A Day At The Museum
A Day At The Museum
By: Sassy Sue

I told Samantha, who I had only known for a short time, that my boyfriend and I were going to visit the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Samantha had just her lesbian lover recently had just broken up, so I asked if she wanted to meet us there. She thought that it was a wonderful idea, and told me that she would meet us there before the museum opened.

I was waiting near the front stairs of the museum when Samantha walked up and my boyfriend was parking his van. After he joined us, we exchanged pleasantries for a little while and then began to make our way up the long stairs toward the museum's front door. I followed Samantha and Greg. I could not help noticing how Samantha was dressed. She wore an old pair of cut-offs that were a little too big on her and were cut very short. From my position below her on the stairs, I could see her round white apple bottom cheeks buns inside her pant legs. She obviously was not wearing any panties!

She wore a sleeveless shirt that was a little large on her was cut just above her navel. The material was a light blue, spaghetti straps with a scoop neckline and very thin. She was constantly pushing one of the spaghetti straps back up on her shoulder to keep her boob from popping out of the top. Samantha and Greg stopping and turning toward me to let me catch up to them I could not help but notice that her dark areolas and large nipples were clearly showing through her shirt.

I began to wonder who she was dressing for or if it was just because of the hot Chicago summer heat. The few times we had gone out shopping or for lunch I did not recall her dressing so provocatively. I was hoping she understood that I was not interested in becoming her new lover and having a lesbian affair with her. That was not why I invited her to come with us. I like sex with men and have never could do anything like that with a woman.

I saw that Greg's eyes were peeking down inside Samantha's
Shirt every chance he could and it was obvious that he liked what he was seeing as he had gotten several getting good looks at her perky breasts. Because her shirt was a little too large, and there was plenty of space between the low neck line of the shirt and her tits. Greg, noticing that I saw him looking down her shirt, gave me an embarrassing; boys will be boys smile and turned away. Then I wondered if she was dressing that way for him.

Once inside, we strolled around the spacious main hall stopping in front of a large stuffed elephant in the center of the room. I watched as Samantha bent over a sample of elephant skin next to the exhibit. The top of her shirt was gaping open even more, and I had a perfect view of Samantha's breasts swaying as she moved. I could easily see everything there, and Samantha did not seem to care. I must admit she had scrumptious tits and I did wonder what it would be like to fondle them.

When Greg and I walked around to the other side of the large elephant it was evident that the elephant was not the only thing on display for the museum patrons. Samantha continued to examine the skin with her "twins" exposed for anyone who happened to look. I watched with interest as a teenage boy wandered up next to her. When he looked down at the skin, he did not miss the view down Samantha's shirt. She bit her lower lip, and bent over a little more. The boy moved back a little and stretched his neck for a better view of Samantha's breasts. He was biting his lip too and a very nice bulge showing in his shorts.

"Are you seeing this, Beth?" Greg asked me in a whisper.

"Yes, and I think that she knows that we're watching her too!" I replied.

We could still see her breasts from our viewpoint because she was bending over so far. Greg's penis was beginning to stir, because he nonchalantly put his hand in his pocket and tried to move it around to a more comfortable position. I was beginning to feel a little flushed and slightly damp.

"I think that I'm going to enjoy the museum today!" Greg said with a laugh.

We watched with amusement as the boy continued sneaking looks down Samantha's shirt. Samantha must have heard what Greg had just said, because she quickly lifted her head and looked directly at us. She gave us a wink and big smile. We both smiled back at her.

"I think you should get your hand out of your pocket, big guy!" I said to Greg.

He had left it in there and was obviously fiddling with his Johnson. Samantha abruptly walked away from the disappointed teen and was walking toward us. Samantha approached, I saw that her rosy pink nipples were engorged and erect rising above her big, chocolate-brown areolas and clearly visible through her shirt.

"Let's go exploring!" Samantha said as she hurried past us toward one of the museum's wings. Following her quickly we were entering a large room with different kinds of stuffed horses mounted inside large glass cases. We slowly strolled past the exhibits, sometimes stopping to read the informational signs mounted next to the displays. Both Greg and myself were wondering what Samantha would do next as it was clear the museum was not her primary focus.

At first we wandered around together chatting, but eventually Greg and I became separated from Samantha. She had finished looking around the room first, and was sitting on a bench in front of a large stuffed ox near the door to the next room. I got left behind by Greg when I stopped to read a fascinating story about the beasts of burden from some pre-Christian period. When I finally caught up, Greg was lingering at an exhibit pretending to look at it but was openly was looking toward Samantha sitting on the bench.

She was still looking intently at the ox, sitting on the bench with her knees apart and feet together. I quickly took note that you could look up Samantha's cut-offs right pant leg with a unobstructed view of her shaved! Greg and I were frozen in our tracks, looking at her pussy with wonderment.

"Do we tell her to stop flashing us?" Greg asked me in a soft voice.

Actually, Samantha's flashing games were beginning to really turn me on.

"I don't mind if you don't, it is making me horny. Let's see what she will do next Greg. I know she is getting to you, it shows in your shorts."

I continued to feel that familiar twinge playing deep in my guts. A group of college-age girls had caught up to us from behind, so we
moved back and let them pass.

"Let's see if Samantha flashes them too!" I said softly to Greg. We pretended to look at the display that was in front of us, while the girls casually drifted toward Samantha's position on the bench.

