A Day At Work
A Day at Work
By: Sassy Sue

Beth crossed the street walking past the Blue Lagoon, the only Adult shop in the High Street area; she stopped and looked in the window for a moment and then walked down the street crossing over at the intersection and repeated the process once more. She had been doing this ritual for the last three days trying to pluck up the courage to enter. Beth had never been in an Adult shop before and although deep down she wanted to, the question characters coming and going made it all the harder. The mail order catalog or the on-line venue has had always been Beth's vehicle for purchasing her toys, however their range was limited and Beth's interest for more experimenting and pleasure had been increasing with each passing day.

Beth sat down on the park bench opposite the shop and watching, looking for a moment when she felt the shop was void of customers. Beth wanted to go in, however, she was so nervous that she would bump into a work colleague or a friend when exiting the shop, she had devised a plan to enter the shop, if someone she knew ran into her as she was entering she could simply say " Hey this isn't the bakery when did they move? Leaving the shop would be a different scenario and all the excuses Beth could think of were not believable.

A young woman came out of the shop and locked the door; Beth looked at her watch six pm closing time she thought. Beth could not help think that the young women looked trashy in her short leather mini skirt and her over peroxided hair. The young woman turned, crossing the street and walking up to where Beth was sitting and sat next to her.

"Hi, my name is Elizabeth I couldn't help noticing that you have been watching the shop for the last few days, is there a problem," she asked.

Beth was embarrassed she did not think that her unusual behavior was cause for alarm.

"No there's no problem," Beth replied.

" That's good , well I have some restocking stock take to do, if you want you can come in and have a look around while the store is closed your more than welcome," said the young woman.

Beth could not believe what she was hearing.

Beth followed the young woman across the road she couldn't help notice the short length of the leather mini skirt and how her fishnet stockings hugged the woman's firm buttocks as her hips swayed back and forth, they reached the door to the Blue Lagoon, Beth looking in both directions to see if anyone was looking, the young woman unlocked the door and invited Beth in.

"I didn't catch your name," Elizabeth said.

"Oh sorry it's Beth," Beth replied.

"Nice to meet you Beth, browse around the store, and see if there is anything you like, I'll keep the register open until you have finished," Elizabeth said.

"Thank you," Beth replied.

Beth was astonished how large the shop was once she was inside; from the outside, the single front window had been deceiving. The shop had a large range of adult products and Beth spent the good part of an hour browsing, looking at the lingerie, books, leather goods and most importantly the toy section. Beth could feel the wetness between her legs increase as she handled vibrators and dildos of all shapes and sizes, she wanted to finger herself then and there the excitement of all the suggestions of sex, and different pictures that she was conjuring up in her mind was teasing her body and enticing her mind.

Beth approached the counter with a myriad of toys; Elizabeth rang them up on the cash register.

"That all comes to two hundred and ninety five dollars," Elizabeth announced. Beth handed over her credit card. "We have a shopper's special at the moment since you spent over two hundred dollars you receive these tickling panties free," Elizabeth said. Beth thanked Elizabeth for her time and effort and the free gift and said goodbye. "There is a back entrance you can leave by," Elizabeth announced. Beth followed Elizabeth to the back of the store and once again thanked her for her diligence and help.

Beth approached the counter with a myriad of toys and Elizabeth rang them up on the cash register.

"That all comes to two hundred and ninety five dollars," Elizabeth announced as Beth handed over her credit card.

"We have a shopper's special at the moment since you spent over two hundred dollars you receive these tickling panties free," Elizabeth said.

Beth thanked Elizabeth for her time effort and the gift and said goodbye.

"There is a back entrance you can leave by," Elizabeth informing Beth to follow her to the back of the store. Once again thanking Elizabeth for her diligence and help.

Beth sat at the kitchen table perusing her purchases, she was becoming extremely aroused as she played with the small vibrator, thinking that it could be easily concealed in her handbag and she could take it almost any place, including slipping into the toilets at work for a mid-day cum. Beth opened her gift and there in the small box lay a pair of very sexy black lace and royal blue panties. A white diagonal banner proclaimed Tickling Panties and in small letters underneath it said Bluetooth. Blue tooth wireless remote controlled Leopard skin print thong with a latex insert and according to the instructions gave the wearer their most pleasurable experience, Beth smiled at the thought.

Beth closed the door to the cab pulling down her short sheer little black dress concealing her new leopard print thong.

"Where too lady?" inquired the cab driver.

"The Glass House nightclub thanks," Beth replied.

