A Day at the cabin
She slipped into the car out of the warm sun. Her eyes danced and smiled at Josh sitting in the driver's seat. "Hi," he softly intoned even as he leaned over to lightly touch his lips against hers. His hand moved up to cup her head as he deepened the kiss for just an instant before breaking off and moving back to the driver's side.

Melissa grinned over at Josh "That was some welcome!" As she settled herself in the car, Melissa asked, "Is this ok for today?"

Josh glanced at Mellissa's tee-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes. His eyes lingered on her long tanned legs stretched out in front of her. "Perfect my dear" he finally said while he started the car and headed down the road.

Melissa reached out and grabbed Josh's hand, clasping it within hers while she talked, "Your still not going to tell me where we are going are you?"

Josh glanced over and grinned, "Nope! All I need to know is that you trust me!"

Melissa ran her fingers up and down Josh's bare arm and replied with a single word, "Implicitly!"

The conversation in the car turned to mundane everyday conversation as the two lovers drove down the roads. Melissa, with no clue what the destination was, watched with growing anticipation as the main roads gave way to smaller back roads and finally to infrequently travelled roads. She clapped her hands in delight as Josh pulled down a long lane. "Your cabin!"

"Yes, my cabin," He acknowledged even as he leaned over and once again took Melissa into his arms. Their mouths met with a barely repressed frenzy. Their tongues danced and probed. Their breathing became harsh and choppy as their hands roamed and explored each other's bodies, pushing clothing aside.

It was with a groan that Josh finally broke the contact and regretfully pushed Melissa hands away from the bulge pushing against his shorts. Josh leaned over and gently straightened Melissa's mussed shirt taking time to trace his finger down her stomach. "Oh, how I want you right here, right now. But I've got other plans for you."

Melissa's eyes widened with a mixture of anticipation and excitement before bounding out of the car. Laughing Josh followed and quickly caught up to her as she walked up the path toward the cabin. Snaking an arm around her waist, he pulled her close to him and with a gentle twist turned the two of them in the opposite direction. Melissa looked over her shoulder at the cabin and then ahead to the path winding its way into the woods before shrugging and allowing Josh to direct her into the woods.

The two walked in silence through the canopied path with only the sound of their footsteps crunching on the leaves left over from the previous fall. The sounds of nature echoed around them, an excited sexual tension floated between the two of them. Melissa's eyes widened as the narrow pathway gave way to a clearing. Sunlight filtered through the ceiling of trees to cast random rays of light across the dark mossy grass of the clearing. A bench sat invitingly off to the side with a basket sitting next to it. Josh placed his hand on the small of Melissa's back as she paused to take in the tranquil scene in front of her.

"You can tell me to stop at anytime," he reminded her gently as he held out his hand in invitation.

Melissa nibbled her lip for just a scant second before nodding and accepting his outstretched hand. Josh smiled and walked hand in hand with her toward the bench. Josh stopped her just shy of the bench and kissed her deeply, his hands running up and down her arms.

"Take off your clothes," He breathed against her lips.

Melissa smiled and baked up a step to allow freedom to move. Lifting her shirt over her head, she quickly removed it to reveal a smooth expanse of skin and two perfect orbs. Her shorts were next and Josh's nostrils flared with concealed passion as the soft fabric slithered down her oiled and tanned legs to pool on the green grass carpet.

Josh made a tsking noise and casually remarked, "No panties or bra?" he tsked again, "You really are a naughty girl." His eyes roved over her body, "shoes too", as he indicated with a tilt of his head.

In seconds Melissa stood before Josh totally naked and exposed. Lightly directing her to the bench Melissa followed and carefully sat down. Her eyes grew wide as Josh came forward and pulled her arms wide and quickly snapped cuffs onto each arm, attaching her to the bench. With no protest, she allowed her legs to be shackled to the bench. Josh stood back to admire his handy work. Melissa sat on the bench with her arms pulled wide causing her perky breasts to point angrily forward as her chest rose and fell with her quickening sexual excitement. Her legs were pulled far apart exposing her pussy for Josh's viewing pleasure. The pull of the wide stance had pulled her hips forward on the bench until her ass was barely balancing on the edge.

"Perfect," Josh declared as he knelt between her outstretched thighs. His lips were soft as they touched her womanhood. His tongue was honeyed as it slipped between her dewy folds. Her screams of pleasure were fast and furious as he had known they would be. He grinned as he felt the tremors ripple through her body as she exploded against his relentless tongue. He continued to assault her clit until the tremors subsided. Rocking back on his heels he looked at Melissa with a supreme look of male satisfaction as he watched her return to the clearing from the orgasmic world that she had entered. He glanced at his watch and stood up. His fingers traced a trail up her leg and across her stomach. He quickly reached into the basket and pulled out a blindfold that he deftly secured over her eyes.

