A Co-Workers Tale
A Co-Worker's Tale

I'm a 25 year old white, blue eyes, brown hair that was slicked back, weighing 235 pounds, and stood six feet even. I do have a little bit of a gut, but otherwise toned. I worked at a busy transportation company as a driver, that shuttles people to and from the airport. It was there when I first set my eyes on a beautiful co-worker named Carol. Carol was an older southern black woman that was in her late forties, stood about five foot nine inches tall, nice c cup tits, thick hips with a matching pair of thighs to match. I found myself taking a bit of a deeper breath through the nose as she walked passed.

We managed to find time in between trips to the airport to chat. Turns out we hit it off really well.

When she decided to leave our happy family for another job that was closer to her house, I took the opportunity to get her phone number so we could continue as friends. We both exchanged phone numbers and started talking to one another about each others day. Just getting to really know the person outside of work. Turns out there are more than one type of person. The one they show at their job and another when they are away from the job in a public setting.

One night I was making my trip to the airport when Carol called me. I answered the incoming call from Carol and started chatting with her. At this time I was the very last bus to the airport and I already knew that I wasn't going to pick up anyone heading towards the airport.

"Hey. What are you doing still up at this hour?" I asked as I looked briefly at my watch determining it was a bit past eleven pm. There was a long pause that seemed it was forever, but most likely no more than a few minutes passed. "Hello," I said again thinking that she might have pocket dialed my phone by accident when I heard a faint low moan come through the ear piece of my phone.

This caught me by surprise because we have talked about sex, but nothing to indicate that either of us was interested in the other. Now I've got the phone placed securely against my ear, listening intently to how she pleasured herself. I will admit that I wasn't really paying attention to where I was driving as much as I was glued to the phone.

At first I thought she was playing around that was until I heard the buzzing from her trusting friend the back massager. Her moans got a bit louder and her breathing picked up noticeably as she was rapidly approaching her orgasm that was stirring through her whole body.

"With your free hand, I want you to pinch one of your nipples," I instructed figuring I might as well play along while I make this interesting trip to the airport. "At least I will have someone to talk to," I thought to myself.

Her breathing became shorter and faster. "Oh baby. Yeah I'm close to," was all she was able to say before she let out a satisfying grunt as she reached her orgasm. I will admit that I was a bit turned on hearing a woman cuming for me over the phone. No one has done this for me before.

There was a weird silence between the two of us. Her calming down from her orgasm and me in shock of hearing her reach her orgasm.

"Did you like that show I put on for you daddy?" Carol asked softly through the phone. "I bet you got hard just listening to me get off. I bet you wished you was here with me and not at work. Don't you?"

"You're such a tease," was my only response that I could come up with at the time. Fully enjoying her game, seeing where this was going to lead.

"I will tell you what," Carol said.

"What?" I asked.

"How would you like to feel how wet my pussy is right now?" asked Carol.

"Only a fool would turn that down. Of course I want to feel how wet it is," I said.

"Okay. I will meet you at the end of your last trip back from the airport in the parking lot as if I was waiting to pick someone up from the bus," she said.

I agreed as I stepped on the gas pedal trying to push the pedal through the floor hoping that it will make the bus drive faster to the airport.

"I will get dressed and meet you there," she said softly as I had to press the phone dam near through my head to hear her.

"I will see you then," I said as we both exchanged our goodbyes to hang up the phone so I can concentrate on the road. I will say this, it was awfully hard to pay attention with thoughts running through my head of seeing her again. I haven't seen her since she got another job, so it's been a few months. I was excited to see her, but in a new light.

I waited a few minutes pass my pickup time to leave the airport because I was the last bus home for the night and I didn't want to leave anyone stranded at the airport with an expensive cab ride home. I quickly rushed through the airport picking up very few passengers along the few stops at the airport. All I was thinking about was making it to the end of the line to see Carol. I had five people on the bus that needed to get off at different stops. The ride back from the airport to the end of the line was a hour and a half ride one way depending on traffic. Since it was late at night there was no one on the road and the traffic lights were cooperating with me as I hit most of the green lights.

"Naturally. It's my luck that I only get five people on the bus, but I have to stop at all of our stops because only person is getting off the bus at a every stop" was my thought. Feeling a bit annoyed I had no choice but to roll with the punches and just get through my night.

Less than an hour later I'm pulling into our main hub dropping off my passenger. I wave and tell my supervisor and the front cashier to have a good night as I quickly shut the doors on my bus and take off heading towards the end of the line.

I began devising a plan because I knew that my supervisor's routine. He was going to follow the bus on his way home since he lives near the area, so it's not like he was going out of his way.

I pull into our final station and just like clock work, my supervisor is pulling in right behind me. I let off my passenger, shut down the bus, and act like I'm getting ready to lock up the building for the night.

I waved to my supervisor and wished him a good weekend, as he made sure that everything was okay. I glanced around looking for Carol, but didn't see her in the parking lot. "Maybe she was running late" I thought to myself, so I decided to call her.

My supervisor sped off when I noticed a car across the street turned on their headlights as soon as he left. Across the street is a hotel and a McDonalds, so I didn't think nothing of it. The phone just kept on ringing, ringing, and ringing. I unlocked the door in the back of the building so I can put my stuff there for the first driver in the morning to do whatever with.

I hear a gentle tap on the door, so I open it with caution, not knowing what was on the other side. Low and behold it was her. My eyes just started at her beauty with a hint of curiosity. She was wearing a light summer dress with black heels on.

Carol walks past me and pulls out a chair from the table that I'm sitting at finishing up some last minute paper work for the night.

