A Five Minute Cheat
"Okay, I'll get us lunch now, be back in five minutes," he told us before he left.

I never thought about cheating on John, but chances like this rarely come up. We both glanced at each other lustfully, got up from the table and met each other in front of it.

I scanned her body. "Blonde hair, big tits, a flat stomach and a pretty face. You also wear a sun dress like its lingerie. Why did he leave you?"

She placed her hands on her hips. "Well, when you look in the mirror, you see another blonde with bigger tits, a flat stomach and a prettier face. That's why, bitch."

We both licked our lips for a few seconds, and I felt some sweat falling off my head.

I peeked down at her lower legs. "I think you have a leak, there is something streaming down your legs."

"Do you think you could help me fix it, Vicky?" she pondered, closing the gap.

"Yes, Angela," I answered before I pulled her lips to mine.

We made out for a moment until she backed up towards the couch.

She fell onto it. "Fuck me if you are gonna fuck me, tart," she ordered me, tugging up her dress.

"Gladly, witch," I replied, lowering myself to my knees. "You won't be needing these baby blue cotton panties," I pointed out, yanking them off her.

I placed my fingers from both hands onto her slit lips. "Nice and wet," I praised her, leaning towards her pussy.

I stuck my tongue out and let it slide right in.

"Stick it in deep, wench," she moaned, placing her hands onto my head.

I fulfilled her request and let my tongue slide in as deep as it could. 'Damn, she has got juice flowing out like a fire hydrant.'

I starred right at her face as she was moving her head back and forth. "Oh, yes, make your finance's ex wife feel good and have her cum all your face. Do it for me, bitch," she let out before she put her hands onto my head.

She forced my tongue to go in even deeper, so I took her pussy lips into my mouth as well.

"Shit, I knew there was a reason I liked you, Vicky," she moaned, rubbing my head. "Suck on those lips, do it just because you love me, hussy."

Our eyes met for a minute as I kept sucking on lips.

"I won't say he traded up, but he did get a good deal," she confessed before she blew me a kiss. "I love you too, chick."

I grinned slightly and took in all the juice I could get. At the rate she was firing it out, I couldn't possibly get all of it. Then she began kicking the bottom of the couch and making it rock a little bit.

'Fuck, she is becoming a little unpredictable now, but I like that. Why did John leave her? She is so sexy and free spirited. Damn, I've missed the sweet taste of pussy. I have no idea what to make of this sexual conquest, but its so hot.'

"Yes, yes, yes," she let out leaning towards me. "You are getting so close to making me cum all over your face, Vicky. Will you please do it? I want to douse your face so damn badly," she moaned, grabbing several strands of my hair.

She pulled on them as she began breathing ever so heavily. I took all the pleasure and pain the best I could. As time went on, she began dispensing out more and more of her juice. I let my fingers into her slit as well and spread out her lips as far as they would go. Then I inserted my entire tongue into her cherry and was forced to close my eyes. Her juice seemed to be gaining strength.

"Oh, shit, yes, Vicky. Hurry up and make me cum before your fiancé comes back, he may not like it if he catches you right between my legs," she pointed out, pulling harder on my hair.

I took the pain the best I could, yet, I found myself shedding a couple tears as I saw her grinding her teeth. I jiggled around myself for a moment and kept my tongue quite active. It bounced around as if it was a pin ball hitting walls and bouncing around nonstop. The whole situation kept that smirk on my face the entire time, and I felt my heart pumping like a chainsaw.

"Oh, fuck yes, Vicky!!" she screamed, applying pressure onto my head. "Here it comes."

From one second to the next, her cum cannon shot out her lady juice all over my face. It lasted for about thirty seconds or so, but right after she was done, I climbed onto her. I pasted our lips together and we both wrapped our arms around each other.

'Damn, she is a diamond in the rough.'

Then the door opened.

I instantly took my lips off hers. "Shit, he's back. Put your panties back on, skank," I warned her, getting off her.

"Duh, harlot," she replied, snatching them.

I wiped my face and she slid her panties back on. We both sat back at the table just in time.

"I'm back," he said, walking into the kitchen and dropping the food on the table. "You two didn't bite each other's head off, did you?"

"No, I think we're getting along alright. Do you mind if she helps me pick out bridesmaid dresses too?"

"Sure, sweetie," he answered before he kissed me. "I got to go to the bathroom," he informed us before he ran.

She instantly leaned towards me, placed her right hand on my leg and kissed me. "Next time, I'll eat your pussy, wench."

"Deal, tramp," I answered before I kissed her back.
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