A Fetish
I'm sure we all have them, smiling, I have a few. Hope you don't mind if I share one.

His hands push me down, tasting my cum, I suck harder, my tongue licking eagerly. How hard, you men get, it always takes my breath away. It's like sucking a flesh covered bone, is that why guy say they have a boner?

I'm hungry to have it inside me again, I'm also content to just stay where I am too. The way he's fucking my mouth, I can tell he is too. In the end, we're both happy to be inside me.

It's always like the first time, the smooth shape of its head, it spreads my lips. Tingles make me gasp as it enters, it may be smooth, but its hard. A welcome violation of my body. My muscles are pushed away, he fills me quick. Eager as I am. They spring back, griping, then squeezing.

He kisses me, I almost bit his lip as flames dance in my body. I moan, holding him onto me, his hot skin touching mine. His hips move, his boner, (smiling) invading me, becoming harder, it seems. My hands slide down his back, sex induced sweat is okay. I reach for his ass, very tight under my fingers, pressing into the flesh every time he fills me. It was his sweet ass, it caught my attention first. Yes, we look too.

He's kissing my neck, I'm biting my lip, it's building, like a geyser. He's making me have another, it might be my last tonight. I can feel how he's trembling. So hard, strong, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes.

Pleasure, joyous, dancing pleasure, I cry at its mind blowing release.

He's almost there, I can feel it building almost as much as he can. Faster into me, harder, he's breathing so heavy.

He pulls out, straddles my body, pointing right at my breasts. My hand grips it, my cum seeping in between my fingers. I stroke it slower then he did inside me. My palm feeling the thickness of it.

I watch the slit, it opens, a thick stream squirts out, landing on my tits. It's very hot. My hand never stops stroking, another stream, just as thick and hot. I feel my juices as I watch, dripping steady from my lips. He moans, stream after stream comes out, long, thick, hot, landing on my breasts. His balls rub my stomach as he fucks my hand, cum squirting, dribbling, then squirting again. My breasts covered in his hot seed. He lurched forward, collapsing on me. His cock close enough to my mouth to lick the last few drops.

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