"I wanted you to know that I came three times, but I thought you should've heard the final one. I was thinking about you while I brought myself to cum all over my bed sheets," Carol said with a smile across her face. "I wanted you to be thinking about me and only me," as she opened her legs apart slightly but not revealing anything.

Just that small jester was enough for me to look towards her pussy, hoping she was going to lift her dress up. She pulled her dress up seductively, but stopped just above the knee.

I looked directly into Carol's eyes as she took my hand in hers. Without losing eye contact she took my hand and placed it on her thigh, as she moved my hand to her panties. When my fingertips touched her panties, she gently nudged my fingers inviting me to feel how wet she was. I couldn't resist as I snaked my finger underneath her panty and into her awaiting hot pussy. At first I started off slowly then I was able to get a second finger in there as well. Then I pointed my two fingers upwards ensuring I was hitting her g-spot every time my fingers were going in and out of warm, moist, pussy.

" I'm nice and wet take me on the bus," said Carol.

We quickly made our way to one of the buses that was sitting for a long time because they had cameras on the bus and sometimes they would still record even after the bus was shut off. We got onto the bus, she walked all the way to the back while I closed the doors. When I turned around to see where she went, she was all the way in the back of the bus, in the middle seat that had clear view down the isle, with her legs spread wide open with one leg being draped over one seat and the other over another with her ass sliding off the seat. She pointed her pointer finger at me, motioning for me to join her while rubbing her clit through her panties with the other, rocking her hips up and down as she sped up the pace on her clit.

I walked up to her and gave her the most passionate kiss I had ever given a woman before. My tongue was searching for hers in her mouth. When they met it was soft and yet invitingly warm kiss. At the same time she began to rub my hard cock through my work pants.

Still embraced with our kiss, she unzips my zipper and pulls out my cock to see what I'm working with. She pulls her panties aside with one hand and uses the other hand to rub my head against her wet pussy that could only be described as a slip and slide. She moved it up and down, side to side, in and out, coating my cock with her wet warm juices.

Never in my life have I felt a woman that was as wet as she was and to top it off she was in her late forties. I was in heaven and loving ever second of it.

Carol began to work my head inside her pussy slowly, but stopped as soon as the head of my cock head entered her. She managed to snake her right arm under her leg that was propped up against the seat and gently massaged my balls.

The feel of her massaging my balls with the head of my cock barely inside her was driving me crazy. I just wanted to ram my rod all the way in, but she was only warming up. Dam that felt so good. Having all that warmth on my sensitive cock head of mine was taking me past my sanity. After a few minutes of her skillful hands massing my balls, she said "Fuck me hard and deep baby," as she let go of my balls.

I didn't hesitate to give her what she and I both wanted. I began to ram my rod deep inside her pussy giving it time to squeeze around my cock as if it was a perfect fit for her glory hole. I pull back slowly and ram my rod with all my might so hard that my balls smack against her ass that cause a slight tingle of pain as she starts to pant and moan "ooooooo."

She grabs my back digging her nails into it with pleasure and I pound harder and faster. A few minutes later she shudders with an orgasm. I slow down not wanting to spoil the moment so soon. I pull out and instruct her to turn around so she is facing the back of the bus.

I enter her sweet pussy from behind gently until my cock is all the way inside her. Then as I sped up my balls begin to smack against her clit from the force that my young back was providing. Thinking that I could get a little deeper inside her, I grabbed her right leg off the ground, and place it on the back row of seats giving me an angle to which work her pussy over from.

Carol is biting her lower lip as my cock is ramming inside her at a feverish pace. I place my hands around her hips to hold on for what I'm sure is going to be a wild ride. Carol is now moaning with pleasure while doing her part of ramming her pussy backwards in perfect rhythm with me. "Fuck me harder, Harder, and faster," she commanded. I was only to happy to carry out her instructions to the letter. I take my left hand off of her hip and rub my finger around her wet juicy lips as I continue fucking her deeply, getting my finger nice and wet.

I slow my pace down a bit only to carefully and gently insert my now cum covered finger into her asshole. I slowly began to finger fuck her asshole while still pumping away at her pussy. I could tell that she wasn't going to last very much longer because her left leg began to shave and quiver.

Carol cupped her tits and began to squeeze her nipples from the pleasure she was getting from a younger stud. Her moans became louder as I picked up the pace with each deep penetrating stroke into her orifices. Then it happened. Her left leg gave out as she let out the most sexiest moan I have ever. She must have moaned through the whole orgasm. Her juices are dripping from her wet pussy onto the bus's seats taking in her aroma and her juices that was leaking out of her pussy.

I pulled my cock out as well as my finger to help her regain her composure on the seat. Once she got her composure back she said "Why don't you let momma take care of this for you."

She took my cock into her mouth like the pro that she was, showing off her years of experience. She used her tongue to flick at my head and wrap around it as her head is bobbing up and down at a furious pace, trying to get me to blow my load into her mouth.

She gets a hold of my cock at the base putting a bit of pressure on it, so as she is sucking and bobbing she is stroking as well. A few minutes pass she's sucking with her might and still nothing, that is until she put her last free hand on my balls. She massaged them just as she did before and with in no time I felt my cock was getting ready to explode all in her mouth. I couldn't hold out any longer and just shot thick loads of cum into her awaiting mouth.

She took my load just like a woman who knew what she was doing not making a mess. Swallowing everything that I gave her. We embraced one last time regaining our breath as we are both sucking wind for air.

We fixed our attire. "We need to hurry up and get out of here. This bus is leaving in the morning and it smells like sex," I said.

We both got off the bus and I locked it up as if nothing happened. We both went about our nights.

To be continued...
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