A Day at the Beach
It was a beautiful morning, the waves rolling on the west coast of Scotland, the Atlantic rollers lapping at the beach as I lay naked on the rocks.

I was at a little out of the way of the main nudist area, but I had found myself one of the quieter spots with a secluded cove area blocked off from view from the other nudists. I didn't mind them. but I preferred my own space at times.

As I lay stretched out feeling the sun beat down on my body, bleaching the hairs on my chest from dark to gold. I thought about shaving but was too much work, especially since the more you shave the heavier the growth.

I had shaved Japanese style down below though, Trimmed bush and shaved balls. It felt great being free from the hairs between my thighs as well, and looked better.

I took my meditation book to read as I thought it would be quiet enough to try some techniques I hadn't done before. Actually there was one that drew my attention about just letting yourself drift with the feel and the sounds of nature.

I was in the middle of this, slowly drifting on a cloud as it were, listening to the birds music and the whisper of the wind in the grass when I was disturbed by two young Chinese girls, at least I thought they were Chinese,

They both had the usual dark hair and yellowish glow to their skin typical of Chinese.

I thew a towel over my privates as I didn't want to embarrass them as they were clothed at this point.

"Hi girls, lovely day today for the name is Bill" I smiled "beautiful weather today"

"Hi Bill" in a slightly pigdin accent " I am Yukio and this is my girlfriend you mind us using this spot with you? "

"No..plenty of room, I am just chilling out."

At that I gave up on the idea of meditating on my book. I must admit sometimes the voyeur comes out in me when I am at a beach and I see pretty females. I am human after all.

They started stripping off, they were both deliciously shaped with pert little buds on the small more than a 34C I guessed and Yukio was shaved and she had a nice tight pussy by the looks of her.

Jamilla had a trimmed bush that looked like it was shaped like an airport runway. I was surprised she never had a sign saying " One way" tattoed one her.

"Do you come here often" Yukio said

"Now and again when I need to destress from city life."

"What do you do in the city?"

"I have a massage has been a very hectic week."

" We are over on a college exchange and still trying to find out way around yet....we have just been here a week so far.........we have another three weeks to go."

"I am sure you will manage to find your way round...the city isn't too big a place...but there are lots to do for you."

"Bill.......why have you got that towel on looks a bit silly on a nudist beach." The girls giggled

"Oh.....I forgot it was there..and to be honest I didn't want to embarrass the two of you" I smiled

"It's ok Bill...we have seen cocks before........although we are both bi, we love each other very much."

"So you two have been together for a while?"

"Yes.......ever since we met each other in college......and to tell you the truth..Chinese guys suck."

At that I chucked the towel beside my book and lay back soaking in the sun.

I overheard Jamilla say to Yukio" He has a nice body......and a nice cock...certainly bigger than a Chinese mans." Both giggled to themselves.

"I heard that..if you are going to talk about me don't be so loud." They both flushed a little, giggling again.

At that they started putting suntan lotion on, delliberately being provocative as they did it. Jamilla was rubing it over Yukio fine breasts and tweaking her nipples in the process, they knew I was watching from the corner of my eye and emphasised each move they made.

Jamilla lay down and Yukio started to rub her legs from the bottom up, slowly teasing her when she got to the top of her thighs, opening her legs to get more lotion on and slipping her fingers across her cunt every so often and Jamilla squirmed and sighed in delight.

Then turning her round she started on her back, slowly massaging the lotion in and when she got down to her neat curved ass Yukio kept slipping her finger along the crack of Jamilla's neat little cheeks rubbing her as she went. This was starting to turn me on as I watched them.

Jamilla did the same for Yukio, but Yukio was more vociferous, asking Jamilla to finger fuck her.

She started slowly parting her legs and I could see her slim cunt lips as Jamille expertly shoved her well lotioned fingers in making Yukio tremble.

" Thats so nice.......Bill.......would you mind helping out?"

"Ummmmm........what can I do for you?" I asked trying to hide my erection

"Can you put some more lotion on my boobs for me........Jamilla is kind of busy."

"I notice that...........yes.ok"

I got up and forgot about the towel and my cock was up like a flag in a golf course showing where the green was.

"Very nice cock you have there" Yukio said. "Jamilla has been eyeing you up since we got here..and she is getting horny.....but I need seeing to first!!!"

I got on my haunches and started to rub lotion on in my usual massage routine, smoothly rubbing her orbs delicately and every little while brushing her pert little nipples which were begining to stick out,my erect cock waving in front of her face.

Yukio kept moaning softly as Jamilla kept licking at her cunt which was sopping wet by now. Yukio lifted her head a touch and started sucking on one of my balls.

It felt electrifying as I hadn't expected it at the time concentrating on rubbing the lotion in and enthralled with watching Jamilla playing with Yukio smooth wet cunt.

"Oh.......thats nice......but not quite so hard Yukio, you will suck my balls off altogether."

At that she changed to the other side. I started to feel as if my cock was going to split in two, it was so hard. Throbbing like an engine doing ninety miles an hour. The heat was getting intense, not just with the sexual sensation but the sun was at it's zenith.

" Ok Bill...lets swap over....we are going to give you something you will never forget."

At that I got up and Jamilla did the same.

Jamilla said" You lie down Bill.......your turn to get some TLC."

I needed no prodding as I lay down I found Yukio straddle my face and gring her wet cunt into my mouth. I just about lost my tongue as I had to draw it back in my mouth before it got caught in my teeth.

She got settled a bit then,somehow managed to breathe,how? I never will know as my nose was nearly inside her sphincter. I managed to finally free my tongue and got into licking her cunt for all I was worth.

Meanwhile Jamilla was busy at the other end, massaging my balls and stroking my cock with lotion. I was in ecstacy, it had been a fantasy I had thought about for a while. Two gorgeous girls using me for a fucking machine.

While I was busy lapping at Yukio's lovely jiuced up cunt, drinking everybit of her cum Jamilla moved herself over my flagpole and slowly impregnated herself on it.

Wriggling a little to fit it in. She was very tight. I actually wondered if she had been fucked before, but she must have been. Maybe if all she had was Chinese cock then perhaps that was why.

She ground up and down and side to side with abandon and I felt my cock start to vibrate in a spasm readsy to blow off like a cannon, and she yelled with delight as we both cum at the same time.

Meanwhile both girls playing with each others boobs. I suppose it's all true what they say about female multi-tasking.

I was dead by this point and lay back while the girls got together and started to 69 each other, both having multiple orgasms as their tongues lapped each others tight cunts and fingered the others clit in turn. It was sometimg so surreal it was hard to explain.

It was beautiful to watch as they came at the same time and when they finished kissed each other and the girls tasting themselves.

We lay for a while in the sunshine and discussed what was on at night. The girls decided they might go to a disco the found. I thought about perhaps joining them but decided to not waste a good thing while I had it.

We all went skinnydipping then to was the sweat and the cum off us before going our separate ways.

I never did see them again, but they send me postcards everytime they land somewhere new, telling me that our time was special and they loved me.

What happened the next week was just as delicious when I bumped into Amanda again. But thats for another time.
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