A Day In The Sun pt. 2
She's lost in the pleasure of the thick cock pumping in and out of her throat while a tongue flicks in and out of her throbbing pussy.

"Oh were going make you come babe and in you and maybe even on you, Aren't we Matt?" said the one whose cock she was sucking.

She shivered at his words was it fear or anticipation. Maybe a little fear, after all these were complete strangers, she was at her most vulnerable now, naked in a sexual frenzy.

But that's what made it so exciting also.

Matt was driving her wild with his tongue, it seemed to be everywhere at once. Up and down the inner folds, flicking her clit then probing into the depths of her so hot pussy.

"MMM" she moans as she rocks back and forth grinding Matt's face deeper, she is moving faster wanting more, needing more.

The one fucking her mouth thrusts deeper so his balls are hitting her in the chin. He has a handful of her hair and pulls back until just the head of his cock is in her mouth then plunges all the way in again.

Suddenly Matt stops licking her pussy and gets behind her rubbing the head of his cock down the crack of her ass to her dripping wet pussy. She spreads her legs and presses into him. "You want this cock? You want me to fuck you while you suck Derreck's cock? You want 2 cocks filling you up?"

She can feel her juices running down her thighs her body on fire, every nerve on edge as she realizes shes about to have her fantasy fulfilled, shes going to get fucked and suck cock. Another moan escapes just as Matt presses forward and she feels the swollen head enter , hes so hard and shes so tight her pussy grips him as he strokes in little, then out then back in deeper.

She sucks harder on Derreck's cock as he gets a rhythm going with Matt. Both of them pumping in and out of her. She's loving it. Matt grips her hips and drives in faster and harder.

"That's it Shay, suck my cock! Your mouth feels so good wrapped around me. I'm going to cum down your throat and Matts gonna fill your pussy with cum." Again she shivers...anticipation of the pleasure to come..

She can't take anymore as her pussy starts convulsing she moans/yells something incoherent as her orgasm takes over washing over her setting off Dereck's explosion down her throat. Followed by Matts filling her pussy with so much cum its dripping down her legs.

As she kneels there on all fours, hair disheveled, cum on her chin and running down her legs recovering from the most amazing orgasm ever...she looks from one of her boys to the other and says, "That was amazing!! Now what are you going to do to me?" and licks her lips....

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