A Brief Encounter of the Erotic Kind

Each time I open my email and I find an email from you I feel anxious, butterflies in my stomach as I move the cursor over your email and click the screen fills with your latest shot of eroticism. I often smile, grin, laugh, and normally wet my panties from your audacious commentary. Your words elicit a multitude of feelings, mostly sexual in nature (naturally) and you express your desire to be naked with me, to make love with a woman you have never met. I do feel drawn to you like a moth to a flame, always wanting more, always enjoying what I have.

A mystery to me, as women we have similarities, we have differences, yet we share a congruent goal of sexual pleasure. Countless times, I read your emails and by the culmination, my fingers are mauling my boobs or deep in my wet cunt. As I masturbate, I place you in different scenarios, always that of a sexual needy animal that I envision you to be, always lascivious, salacious, and sultry. I find it amazing that you want me and lavish me with your generous compliments of my looks. Well I need to shut up and tell you my nooner fantasy. Here goes! Grab your panties I am going to do my best to get you to rip em off, spread your legs and finger fuck yourself to a fan-fucking-tastic orgasm.

We have been exchanging emails, chatting about delicious sex, cum and anything decadent. Then the day finally arrived, we were going to meet and with great hope, we would consummate our erotic adventure. I was in Dallas for a meeting and I took the opportunity to meet my deviant lover. You had invited me to your place, where I would see the infamous balcony that we have gossiped about so many times. That open-air den of inequity that is home to multiple orgasms and intense titty pulling, and finger banging not to mention waves of self-pleasure that you have inflicted upon yourself.

I have picked my wardrobe carefully with all choices designed to drive you crazy with lust. I selected a translucent cream-colored bra that barley contains my 36C tits. My large dark areolas completely visible with gumdrop pink nipples poking against the wispy fabric. The most miniscule black G-string I could find and with a delicate string that disappears between my ass cheeks. The black satin triangle starts at the top of my slit and ends at my perineum barely concealing my slit. I have added my personal touch to my G-string. For an added touch, I added a little bling, a little gold waist chain that hangs low from my hips and dangles just above the black patch between my legs.

I slip on a burnt orange silk top with a deep cut neckline to show off the girls. I have worn a soft yellow organza with a slit all the way to my hip. It hugs my hips and you can see the little black patch between my legs and the gold chain. With each step you can see my long tan legs and be teased by what you can't see. I wore a pair of brown sandals that would be easy to kick off when the time was right.
My shaking finger on the bell, I push it, the door opens, and there is a vision of sensual beauty standing before me. A gorgeous woman, about my height, voluptuous breasts under a crocheted top with your nipples visible between the strands of fabric with a pair of khaki shorts, not really tight but not at all baggy. Hugging your hips, embracing your mound, and making me wonder what you have on under the shorts if anything. My heart is pounding, and I hear your dulcet words welcoming me to your home.

I step in and you close the door and I fight the urge to brace you against the wall kiss you passionately and grab your breasts, but that would be so rude. We hug and you take me to the infamous balcony and my mind filling with the word pictures that you have painted of you, naked on the chaise, your hand caressing your breast and stroking your clit as your body convulses with orgasms. We talk and the talk morphs into suggestive acts intended to get me naked and do me talk. It was the emails coming to life. My fantasy, now real, mmmmm.

I stand and bend over and kiss you softly on your neck after brushing your soft hair to the side. My tongue licks your ear and you can no longer sit there and take it. You take my hand and I follow you into your bedroom; a single black satin sheet on the queen size bed with a myriad of white pillows at the head of the bed. Smiles exchanged and then we kiss, bodies pressing, warm breaths and roaming hands the games have officially started, TIME TO GET NAKED!

Wasting no time, I kiss you deeply on the mouth, your mouth opening, my tongue is on yours, and they tangle. My hands flow down your crocheted top and I feel the relief of your ample breasts as my hands brush the side of your tits. My hands, under the top, palms on your warm body and I feel your tremble.
What we have written about and fantasized about is becoming a reality and my hand slipping on your torso, I raise your top and once again I feel your full to overflowing breasts. I am eager to reveal your tits, hold them in my hands, and fondle your beautiful orbs. You raise your arms and the crocheted top is tossed aside. A black lacy bra greets me, with delicate lace sculpting your full breasts and the edge of your hard nipples rising above the lace. Teasingly I caress the warm flesh of your tits and turgid nipples that I yearn to take in my mouth. With a few soft kisses to whet my appetite for your sensual body as I am kissing your neck and feeling, the delicate lace as I caress your full breasts.

