A Business Trip And A Little 69...More details
Well here I go again... My second attempt. Please rate :) xoxo!

My boss requested that I come with him to a couple of client meetings in Colorado. He said we'd be out of town 3 days, so I was excited to get away, and of course to be alone with him. 

Our flight left Tuesday evening, after work. Once we arrived at our hotel, he walked me to my room and told me to get settled in, and meet him the lobby in 15 minutes so we could grab a late dinner.

I freshened up and made sure I looked okay. I was still in my work attire, mid length pencil skirt, light pink fitted button up. I decided to unbutton one more button to show off my perfectly round 32C breast. When I walked up to meet him his eyes glistened when he looked at me; he always made me feel so beautiful. 

We got to the restaurant and ordered a couple of drinks. Me being so petite, was tipsy after one drink, and we began flirting more intensely than usual. He touched my thigh, and whispered in my ear "you know our first meeting isn't until 2 p.m. tomorrow, right?", I gazed at him with my big green eyes and said, "I know, and?" he said, "come back to my room, I'll explain." 

We walked back to his room. Immediately after the door shut, he grabbed me and said, "I can't take this anymore, I want you." -- He grabbed my face and began to kiss me. I couldn't resist, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back - biting his bottom lip. The sexual tension had been so strong for months. We were practically ripping each others clothes off. He was dying to make me cum.

He threw me on the bed -- slid my pencil skirt on to the floor, and began to kiss my inner thighs. It felt so good; my panties were so wet. I moaned with pleasure - I wanted him to eat my pussy right then. He took off my panties, and kissed my pussy gently, he looked up at me -- my face so innocent -- and asked me, "does that feel good, baby?", and began to suck on my clit very softly -- The sound of his wet soft kisses on my pussy sent me over the edge. I could barely get a yes out with how fast my heart was beating. He pushed my legs far apart and told me, "your pussy tastes so good. I want you to sit on my face." He laid down on the bed -- his cock was so hard, sticking straight up.  

I climbed on top of him with my ass and pussy to his face. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them so far apart, spreading my pussy lips along with them giving him the ability to give my pussy full attention. I moaned with pleasure as he licked up and down my pussy all the way to my asshole. I cried, "Fuuuck, baby! Tongue fuck my pussy, please." He stuck his soft yet firm tongue deep in my pussy, moving his head back and forth giving me just what I wanted. I cried out, "oh my god, babe. You're fucking me so good. Please don't stop. Right there!, Yes!, Yes!, Yes!", while clawing at his thighs trying to take in how good he was making me feel. 

I decided I wasn't the only one who deserved all this pleasure, and grabbed his cock - I slowly let out the saliva that had been building in my mouth over the head of his cock. I loved watching my spit run down his shaft. He took a deep breath and let out a loud, "ahhhg", the moment my lips wrapped around his cock. I loved hearing him moan; it made me so hot. I stroked and licked his cock all over, focusing briefly on the underside of his head before taking his whole shaft into my warm wet mouth. As I'm taking it all in, back and forth, building momentum, twirling my tongue all over his cock he begins to eat my pussy vigorously, and it felt unbelievably good. 

He gave my clit a good long suck -- breathing in and out through his nose, I could feel the warm air tickling my asshole -- He gripped my ass cheeks firmly and told me, "cum on face baby, cum on my face, give it to me.", which sent me over the edge. I couldn't hold out any longer. My body convulsed and I cried out,"fuck, you're so good, baby. I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" - not forgetting to stroke his cock for the moments I took my lips off his cock. Soon after recovering from my intense orgasm I returned to sucking his throbbing cock, he was about to bust. I deep throated his cock and began to rub his balls. I took both of his balls in my mouth, and stroked his cock -- making sure to hold a firm grip between my thumb and index finger. I soon went back to licking and and sucking his sweet cock and I could feel he was getting close. He yelled, "god, you are so fucking good, suck my cock, baby. Don't stop, just like that, ahh." I felt his cock start to pulsate and shortly after his warm load shot into my throat. He tasted so good. Licking up every bit of it, I swallowed every last drop.

To be continued....
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