A Day For Me
A Day for Me
by Miss Anonna

I had the day off so I figured I would treat myself to a day of pampering as I threw my legs over the bed and slipped into my big fuzzy slippers. I stood up and stretched and felt a cool breeze over my side and noticed my long tee was hanging off my right nipple exposing the whole right side of my body but I shook out of it and headed to the kitchen for a nice bowl of cereal. After cleaning my dish I headed to the tub for a relaxing salt bath and a good, close leg and body shave. Out of the tub I felt refreshed enough to squeeze myself into a tight pair of jeans, a tight tee and my little leather jacket. Out the door I went to find this new, holistic mind and body shop where I had an appointment for a one hour massage. I was so excited!

As I got closer and closer to the address of this place I realized that I was entering into residential area and I did not see any shops or stores around and then I spotted the address where I was to be but it was merely a large house. I pulled into the drive a bit confused and thinking maybe I was in the wrong area but then I spotted a side door with a small sign on it. The name of the place was exactly what had been stated on the phone. I would have normally been a bit skeptical but this place was recommended to me by a good friend so I put my car in park and stepped out onto the freshly paved driveway and headed for the side door.

Upon entering I could hear the sound of wood slats clanking together, apparently a very friendly way of letting the shop owner know someone had entered. I heard drums in the background and the sounds of some sort of wood flute through an audio system in the ceiling. I turned to the right where there was a counter like one would expect to see at a hair salon but there was no one around, save a pair of lovebirds in a cage hanging from an iron pole. There seemed to be all kinds of African art on the walls and floor, including peacock feathers jutting out from a wicker tub and an amazing wood carving of two long, curvy lovers swirling together in a nearly impossible sexual pose. I felt instantly relaxed with the smells of lavender throughout and I could sense a touch of eucalyptus, also. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes before letting it out.

Startling my eyes open was the sound of the door into the room opening and through it walked the most beautifully chiseled black man I have ever seen carrying a towel and a smile that made me feel safe and warm had I been lost in an unforgiving jungle.

"Halo, My dear." He greeted me in a heavy accent that I could not place. Maybe it was Haitian or African, I wasn't sure but I was blushing from the thoughts that were running through my head. Shirtless, he slung the towel across the back of his thick neck and it rested over the bulging muscles on his shoulders. Each side drooped down across his pectorals leading my eyes to his shimmering dark nipples and then down his stomach, studying each nearly perfect muscle on his body. "Do you ave an appointment?" he asked "O' kin I make one for you?"

I took a deep breath in and put my lips together and swallowed. "I have an appointment here at 11:00 ." I said, stepped to the side and like an excited little child I quickly blurted. "Are you my masseuse?" My smile had to have been all too obvious. I don't ever remember being so attracted to a man's body as I was then and I couldn't wait to have his hands all over me. I could already feel the heat rising from my panties. He looked up at me endearingly, smiled and shook his head.

"No, no, no, Ma'am. You're appointment is with my sister but she will be a few minutes yet." He said and then paused briefly. "Unless you do not mind having a man to give you a massage. If dat is de case, I can take you now." He swung his arm toward the door and let his hand point the way. I raised my eyebrows as if to agree with him.

"I don't mind, as long as you're gentle with me." I said as I watched him come out from behind the counter. He was wearing some sort of multicolored skirt, no shoes and proceeded to open the door for me. The material was thin and I could completely see the outline of his muscular butt cheeks through the sunlight entering the window.

"Ha ha ha ha!" He laughed as he led me through the door. "This is a massage, Miss, nothing is gentle." I stopped in the doorway and my heart skipped a beat. I felt his powerful hand on my shoulder and then I could feel him coming closer to my neck. "I am just teasing, Ma'am, just teasing." He said in a much softer tone. I could feel the heat from his breath on the bottom of my ear and pulled my lower lip into my mouth to keep from breathing out so heavily. I walked out into a hallway and he brushed past me holding his hand out and leading me down the hall. He stopped at the first door on the left, opened it and held his hand out again, gesturing to me to enter the room. I walked in and there was a fairly modern massage table set up in the middle of the room and in the back corner was a tri fold wall like you would see in a Japanese setting, but the art on it was definitely African. He handed me a towel and pointed to the corner. "You can change there." He said sternly as he began to set up his little station with oils and sponges and what looked like heated rocks. I stepped behind the tri fold wall and noticed a shower-like apparatus and a drain in the floor.

