A Colonial Halloween
It was a cold halloween night where we lived and all of the children had been out for 2 hours now getting their candy. My husband and I got home early today and watched horror movies and relaxed in our pajamas. We had both thought for a while now about making halloween special, and the fantasy I had always wanted to do but never found a willing partner. Fortunately he was as into costumes as I, so we purchased them together but tried them on at separate times to keep a little mystery.

After the flood of children left to go home, we turn off the lights downstairs and head up to go get dressed. he took the guest bedroom and I got our bed and bath. I had set everything out and taken my slothes off looking at the sexy wig and everything. I put the white powdered long wig on laced with ribbon and bows, then the dress that goes down to half my thigh, topped with the white-boned corsed with black ribbon, then the fishnets i knew he would love around my round calves.

I go position myself standing against a post on our bed and call him in. His wig was a long deep brown one held back as well with a bow. He looked so delicious in the open white ruffled shirt held together with a very thick black leather belt and that coat.... down his knees with more ornaments on it with white pants and over-the-knee black boots. he even had a mock sword sash and holder that was menacing yet just added more to complete the outfit. I looked at him swaggering towards me and looked into his ravenous eyes as he got face to face and stepped into his role. "There you are my veloptuous little colonist traitor. I finally found you! what do you suppose I do about every bit of trouble you put me through?" At that point he firmly holds my hand over and behind my head against the post and my chest halfway out of the corset begins to heave with excitement. I look at him and say,"anything you want, just don't hurt me too bad." He then takes me and presses himself aginst me and bares his teeth into my skin; he knows that will make my knees buckle.

I feel the marks his teeth made and the warm indentations make it impossible to fight him off now like we had talked about. He throws me roughly onto the bed then crawls toward me. I scoot back to the headboard and he comes through my legs and kisses me. I then throw myself onto him kissing his neck and licking the subtle cologne off of it while I take the coat off. I throw his outfit everywhere and he turns and looks at me. Oh that look of "you're gonna get it now!" I am usually a romantic, but tonight I wanted to be rough and dirty. He rubs his cheeks against the stockings starting at my ankle awhile holding my leg and has this satisfied look on his face. He takes off the stockings gently and flings them over to his closet then makes his way back up with his rough unshaven cheek against my leg once again. While I have my eyes closed enjoying the feeling, I am suddenly picked up and slammed against the wall. My dress flies up and my butt is cold against the wall while my legs are wrapped against his warm firm body. He is holding me there while guiding his cock into my plush soaked hole. He lifts me up and lets me fall on him in a quick smooth motion and starts to drill me. My butt is repeatedly knocking into the wall and he is squeezing me as hard as he can to keep his grip. He then takes me over to the desk and continues, but with even more vigor to make me squirm with delight. Finally we reach the bed where he sits me on the bed, back facing him, and caresses my hips onto him. Now we are riding each other as I grab his hair and we are cheek to cheek rasping for air with his hands on my breast. We both just stop and kiss keeping our spooned upright positioned now loosing our role and he says,"Three hours of you is the best workout I ever had." I just sit there and giggle while trying to get the constricting clothing off so I don't pass out. He made me so lightheaded he was that good.
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