Now it is your turn and I can feel the my silk top sliding on my body with your soft hands tugging it upward and I raise my arms as you ease it from my torso. Feeling your wet lips on my cleavage, soft butterfly like kisses, and your moist tongue between my tits I let a small groan escape my lips. Your fingers pinching my aching nipples, which are erect, and tenting the satin cups of my cream colored bra. The soft straps of my bra fall from my shoulders and your nimble fingers unhook the clasp of the bra and my voluptuous tits spill from the cups of my bra. Your hands are mashing the warm flesh, palming my tits, and then burring your face between my tits inducing me to writhe with pleasure. I have dreamt of this many a night and now you make my dream come true.

My pussy quivering, soaking my little black G-string, my scent is strong and very musky as you have me quite aroused by now. Fumbling with the button on your shorts, I finally get it undone and pull the zipper down. I can see stark white lace panties hiding under your shorts. With our combined efforts, your shorts discarded and you are fucking gorgeous, now naked, with your white lace panties hugging your treasure. Feeling the delicate lace under my fingers as I trace the outline of your seductive camel toe, with your outer lips full, dark and your narrow slit that is damp with your nectar, I can hear your muted moans.
We lay there, our fingers exploring each other's bodies, our lips kissing warm, wet flesh. Tongues, dance, nipples sucked, and pussies fondled and soon our panties were on the floor. I change my focus to your now naked sex and I kiss your inner thighs. Your legs now spread wide, my tits on your tummy, and I drink in your intoxicating feminine aroma. Such a pretty pussy, vibrant, swollen outer lips and delicate inner lips, lips that I am teasing with the tip of my tongue and enjoying the taste of a sensual woman. Your lips are gleaming with your sweet juices of which I lap hungrily. I have your inner lip between my lips and I lick the edge with my tongue and feel your smooth, bare mound thrusting against my face.

I can feel your hands on my thighs, pulling my cunt to your mouth and your tongue spreading my lips and touching my clitoral hood. I shriek when your firm tongue contacts my rigid sex button. GOD it feels so fucking good and then your lips encapsulate my hot bud. I spew a bit of cum as your sucking my clit is electrifying my body. Your tongue is putting me into a sexual frenzy and I am thrashing about with you holding onto my thighs and shoving your face into my cunt. FUCCCCCK!
My responses to your body are reflective of the sensual pleasure that you are delivering to my sopping cunt. No longer, not a second more, I have to cum, to fill your hungry mouth with my girly cream. I have fantasized as I read your emails about this one orgasm. The one orgasm I am going to share with you, in your bed and with your face in my squishy cunt, I lock my thighs around your head. Squeezing I feel my pussy detonate, expelling a thick creamy cum for you. I am panting, sweating, and shaking as you dine on my cream. Your tongue lapping my love hole, taking my cum and the knot in my stomach subsides with the more cum I release.

Now that I have climaxed, gave you my gift it is time for me to take you to the same heights and shove you over your sexual precipice.

Without hesitation, I open your cunt wide with my fingers and my tongue delving into your pussy, my face in your crotch. Tasting the spicy sweetness of another women's pussy with your musk making me slightly delirious; at that moment I would have done anything to be completely engulfed by your cunt. Moving my nose in between your pussy lips, breathing in deeply to absorb your succulent smell and then pushing my tongue deep into your cunt, just to taste those wonderful new flavors is making me cum again. With one hand on your ass and the other placed just above your clitoris, I am in complete control of your every movement. I am moving my attention up to your engorged clit, which is poking out, firmly from its hood. Careful not to overdo it, I gently lick just beneath your darkened pink bud, while my fingers massage the area just above it. By now I surmise that you felt that your next orgasm is coming on strong. It started way down with the tightening of your sphincter in your sweet ass, then radiating out to your thighs and belly. Your nipples hardened to that place where pain and pleasure feel the same. Then with a deep gasp of breath and a tight contraction of her stomach muscles, your pussy starts to pulse, squeezing out several small drops of cum that dripping down your ass crack. I deftly lick the pearls of cum off your ass, and settling back with my head resting gently between your thighs as I resume eating your pussy. Your body in the throes of passion as you cum repeatedly and I revel in your passion.

The remainder of the day we spend in acts of decadent hedonism and sharing sublime sexual lust.

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