When they got closer, one of the girls noticed Samantha and quietly pointed her out to the other girls. They giggled but lingered also pretending to look at the exhibit in front of them. Samantha was still looking toward the ox, which had her
head at about a ninety degree angle from her audience. The group of girls stayed in there for a while, each sneaking their own little peek at Samantha's exposed pink vagina. After a few minutes they moved off toward the next room. When they all had gotten through the door, Samantha closed her eyes, lowered her right hand between her legs, and slipped her index finger into her wet slit. After she wiggled it a few times, we heard a low raucous groan escape from her throat.

"Beth," Greg started with great excitement, "she just brought herself to an orgasm! She fricking came!" he said like a teenager watching a porn flick.

It was shocking how quickly Samantha had gotten herself off. "Let's get moving," I said "and control your hormones," I said patting his erection through his shorts.

We started to move from our hiding place; Samantha stood up and slowly walked toward the next room and we quickly caught up with her.

"Yuck! Bugs!" Samantha exclaimed as we entered the next room.

We were in a big room with all kinds of dead bugs inside the display cases. Walking next to Samantha, I could smell the aroma of fresh sex that was wafting in the air around her. It was intoxicating for me to inhale her fresh scent. Greg stopped at the first display which was filled with butterflies mounted on a board with long pins stuck through their backs. Samantha and I walked across the isle and stopped in front of a huge plaster lady bug.

"I guess you know that we were watching you back there", I said to her with a nervous laugh.

"Sure, I wanted you to see," She exclaimed! "That's what I was doing, letting people look at me! I really get off on it, like you just saw!" Samantha was sounding very proud of herself. "I usually do it alone," She continued, "but it's much more fun to have someone with me, watching me do it to other people." She looked around the big lady bug and down the isle of the large room, obviously trying to see if someone else was in the room with us. The group of girls that and just entered the room were nowhere to be found. The room was quiet and empty.

"Here, check this out. These pants are great" Samantha said proudly, as she lifted her left leg, putting her foot on a bench.

"I can flash my pussy any time I want to and it looks purely natural and not as if I was doing it on purpose!"

Stepping back I could see inside her pant leg and there was her very pretty glistening wet pussy.

There it was! I was looking right at Samantha's shaved pussy once again! It was so wet in there that it looked like she pissed in her pants a little.

I was very surprised at her smugness or rather boldness.

"Yes, I can see in there real good."

While I continued to examine her pussy, she slipped a finger in-side her pant leg and pulled her pussy lips apart, showing me the pink skin inside. I glanced over toward Greg, who was watching us from behind the butterfly case. We smiled at each other for a second before I re-directed my attention to Samantha again. I did not understand why this was exciting me so much, but I was getting very wet from Samantha's games. I watched as Samantha began
to slowly finger fuck herself for my pleasure.

"I guess you can tell that I'm kind of doing this by design," she giggled, "and I can tell that you're really enjoying it too, Beth."

Your face is all red!"

I didn't answer her. I just continued to watch as her finger slowly slid in and out of her wet hole, making a wet slurping sound. Then sliding her finger up her slit, and starting to rub her clitoris. Her pace was quickening, and her breathing irregular and Samantha had her eyes closed as she was drifting off into her private sexual bliss. Just as I thought she was about to get herself off again when we heard we heard a group of people entering the room from the far side.

Samantha quickly removed her finger and dropping her foot off the bench, she squeezed her knees together hard, squirming as if she was holding back a pee. We both looked down the aisle and saw a small group of Senior Citizens slowly walking past the exhibits at the far end of the room.

"You guys can help me, OK?" Samantha asked with some urgency in her voice.

"You and Greg go over there and let them overhear you talking about me." She pointed across the hall to a big glass case of mounted grasshoppers. "I'll give them something to remember and talk about."

I started to walk away when I heard her whisper, "Wait, and check it out for me."

She quickly lay on the bench with her right leg on the bench and her left foot on the floor. Samantha raising her hips and gave her cut-offs a pull to the side, leaving an enormous view of her pussy.

"I think you got it, Samantha." I said in a soft tone as I was walking backwards toward Greg's location. The Senior's were about half way through the room when I got over to him. "She wants us to direct those Seniors attention to her little show." I told Greg quietly.

"I'd rather just find a stairway or something and fuck your brains out." Greg said softly into my ear. "She's made me horny as hell!"

"Mmmm! Me too!" I confessed, looking down at his palpable erection. "We came in your van, so let's go use it."

"Yeah! Great! Let's hurry!" he said, and he began pulling me past the approaching seniors.

After passing them we paused for a moment at another display case with bugs inside and looked back. Samantha was still lying down, and was pretending to sleep. We watched as the seniors got nearer to Samantha and could see the young woman who appeared to be asleep and then it happened. One of the blue haired old ladies caught sight of Samantha's exposed pussy, and silently pointed it out to her friends. We quickly turned away and fled to the doors hurrying to distance our connection with Samantha. There were soft whispers of appreciation from the old men and giggles and verbal reproaches of such behavior from some of the old women that could be heard bouncing off the hard walls of the large room.

Moments later, as we walked through the doors of the bug room, four security guards hustled past us towards the sleeping Samantha's location. We hastened our pace to the museum's front and fled the museum heading for the sanctuary of Greg's van.

"Well, so much for your new friend!" I laughed as we got outside.

"My new friend," I thought she was your new friend! We both laughed aloud, and ran toward Greg's van climbing inside to as Greg said so succinctly "Fuck our brains out.

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