A Brandie by the beach...
It's a hot summer day and we decide to steal a few hours together and head to the beach to cool in its dark waters. The beach is busy with all sorts of people, families getting a break from their homes, couples happy to sit and admire each other in their near nakedness out and enjoying the scenery... and singles dreaming of being a couple or admiring the generous mounts of scenery. As we join the throng of sun worshippers I cannot ignore the eyes which follow you, your yellow bikini drawn to its skimpiest highlights the firmness of your breasts and the roundness of your womanly buttocks. I notice your nipples begin to rise as you enjoy the many eyes that delight in your beauty and lust for you and it excites me too to be with a sensual beauty so desired. We spend time in the sand enjoying the sun that beats down on us as we talk in whispers to each other more as a way to allow our bodies to touch than to keep our conversation secret from those around us.
I take you by the hand and lead you into the sea and we dive through the crashing waves until we are away from most where the water laps at our shoulders and the waves take us under only to release us in the trough. We are close, and I cannot ignore the sight of your erect nipples through the wet fabric which hugs your breasts and I move closer to feel them on my chest as your eyes smile teasingly into mine. Your legs raise to wrap around my waist like a boat moored to a jetty you are kept from drifting away by my planted body and my yearning hips. I feel your honeypot rub against my straining manhood and you laugh as we try to make this rising sensual scene invisible to prying eyes from the shore. You come close to me sliding my manhood from its hideout and slip it under your bikini and I am within the warmth of your wet honeypot as you float moored to my post in plain sight of thousands and you laugh a devilish grin on your face as you move your hips to milk me and I too loose my inhibitions to the sensual and erotic scene we are living. We fuck gently in plain sight of thousands and thrill at the thought of being watched and approved of, your excitement is matched by your juices running freely over my thrusting manhood as me seed rushes forth to join it I watch you floating on my post and as our orgasms crash upon us so does the waves that flush us clear of each other, spent but not sated. as we walk back up the beach the admiring eyes follow us, some purly lust for your body but there are those which show an envy of what they think may have been happening in the waves in plain sight of hundreds of onlookers and it thrills us.
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