A Day In The Sun
It was a beautiful warm summer day so she decided to go lay out in the sun. Catch some rays and just relax.

They live in the country, nice big back yard with a tree line separating the property from a wide open field. She gathers her towel and oil. Takes a lounge chair out to the yard, turns some music on.

As she puts on the oil, caressing her skin, it feels so good. The warmth of the sun on her body is so relaxing. Taking off her top she massages the oil onto her breasts. caressing squeezing them as her nipples harden .

She hears what sounds like a tractor...they must be cutting hay in the field. Her pussy throbs at the thought of someone seeing her. It excites her as she continues to tease her nipples. She can feel her pussy getting wetter.

What if someone is watching? Do they like what they see, is the sight of her turning them on? She spreads her legs and caresses her throbbing pussy thru the material of her bottoms. Mmm She is so horny now, with the sun warming her skin. She can feel her juices soaking thru..movement catches her eye. Yes, she can make out the outline of not one, but two people just inside the tree line. Her heart beats a little faster, she'll give em a show then.

She removes her bottoms, giving them a view of her shaven pussy. She plays with hot slit, running her fingers up and down teasing coating them in her nectar. Slipping a finger in and out while her other hand squeezes her breast and pinches her nipples. God she is so turned on.

She can see her two admirers, rubbing their crotches. Yes, they're men!! Mmmmm...she inserts another finger into her sopping wet hole. Next glance and she sees they both have their cocks out stroking them as she fingers herself.

She's always fantasized about having two men. Feeling brave she yells out, "I see you enjoy watching me, so why not come over here and see how wet I am?"

They were there in a flash... Two young guys, in their 20's very muscular with cocks about 7 inches and nice and thick.

"You are so hot to watch" one said, he had dark hair and brown eyes. The other blonde and blue eyed. "We love watching you sunbathe."

"Oh so you've watched me before huh?" Wow, she is so turned on now. "I've fantasized about being watched."

"yeah we've seen you several times. We like to sneak in and watch you play with yourself, but were afraid if you knew you would stop."

She reaches out and takes a cock in each hand and strokes them. Watching the precum oozing out lubricating her movements. She can't believe this is happening....her fantasy coming true. She bends her head down and licks one head then the other tasting their salty jiz.

"Suck my cock babe, I wanna feel your lips wrapped around me" the dark haired one says as he thrusts his hips and shoves his cock down her throat. She starts to gag as he forces her head down. Relaxing she takes him in. She almost cums just from that.

The blonde is squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples. He moves so he can run his tongue along her sopping wet pussy. A shudder goes thru her entire body...she cant believe this is happening!!

She has never been so aroused before. Her mind is a blur as she gives in to the sensations her body feels. She raises her head just enough to say "Do whatever you want to me, just make me cumm!!"

To be continued......

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