"Does this shower work?" I asked while removing my tee shirt and then started to unbutton my jeans.

"It sure does, Missy!" He said sweetly, this time. "It is a slow salt shower. Feel free to use it if you like. Do you need an extra towel?" He asked. I could hear him moving things around in the other side of the room which was probably no larger than two doctors' rooms at the local doctors office but still felt professional, yet cozy. I could see his silhouette through the thin wall and it revealed the curvature of his fine rear and the front seemed to be bulging out quite a bit. I studied harder.

"No, thank you. I am fine." I shouted over the wall. I was wondering if my masseuse was going to stay professional or was it possible for me to turn him on. His demeanor certainly gave me a safe challenge but what if I turned him on too much and he got out of control? I started to remove my panties and they were sticking to me. I had gotten myself soaked with the crazy thoughts running through my head. I hung my panties on the rail and looked up to pull this chain. The water trickled out slowly and passed through a device that looked as if it would hold salts or oils and bounced off my neck in manner I had never seen or felt. A sheen of silky liquid careened over my breasts. I could feel the salts in the water and the slick coating made me tingle all over. I ran my hands through the water that was working its way down my stomach and squeezed my lips together as if that were going to stop me from getting so horny. I quickly toweled off a little and felt so refreshed and relaxed. I wrapped my naked body with the towel and emerged from the changing area. I walked toward my muscular masseuse like a cougar on the prowl, staring at him hungrily and sizing up every inch of his hot, dark, body. He turned around to greet me and I stopped and stood there like a lost little girl.

"Make yourself comfortable on the table and put your face into the gel mask facing down. I'll start with your neck and shoulders, if that is ok with you. If at any point, I make you uncomfortable or touch you somewhere that makes you uncomfortable, be right sure to let me know, OK?" He said with a huge friendly grin. I slowly slid onto the table after he turned back to the wall in which all his oils were lined up. I left the towel draped across my back but grabbed it once I was lying flat and threw it over the corner of the table. It was very comfortable and the minute I put my face into the gel mask, I was in heaven. He moved swiftly and confidently towards my head and placed a hand on my shoulder. "You have a beautiful complexion." He said. "You must take veddy good care of it." He began to rub his hands together quickly. I mumbled in agreement with him.

His large bold hands lay flat on my shoulder blades and felt very comforting and he began to swirl them around in the oils he heated in his hands and I briefly opened my eyes. His colorful skirt was dancing beneath me and every time he moved quickly I could tell his manhood was bouncing against it. I could see the definition of his firm thighs when they would sway against the material but my eyes were always drawn back to his crotch which revealed an undoubtedly well endowed man. I started to imagine him naked and pushing his cock up through the face mask in which I was submerged, wondering what it would feel like deep in my mouth. My neck was getting jostled from side to side but it felt so good and his touch was forceful but careful. I watched closely as his johnson would sway from side to side while he was working my shoulder blades and then I felt a warmth enter into my own crotch. I closed my eyes but I could not stop the little trickle of love juice that I was sure would show up on my completely shaved little beaver. "Oh boy," I thought. "Way to go, Girl!" Maybe he wouldn't notice anyway. It was a massage so there's no reason for him to be down in that area.

A few moments into the massage and he speaks. "You are not relaxing, Miss. Are you not comfortable? Am I hurting you?" He asked.

"Not at all," I said. "I'm just tense, I guess. You're doing great and it feels wonderful. Don't stop."

"Maybe some music will help, No?" He steps away from the front of the table and walks around towards the back. I heard several clicks and then African drums started beating in the background in a wonderfully beautiful rhythmic pattern. "Ah, dat is much betta, no?" he asked as I lay helpless in a daze. He did not return as quickly as I was expecting but nonetheless he did make his way back to the front of the table where I could watch him sway his thing just out of reach of my tongue. I smiled to myself and hoped that he didn't see my sexual gesture but I knew there was no way he could. I did notice he was sticking out quite a bit further than earlier, though and wondered if he had caught a brief glimpse of my now soaked vagina. His hand hit my shoulders and worked their way down my back and I could feel his thumbs slide over my tramp stamp. "I love that design!" He said enthusiastically. "Is that African?"

"I don't actually know," I said into his crotch pretending in my head I had his microphone up to my lips. "I thought it looked nice, so I got it. I do know it wasn't cheap."