He heard the sounds first and turned toward the path into the woods. Melissa was slower to notice but soon couldn't ignore the sounds of approaching hikers. She struggled against her revealing constraints even as the group of hikers walked into the clearing, their dog prancing around their feet.

Josh welcomed them with a smile and motioned them to move closer to the bench. One by one the hikers moved closer and examined Melissa's glistening pussy. The first hiker lowered his pants and without preamble kneeled, thrusting his throbbing cock into Melissa's wet hole. Melissa groaned with the immense pleasure of being filled and stretched around the throbbing manhood. A second hiker moved up and after lowering his pants pressed his hard dick against her plump lips. With no hesitation her lips parted to allow entrance. The other two men quickly moved closer and filled their mouths with Melissa's buxom breasts.

Josh stood to the side, his eyes alight with the pleasure of watching Melissa's body being thoroughly used. He glanced over at the last hiker standing at the edge of the woods and motioned her forward. She moved forward to join into the sexual fray falling to her knees beside Melissa. Her hand slipped into her pants and came out glistening and sopping wet. Pausing not, she pressed her moistened finger against Melissa's ass and slowly pushed her way in.

Melissa's head arched back in supreme bliss as the array of hikers around her body took her to heights that she had only imagined. Melissa screamed in pleasure as an orgasm rippled through her body pushing the cock inside her pussy to explode, filling her with hot cum. Even as her spasms slowly died away Melissa felt the cock slip free and movement as the bodies surrounding her body shifted. In mere seconds she screamed as another hard cock slammed into her pussy. Her cries grew louder and louder as each cock buried itself into her pussy and deposited its load deep within her, causing her to climax with increasing intensity. Finally the last cock pulled out and all hands left her spasming body. Melissa shuddered, still splayed wide for all to see the cum drip out of her body.

The group of hikers stood and looked at Josh. He nodded his agreement and the solo female hiker moved forward and delicately knelt between Melissa's outstretched legs. Her tongue was gentle, yet persistent as it probed and circled. The gentle insistence soon had Melissa purring just on the edge of an orgasm. However the female hikers tongue teased and pulled back, never quit allowing Melissa to fall over the edge into a full complete climax. Over and over Melissa rose to the edge but was denied the ultimate pleasure. Finally with a satisfied smile the woman rose to her feet and walked a few feet away to a fellow hiker. He easily picked her up allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist and to settle onto his cock. They both gasped and began rocking together even as he walked out of the cleaning.

Melissa lay quivering on the edge of an orgasm. She could hear the sounds of rustling as various people in the clearing left. She jumped when she felt the light touch of Josh as he removed the blindfold. She trembled as she smiled up at him. She lifted her mouth for a kiss, which he readily gave. Her eyes widened as he undid the zipper of his shorts. She strained against his restraints wanting to touch him. Gasping for breath against the onslaught of feelings coursing through her body, Melissa's head fell back as she tried to assimilate the sensations that continued to course through her body.

She didn't flinch when Josh unhooked the cuffs and pulled her into his arms. She didn't protest when he laid her onto the cool softness of the mossy ground covering and she only gasped with satisfaction as his hands reverently slid over her body. She hummed her approval when his hard cock gently slide into her pussy and she held onto his body as he slowly and gently brought her to one last earth shattering climax. They lay in each other's arms until he noticed she was asleep. Carefully he extracted himself from her slumbering body. Quietly he walked to the basket and pulled out a damp washcloth. She didn't stir while he wiped down her down and re-clothed her used and abused body. She didn't wake up until he pulled up in front of her house to drop her off.

Her sleep filled eyes questioned and probed as she looked into his eyes. "How many," she broke off the sentence only to start another question "that wasn't your tongue toward the end...""

Josh reached over and put his finger on her lips to silence her. He reached into the back seat to hand her a bag. She peaked into the bag and saw a DVD entitled "Your answers". Melissa looked questioningly at Josh but trusting him, leaned over to kiss him goodbye then got out of the car and walked into her house.

Inside the house, she popped the DVD into the player and sat back to watch.

The dark screen flickered to life to show a clearing with an empty bench sitting in the shadows, a basket by it's side. As Melissa watched, she saw Josh enter the screen leading her toward the bench. She watched as he tied her to the bench....before long, her fingers had slipped into her shorts and she was moaning in time with the moans coming from the tv.
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