Beth was excited at the prospect of a night out with her best friend Sandra, it had been awhile since they both had been out on the town and Beth didn't care about how many boys their might be and if any were interested in her she was wearing her own stimulation.

Beth discreetly slipping her hand into her handbag, turned on the wireless remote control to her tickling panties, just slowly at first she thought, don't overdo it, Beth's day had already been very sexually stimulating and she had made an extreme effort to restrain from touching her wanting breasts and pussy, Beth, striving defer her orgasm off until her day and night of stimulation had reached its peak, when she would be able to relax back at her home in the comfort of her bedroom.

The tickling panties slowly massaged Beth's pussy the latex insert swaying gently over her swollen lips and with the slightest pressure pushed against her hard clit. Beth could feel the intensity rising through her entire body; she glanced down at her nipples which had hardened from the stimulation between her legs, her lace bra struggling to hold in her full firm breasts, her erect nipples pushing hard against the silky sheer fabric of her cocktail dress were now beyond hiding. Beth closed her eyes running her tongue around her red painted lips, she squeezed her legs tight together trying to withhold her wetness but she let out a quiet sigh. The cab driver's voice piercing Beth's happy place by informing Beth they had arrived at the destination. Beth snapped back to reality, as Beth searched for her purse to pay the cabbie. Fumbling for the cash, she turned off the remote, just in the nick of time she thought, she paid the cab driver, opened the door and stood on the sidewalk gaining her composure before entering the club.

The Glass House Nightclub was one of the more popular spots in town due to its music and its liberal views on its customers, it was not unusual to see the dance floor explode into suggestive sexual innuendo under the hammering beat of dance music not matter what the gender. This intrigued Beth as she had spent many a night watching couples entwine their sweaty bodies gyrating to the sensual beat of the music. Beth smiled at the two large security men at the entrance, she could feel their eyes on her tight ass as she walked down the long hallway to the club, and Beth let out a girlish giggle, if they only knew what was between my legs she thought.

The club was crowded and Beth struggled past the tightly packed crowd as she edged her way to the bar. The sensations of rubbing up against men and women's bodies seem to heighten the pleasure of wearing the tickling panties. Beth reached the bar and looked around for Sandra; she could not see her friend anywhere. Beth ordered herself a drink and sat down on one the vacant barstools.

Beth kept her eye on the entrance so that she could see Sandra arrive, after about ten minutes Beth's attention started to wander when she noticed a young good looking couple on the dance floor dancing in a proactive fashion, she watched as the couple was grinding their pelvises together. The young woman's skirt was split high enough for Beth to see the creamy, smooth skin of her upper thigh. The beat of the music quickened and the couples ferocity increased, the young woman moved her body into a position so that she forced her partners knee between her legs allowing her pussy to ride him, Beth found all of this extremely arousing and turned the remote control on to the slow position, her tickling panties increasing the flow of Beth's pussy juices. The young women slid her groin up and down at an ever increasing pace. Beth could see a huge bulge in the man's pants as his partner was dry humping his knee in rhythmic time to the music.

Beth wanted relief, she wanted to touch her aching clit, to feel skin on skin, a slight touch and caress just enough to keep everything in check, and a little play would not hurt she thought. Beth left the bar and headed to the ladies room, as she entered the ever familiar sound of the William Tell overture radiated from her handbag, Beth switched off the remote and answered her mobile phone.

"Hello," Beth said.

"Beth it's me Sandra, I am really sorry I can't make it tonight one of my Aunties from out of town has arrived and I can't leave it would be rude," Sandra said.

"Shit, okay I guess I'll just hang here for an hour or so and we can catch up tomorrow," Beth replied.

"I am really sorry," Sandra said as she hung up the phone.

Before Beth could feel any disappointment the young woman from the dance floor rushed past Beth and into one of the cubicles slamming the door behind her, Beth could hear the deep guttural sounds of an intense orgasm escape from the young woman's throat. God that sounds so good, Beth thought.

Beth returned to the bar and decided that she would have a couple of more drinks and head home. Beth swished the next three drinks down quickly her head started to feel light, exactly the sensation Beth wanted, she wanted the feeling of slight euphoria without the nastiness of being drunk, she wanted that haziness in her mind when she lay on her bed masturbating. Beth gathered her possessions and started to leave the bar when her tickling panties started to vibrate, damn that remote is sensitive she thought, Beth stopped in her tracks and rummaged around in her handbag looking for the remote control. The emotions of fear and panic set in as Beth could not find the remote she looked at the bar, the floor where she was standing she could not see the remote. Beth knew that whoever was controlling her panties was within twenty-five feet of her as that was the effective range of the controller. Beth raced into the ladies room there was nothing, she retraced her steps back to the bar she found no sign of the control.