"I think it's African, maybe from a Southern tribe." He said happily and began to dance to the drums, double stepping from side to side as his hands wondered over my little tush. His cock was practically up in my face as he was reaching over me to massage my lower back and I kept opening my mouth hoping some crazy accident would remove his whatever you call that and I could wrap my sweet lips around his manhood.. At the same time, I was too entranced to do much about it, between his hot little dance and the circling of his hands all over my body. The drums were getting heavier and faster and I felt as if I were on some drug and slipping off into oblivion then his hands came back up to my shoulders, he dug his fingers under my arms and lifted them up pulling them towards him and letting them drape slowly across the front of the table. No thanks to my evil inner thoughts, my fingers decided to extend them selves and bush their way down his firm six-pack, catching on the lip of his skirt and pulling it down. His huge cock was relaxed and swaying back and forth pointing to the carpet. It was thick and well groomed and had such a beautiful dark brown glow to it I just wanted to touch it. I started to giggle. "Uh oh," He cried. "I am truly sorry, Ma'am." He scrambled to grab it from the floor and then quickly stood up and turned around attempting to re-wrap himself.

"Don't worry about it!" I pleaded. "Now I've seen you naked and I don't feel so vulnerable." I said, hoping he'd keep it off. He put the thing back on anyway, turned back around and started to work on my shoulders again and went back into his little dance. I was smiling and thinking such sinful thoughts but couldn't help it. At this point he was so cute and so freaking well hung. He went to the side of the table and started working on my left butt cheek, rubbing hard into me with his elbow. It felt incredibly invigorating and then he grabbed my thigh and began to squeeze it. He started in the middle and worked his way up into my crotch. I wondered how far he would go but the closer he got to my wet spot, the more it seemed like he was careful.

"Jus' let me know if I make you uncomfortable, OK?" He said testing my level of comfort. I could feel him leaning in to take a look, or at least I thought which made me even wetter than before. He was pretty close and I just wanted his hand to bump my twat so badly.

"I trust you!" I said over the drums. "You just do what you need to do." I said with my head slightly lifted off of the gel and then set my face back into it. I felt his hands go right up against my wet lip and drive into me like it wasn't even there. I took a deep breath and he worked his hands down my leg and to my foot where he spent a lot of time going over each toe and getting a sweet eyeful from the back of the table, I was sure. He moved to the other side of the table and grabbed my right thigh, squeezing and working his hand up next to my vagina which by now was probably dripping wet. I felt my nipples become solid and felt my pelvis move up off the table allowing his hand to slip in under my hip and I held my position. His hand moved over and directly under my pussy and he put his other hand on my tramp stamp and pushed with a good amount of force giving my clitoris quite a squeeze. I almost screamed in ecstasy right then but he quickly removed his hand and worked his way down to my foot and spent countless minutes going over each toe. What a TEASE! I was really enjoying this massage at this point.

He turned around and grabbed a different bottle of oil and poured it into the crack of my ass and then began to work my ass cheeks over and over like he was kneading bread and every once in awhile he would quickly work his fingers into my twat and over my lips. I don't know if it were by accident or not but it sure as hell felt great! He turned back to his table and then walked up to the front of the table again where he placed his hands on my shoulders again and began to slide his hands along each side of my spine all the way down to my ass, grab my ass cheeks and then back up to my neck. Each time he did this I watched his cock get closer and closer to me and I just knew he was hard as a rock because he would get all the way down to my ass and I could see the head of his cock just barely peeking out from the tied string. I waited until the next time his hands were around my neck and I pulled the string. I'm so naughty, Ha ha. His hands ran down my spine and his little skirt hit the floor. By the time his hands were around my ass, his cock had made it all the way up to my mouth and in it went, practically filling my whole mouth. I quickly grabbed his testicles and wrapped my left hand around the base of this huge cock. He did not stop. He grabbed my ass and began to massage it, this time getting his fingers in my wet nest on purpose. His cock darted in and out of my mouth and I couldn't keep my tongue away from it. I squeezed and twisted and pulled like a hungry dog while he buried his hand under me and finger wrestled my clitoris. His hands came back up to my neck and I watched him step out of his African skirt and moved his erect cock towards my mouth. When the head of it reached my lips he slowly pushed it up deeper into my mouth. Slowly but firmly he entered my mouth several times while I held a firm grip around his incredibly hard tool. He then ran both his hands down my back once more and over my ass cheeks, spreading them as he drove his fingers down my thighs and stopped. He spread my sweet lips lightly and ran his finger up and down my slit and then I felt a few of his fingers make their way inside me. I was completely enjoying his slow powerful intrusion while his cock was sliding deeper and deeper into my mouth across my tongue.

