A Doctor's Visit.
Going back a few years when I was a new hire at a small construction company they sent me to a small town doctor for a physical. He had an office in his home and was the so called company doctor. He was also 75 years old.

His nurse had me strip and she gave me one of those hospital gowns prior to the exam. In the exam he came across a small rash at the very top of my butt crack. It had been itchy for the last couple of days and I just attributed it to heat rash from the humid 95 degree days we'd been having.

He had me lie down on his exam table and examined from the rash area down around and past my anus to my scrotum and even my penis. He said I had developed a fungus from the heat and dampness.

He was moving my penis from side to side, pulling my foreskin back, and generally giving it a very close exam. He finally said I had no evidence of the fungus anywhere important and all I needed was a couple of sessions of treatment under his ultra violet light to cure it. This exam with all the handling of my penis had given me a half hardon which I found a little embarrassing.

This special light thing he had looked like something out of a Frankenstein movie and I had to roll over on my belly for the treatment which lasted about 10 minutes. My ass cheeks had to be spread apart a little and as he did that he managed to give my butt some nice squeezes which brought my half hardon up even more.

After the light treatment he had me roll over and said he was going to give my private area one more check because it was important that the fungus didn't get down there. This time the exam of my dick and balls made my hardon come to full attention. As he was doing this he asked me if I was married, I told him I wasn't, and then he asked if I masturbated very much. I told him a little white lie and said I did but not very often.

By now his manipulation of my dick was awfully close to being a hand job and he said that he could make me ejaculate and then check my sperm to see if it was normal. I said I guess that would be a good thing. So he slowly worked my cock and I spurted a load of cum all over my belly. He put some on a microscope slide and wiped up all the rest and told me to just lie there and relax while he put it under the microscope. A minute later he called me over to see my sperm squirming around and told me I had a fine sperm count.

I was told to dress and the nurse would set up an appointment for a follow up next week.

The week passed and my rash seemed to be cured and I considered cancelling the followup. Since I wasn't paying for it I didn't and went back to see the old doc. The exam was the same and I was given another shot of light from his weird machine. This time when he was spreading my cheeks he did a through exam of my anus to make sure the fungus hadn't migrated into it. This involved a lubricant and a finger which went in as far as it could and wiggled around quite a bit. I got hard again.

As I rolled onto my back the doc said I needed to have another sperm count exam just to be sure everything is still normal. As he was working my dick up to releasing a load he said that I would probably be making good sperm well into my seventies. He said he was 75 and still ejaculated like a young man even though he couldn't get hard anymore. I shot out a fine load and he just wiped it up. I noticed he seemed to have forgotten to save some for the microscope.

By now I had decided my exams were for his benefit and not mine. I asked him if he could tell me how he could cum without a hardon. He said he would show me and took out his old dick. It was soft, about 4 inches long, and very thick, much thicker than mine. I reached out and took it in my hand and started working on it. He said it would be quicker if I put it in my mouth. I did and it was truly a mouthful even though it wasn't hard. It took about 10 minutes of sucking and ball massaging and he finally shot a pretty big load into my mouth.

He told me it would be good to swallow it if I wanted to and I did that. Then he said I better come back in another week just to make sure everything is in good shape.

It took another month of weekly visits to finally decide I was free of any fungus. I think this was accelerated by the fact that my employer only paid for my first two treatments and I got a bill for the next four.

When I complained about that he had his nurse delete them from my account and told me I didn't have to come back.

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