Desperate Beth sat back down at the bar, telling herself to keep calm, the remotes probably on the floor somewhere, or someone found it and turned it on not knowing what it's for, just relax. Beth, ordering another drink, trying to ignore the slow vibrations against her wet pussy, she couldn't, it felt too weird and too good not being in control of her body. Beth decided to go to the ladies room and remove her tickling panties, just as she went to leave the bar the panties stopped vibrating, thank God Beth thought and sat back down at the bar, as she sat down the panties started again, Beth swiveling around sharply on the barstool looking for any sign of the remote or its operator, the faces of the crowd swirling into one there was no indication at all who it might be.

Beth ordered another drink and convinced herself it was no one, the remote was probably being kicked around the floor, it was all a coincidence, she reassured herself. The wetness increased between Beth's legs her pussy was crying out to be touched, if these panties keep going I will lose control Beth thought, her mind regained some composure.

"Fuck this," Beth mumbled.

This is not the way I want it, I want to cum when I say so, she thought. Beth lifted her buttocks from the stool, she was ready to leave but once again the panties stopped vibrating, Beth gritting her teeth eased her tight ass back down and this time showing no reaction as her eyes scanning the nightclub, searching out the perpetrator.

Beth's eyes looked deep into the crowd, was it the little puny guy at the table by himself or the big breasted women trying to chat up the gorgeous hunk, would the two Lesbians have found it and just wanted to fuck with my mind, no it had to be someone who was watching, someone who had positioned themselves to watch my reaction, whoever it was is not content on me leaving the club, they were teasing, controlling me. Beth compiled a list in her mind of all the suspicious would be candidates and realized it could be anyone in the club.

Beth made a conscious decision to just sit at the bar order another drink and ignore the vibrations between her legs and the person with the remote would lose interest and leave her alone. It wasn't long before her panties started to vibrate slowly again. Ignoring the sensation Beth was opting to recite the days of the week over and over shifting her focus entirely, the vibrations increased slightly, one two three, Beth counted to one hundred and then a thousand. Keeping her back to the crowd she didn't want to give the controller any satisfaction. The panties rhythm was increasing once more. Beth ordered another drink. Fuck them! I can rise to the challenge, she thought.

Beth's pussy was now saturated with her lubricating juices, she could feel her hard clit easily brushing against the latex insert, her breasts now at their fullest, pushing her erect nipples tighter against her lacy bra, the pace increasing once again between her thighs. Beth clenched the bar and pushed her damp crotch into the hard cover of the barstool, shit this is tough she thought. Beth wiggled her firm buttocks from side to side trying to push the panties deeper into her aching cunt, her hand discreetly brushing against her swollen breasts, Beth trying almost anything to help relieve her desire to cum.

Once again, her tormentor increased the intensity of the vibrations and this this time Beth knew that the remote was operating at its peak capacity. The panties now violently pulsating Beth's pussy lips together, squeezing them in such away they stroked her clit back and forth like a small cock. Beth was pushing her back into an arch forcing her cunt to push downward against the stool, her breasts now forced forward. Beth dug her finger nails into the wood of the bar her knuckles whitening from her intense grip; Beth hugged the sides of the barstool with her thighs tightening her grip with every stroke of her clit. Beth was at the point where she wanted to scream with decadent lust.

Beth's mind was swimming in desire her eagerness to keep drinking had fueled her need to stop her ache. Beth's knees started to tremble she could feel her clit spasm out of control, Beth closed her eyes, her cunt squirting, splashing the latex of her stimuli, her body tensed, her orgasm shredding through her body, her glistening lips squelching back and forth as her tickling panties continued to work their magic on her.

Beth finally slumped her ass cheeks back onto the barstool, she slowly released her grip on the bar her head cradled between her arms, the vibrations now slowly subsiding as Beth's body relaxed, she lifted her head and finally the panties stopped, Beth sipped her drink trying to gain a little composure, she didn't want to look around, she wanted to savor the moment, Beth took shallow breaths slowing her heart rate down she needed her body to take commands from her mind again before she could leave.

Beth felt a gentle warm breath against her neck, before she could react a young Asian woman was standing next to her she was in her mid-twenties with short spiky jet black hair, she smiled at Beth and grabbed her hand slipping the remote into it.

"Call me sometime, she said. Beth watched the young Asian women slink down the corridor and out of the night club, Beth unclenched her hand the remote had a phone number written in eye liner on it.

I will do just that, Beth thought.

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