Moments later his hands returned to my neck and he pulled his black shaft from my lips trailing saliva and sperm. He put his feet back flat against the floor and began to walk around the table a little slower this time while dragging his finger over my shoulder, down my back and then he spread his whole hand out across the back of my thigh and put his other hand on my other thigh. Slowly and sensually he ran his hands down the back of my legs. "Shall we finish wit the front of you?" He asked while his strong hands were around my ankles.

"Absolutely!" I said with delight and pushed myself up from the table to roll onto my back. He laid his hands again on my ankles and slowly ran his hands up over my knees and up my thighs. When he reached my pelvis, his hands wrapped tightly around my waist and then he started massaging my sides. He worked my sides all the way up to my shoulder blades and then wrapped each hand around my breasts, kneading them lightly. He set his hands down next to me on the table and put a knee up, then the other knee and there he was with his big, hard cock waving back and forth right above my tummy. I drew my feet in and let my knees rise up into the air, and then I reached out, put my hand around the huge head of his cock and let my fingers ride along the slick sheen of juices. I pulled him toward me and he followed my lead with a few fingers across my love button. He slowly parted my wet lips with the tip of his cock and forged his way through inch after inch. I thought he was going to split me into but as I felt him slow down, my pussy closed in around the base of his staff and he stopped briefly. The feeling was superb. I could feel every bit of his hard cock inside me, throbbing and twitching. He pulled it out a little bit and pushed it back inside and then again he paused. He pulled out a little more and then plunged deeper into my inner soul. Soon, he was pulling the whole length of his huge member out of my body and slowly sliding it back into its rightful place. Several times he pumped in and out and then he pulled out completely and pushed the head of his cock against my clitoris. Again he buried his cock between my legs and grabbed my hips with his hands. In and out he went while I matched his motions and I felt as if we were in an ocean with the beat of the drums behind us, my back arching up every time he ventured deep within.

Soon my body began to flush with heat and pleasure rushing up and down my whole back. He placed his whole hand across my hood and his thumb began to flip across my clit. He pulled himself completely out and played with my lips pushing them with the head of his cock and then he plunged all the way inside as far as he could go. I felt his taught testicles against my ass and he held his position there while a surge of shivers echoed throughout my body. I could feel the liquid pour into my ass cheeks as the convulsing of my muscles held him in, massaging every inch of his thick, dark pole. I reached up and wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him into me with my thighs. I took a deep breath and like the last contraction of labor I screamed and held still until my whole body let loose and we both watched the juices flow down around his testicles and drip onto the table. He set me down lightly and I could see ecstasy welling up in him as my vagina sucked him in like a feeding snake. He pulled his throbbing tool out of my love canal and I wrapped my hand around it, gripping and pulling and twisting to get all the seeping liquids evenly spread. I sat up and placed his hard cock between my breasts, frantically pumping his cock through my slippery hand. He looked down at me and then threw his head back and let out great jungle cry. I felt a warm stream pelt my neck and looked down at his cock in my hand. He pushed it through my hand with a quick jerk and out flew a stream of creamy love that made its way past my lips and hung off my upper teeth. I quickly rotated my hand around the tip and again he jerked it through my hand and coated the left side of my nose with a thick layer of whipped topping. Quickly I guided him into my mouth and buried his cock as far as I could, wrapping my hand around his testicles and the other around the base of his huge shaft. He jerked one more time and I felt the flow against the back of my tongue. I pulled my hand up to my mouth and removed his cock from my mouth. I squeezed the last drop out pointing his tool at my nipple and letting it drip onto it. I looked up at him and smiled.

"That was the best damn massage I have EVER had!" I said happily. "I hope I didn't make it too difficult for you." I smiled and put my hand over his six-pack of abs and then smacked it several times lightly.

"Not at all!" He chuckled. "I don't actually give massages. My sister does but she is teaching me and I tink I have learned de most from you. You were my first!" He chuckled. "I think I am really going to like this job!"

I left that office a happy girl as I didn't have to pay for that massage but I return every month or two for a recap. I did have to explain to him that all massages were not quite that detailed. I think he understood but who knows, after all business has been really good there. :p
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