mirror. God, I thought, she looked so sexy! In anticipation, I quickly loosened my jeans and pulled them, together with my underwear, down to my ankles. As my hard cock popped out, I couldn't resist giving it a few quick rubs.

I didn't have long to wait for the action to start. Within a few seconds there was a knock on the door of the ladies room and Amy opened it to admit her potential lover. Once he was safely inside, Amy quickly locked the door. I watched her as she turned her back on the man and faced the back wall, placing her hands out in front of her for support. They both knew why they were there and it was obvious that Amy, for one, was not about to waste any time. She looked back over her right shoulder and smiled at him as he approached her. Moving into a position behind her, the young man began grinding the crotch of his jeans against her bottom as his hands circled around her and pulled the front of her dress down to reveal her bra.

Roughly he began squeezing her breasts through the bra as Amy began to moan softly. After a few seconds of this rough mauling, he gripped the underwire of the bra and pushed it up and over her boobs. With a louder groan from Amy, her large tits sprang free of the garment and hung invitingly above his hands. He began tweaking her already stiff and swollen nipples with one hand whilst sliding his other hand into the split of her dress and rucking it up to her waist. Her panties now exposed, he let his hand run over her butt, squeezing and massaging the panty covered globes of flesh in a highly excited fashion.

I was now masturbating my own erection slowly as I watched. After feeling her ass up for a while, he dropped her tits and used both hands on her panties. In one swift motion the lacy garment was down around her ankles and Amy stepped out of it. His hands now back on her naked ass, I could see his fingers kneading her flesh lustfully and digging into the dark crevice. Lower his fingers crept and, with a deep moan from Helen, I realised that he had found her pussy. He frigged her vagina with the fingers of one hand, driving two digits deeply inside her and using his thumb to play with her sweet, puckered anus. With his free hand he tugged at the zipper on his jeans and a few seconds later I saw his huge throbbing penis spring into view. I was jerking myself faster now as I heard the unmistakable tones of my wife deep in the throes of orgasm.

As she shook and twitched her way through her climax, the young man was obviously not going to allow her any time to recover. Roughly spreading her long legs, he positioned his erect penis at the entrance to her vagina. With her legs spread thus, I could see that she was dripping wet and ready for him. With a deep groan, the young man gritted his teeth and thrust himself all the way into my wife's pussy.

"God, baby," I heard him moan. "Your pussy's so wet. Mmmmmm so tight.....I'm right up you now honey...fucking you...aaahhhhhhhh."

My own cock was hard as a rock as I stroked myself in time with his thrusts. I heard Amy moan again and gasp loudly as her second climax gripped her. I could feel my own cum starting to boil up in my balls as I rubbed my shaft. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I had to bite my lip as I came to stop from crying out, the cum shooting from the tip of my cock and splashing onto the floor of the mens room between my legs. As I convulsed, I watched the young man quickly pull out of my wife's sopping pussy and jerk himself off quickly. He had not even taken his jeans off and his cock protruded obscenely from his open fly. His eyes were tight shut as he began to climax and I could see Amy turn her head and look behind her just in time to see the semen jettison from his cock and land on her naked butt.

As I cleaned myself off with a tissue and the young man did the same, I wondered what would happen next. The two lovers now seemed a little uneasy with each other; not knowing quite what to say. I smiled as I saw the man grin towards my wife and zip up his jeans. With a friendly pat on her still naked bottom, he turned and quietly let himself out of the room.

When Amy and I were reunited outside, we kissed with a smile. I took her by the hand and began to quickly lead her back to the parking lot.

"Why the rush?" she laughed at me.

"Why the rush?," I repeated incredulously. "I want to get you home of course. Whether you like it or not, I'm gonna fuck you ragged as soon as we get in the front door!"

"Oh, I like it all right!" she replied with an evil grin. "But why wait until we get home? There must be several ladies rooms between here and the parking lot!"

Jesus, I thought, what a bad, bad wife I've got!
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