A Candy Cane
Samantha lay next to her man stroking his half hard cock. She could feel his thick cock growing in her hand. It was warm, her fingers curled around the veiny shaft, sliding it in the palm of her hand. She kissed the silky mushroom shaped head. Her tongue darted into the eye of his erection stealing the sparkling drop of pre-cum. Rolling the creamy pearl of cum over her lips she savored his taste. She wanted to suck his rigid dick and licked the underside of his shaft. His cock was standing tall; his strong hands caressing her body and her fondle his full balls. The balls Samantha just finished shaving a sort time ago.

He was bald, not a strand of hair to be found on his shaft or balls. He was as smooth as her pussy. Samantha had something special for the Christmas season. Reaching over to the nightstand she fished a small circular aluminum foil packet from the drawer. She ripped the packet open discarding the foil on the floor. Placing the condom carefully in her mouth she lowered her head with her mouth poised just above his erection. With a quick push of her head she pushed the condom onto the mushroom head of his cock. Her lips pressed against his rigid shaft she rolled the rubber down his cock. Her tongue was licking him as she worked the condom down the length of his engorged prick. She was stroking his cock as she drew his prick deep into her mouth wrapping her wet, luscious tongue around it. Grasping his throbbing cock she slid it in and out of her moist mouth and licked the shaft as she engulfed my swollen shaft.

Samantha's head bobbed as she devoured his swollen prick; her tongue twisting on the shaft as she slid on the hard pole that was firmly planted between her lips. He moaned as she sucked and then her hand cupped his balls. Balls that were heavy and filled with cum to deliver to her. She grasped the base of his cock so he could not cum until she let him. She rolled his balls in her hand as she teased his cock with her talented tongue. Her speed varied as did the manipulations of her tongue on his dick. Then she popped her mouth from his cock. He looked down and saw his cock; it looked like a candy cane. Samantha had put a red and white striped condom on his prick. She looked at him, smiled and assumed the doggy position. He wasted not a second in stuffing his candy cane into her.
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