A Cougar in Africa Part 2
The roar of the plane's engine coming to a halt was the sign that the plane had finally landed. The sound of the Pilot's voice came across the speakers.First it was in Swahili, then in English. "Welcome to Niger, Africa." Gale took a sigh of releif as she stood to gather her things from overhead. Jeffery watched her stretch. She was nicely built, slender but not boney. He then moved in to assist her. She purposly grazed her body against him as she moved to let him grab her things.

When they made it out of the plane, Gale stood there looking around. Jeffery soon found himself looking around as if he knew what they were looking for. "What are we looking for?" He asked. Gale then waved her hand in the air in a come here motion."When Chidubem gets over hear say,Shikamoo." Jeffery looked confused. A man ran up to her and hugged her with almost a lift. He was laughing as so did she. Jeffery felt odd at first but then realized that Gale and this man must have been long time friends. Gale chuckeled as she straightened up. "Jeffery this is my old friend Chidubem, our guide." Jeffery sat his bag down and reached for Chidubem's hand right away. "Shikamoo!" Says Jeffery. Chidubem was an African native. He was thin, but had a good build and look to him. He was dressed as if he was going on a hunt on the plains. Chidubem shook jeffery's hand but looked at him as if he was studying him. "Marahabaa!" Replied Chidubem.

"Jeffery is going to help me on this trip. He is an intern and has much to learn." Gale smirked. Chidubem smiled and spoke in Swahili to Gale for a personal conversation."He is awfully young Gale, we may have to keep an eye on him. He will be more trouble than he is worth. Why didn't you get someone with experience to come with you?" He asked in Swahili. Gale smiled real big and looked at Jeffery patting him on the shoulder. She began to speak back to Chidubem in his tongue. "Ah, do not worry about the young pup. He will be alright, and besides I have you to train him." She said it with a giggle.

Jeffery had mixed feelings. He felt that Chidubem hadn't liked him. He knew that he did not aprove of Gale's choice of assistant. Even with his mind puzzle at their conversation, the sight that laid in front of him helped to ease his mind. Chidubem led them to his 4X4 Overland.The atmosphere was dry, the ground was dry. Dust smoked into the air as the wind manipulated it about. he could feel the difference in the air compared to America in his throat. His amzed didn't let up a bit as his things were thrown into the vehicle.

Gale looked at Jeffery's face as it lit up with enthusiastic light. She smiled but then memories bagan to flood her. She could remember her first trip to Africa. She was just engaged to Henry at the time. Both graduated college, became biologists, and traveled together. Oh, how happy they were to share their first expedition together. Everything was shared. Now she is alone, but not alone. She has a young man before her, unlearned and uncultured. She has to teach him, little does she know that he may teach her.

Chidubem drove to Naimey, Africa. "Jeffery, I am sure you are going to enjoy going to the Wadata with me. We need supplies. Anything special you like to eat?" He looked at her smile and thought about eating on her neck. He breasts and her sex. His mouth water as he just shrugged. She made him shy, he is usually a go getter. Someone who never feels shy about anything. But something in him made him fear to say anything wrong in front of Gale. He wanted to please her for some reason. Was it how she was flirting? It could be. He started to analyze himself. Why does he fear to be himself?

They reached the market place. Chidubem went one way and Gale went another. The market place was full of people. There was so much produce. Raw foods everywhere. There were some spots that had cooked food. Gale walked confident amongst the place. She pointed and picked out many items for the trip. SHe looked at Jeffery, telling him what they needed and why. "Rice, soices, dried fish, white beans, dry powdered yams... Oh and try this." She handed him a peice of fried meat. He bit into is as she smiled awaiting his expression. "What is it?" he asked as he chewed. She bit into her peice and said in a shrug, "not sure." She smiled evil as she carried on with her shopping. She was teasing him.

They loaded the truck with their supplies awaiting their guide. "We are going to be traveling over seven boudaries, you know that right?" She said as she looked over at Jeffery. "Yes, you told me on the plane." She was just making sure he heard her. "Why didn't we just fly to Namibia instead of traveling across so many places before getting there? Aren't we only looking for the Dik Dik?" He asked her. She knew he would ask eventually. The truth is that she is following a trail of her past."I figured my intern would want to see everything in between here and there. Besides I plan on making a few stops and take my time. I want to head to Nigeria and see the edge of the Sahara Desert. there is going to be beautiful places to adventure in. I am also looking for a new species of amphibian."

For some reason Jeffery was listening. He wanted to watch her mouth and see her breath. The way her chest was rising then falling as she breathed was almost turning him on. She was pausing, waiting for him to respond to her talking. She knew that he must be bored to death and started to go quiet. "What makes you beleive that there are more amphibians?" He asked. She was connecting with him. She leaned toward him a bit. "I just know." She said in a stern sexy voice. It was like she was letting him know that she was certain about many things.

She looked at him. There he was sitting, listening to her speak. She has always liked attention but for some reason she liked the idea of giving Jeffery something. She wanted to open him up to new things in the world. She wanted him to experience all the joy of discovery. But she was finding herself discovering something. She was discovering feelings that she had buried with her husband. He breasts tingled as she looked at the young man before her. She started to ask him about his life back home but was interupted by Chidubem and another man.

"Oh my God! Is that you Charles?!" Exclaimed Gale. Gale climbed out of the vehicle quickly as she grabbed the man around his neck in a long hug. "I cannot believe it is you. It has been years. Henry would had loved to see you." Continued Gale. Jeffery Climbed out to look at what was going on. He listened intently to what Gale was saying. Who was Henry? Who is Charles? These things he pondered as she introduced him to Charles. Chidubem grinned at Jefferey as if he could sense Jeffery's uncomfortable feeling.

Charles was handsome. He had dark black hair, an olive complexion, and spoke with a French accent. He was about six feet tall and built like a god. Gale was very pleased to have him there. "So, why are you here?" Gale asked. Charles plainly told her of Chidubem calling him to help guide her through the research like old times. She could recall the old times. Charles was one man that she had been attracted to. She once even thought of what it would be like to have an affair with him. Jeffery stared at them talking. He felt like a third wheel. He looked at how Gale was acting with her body toward Charles. It was as if her body was controlling itself. He was sure that he felt she was attracted to him, but now he was doubting that she would be interested in a young man that knows nothing of her world when there is an older man with all the experience she needs.

Gale glanced over at Jeffery, reading his face like a book. Yes she is attracted to Charles but there is something that she sees in the young man. She gave Jeffery a smile. He looked at her and his expression softened. It was as if they had a secret attraction that they both were afraid to admit to one another. Gale was not sure how this trip would turn out, but she was sure that things may get complicated as the four of them head on into the expedition together. Little does the cougar know... she will have to pick her prey wisely in Africa.

To Be Continued....
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