A Ghost in the Night
She breathed in deeply and exhaled. The silk sash that covered her eyes slid smoothly against her cheeks. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she could feel the blood pump through her veins all the way to her fingertips. She had never been more aware of her body. A soft breeze brushed over her exposed nipples. She shivered, but not from the cold. Her breathing picked up rapidly despite the fact she was trying maintain her composure.

She heard him move around the side of the bed where she laid arms locked together over her head and her legs spread wide by the soft cuffs encircling her ankles. She had laid spread out before him for what seemed like an eternity. Occasionally he would approach her and tweak her nipple or brush a finger over her aching pussy. The touches were only fleeting and left her starving for more of him.

Remembering how he had been torturing her only made her whimper in hopes that he would take pity and fulfill her desires. She felt the cool air on her breasts again and felt her nipples stiffen in response to the cold. She realized quite suddenly that he was blowing on her nipples, which made her gasp in pleasure.

He chuckled softly before she felt a warm wet pressure on her nipple as he took it into his mouth. The sensation, after waiting so long, was so intense her back arched and she strained her wrists against her bindings wanting only to sink her hands into his hair and pull him closer. He reached up to grasp her other breast firmly in his hand as his tongue continued its teasing rhythm against her nipple.

Moaning she started to writhe under his touch wanting to entice him into touching more of her. Her prayers were answered when she felt his hands start to skim over the surface of her belly, arms, and sides, everywhere he could reach. After what seemed like forever his hand wandered up towards her neck and cupped the back of her head. His tongue left her nipple and began to trace its way hotly up the side of her throat. He stopped only when he reached her pulse hesitating a moment to lick and suck on the sensitive skin there before continuing on to tease her earlobe, nibbling and sucking it gently. He gradually began to kiss his way along her jaw line before he came to her lips. Softly he kissed her, and she melted completely, molding her lips to his, as he explored her mouth with his tongue. He kept her head firmly in place as he massaged her neck and scalp all the while deepening his kiss. His mouth became more urgent pushing against her and claiming her lips with his as she arched up to meet him taste for taste. His free hand continued to tease her nipple rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and tugging lightly. She could feel her pussy getting wetter. Knowing how wet she was only served to turn her on more and she began to moan for him.

Then suddenly the touches stopped and his embrace vanished. She cried out in dismay before groaning in intense pleasure as she felt him kiss her most intimate area. She was already spread wide and his tongue easily lapped up her juices as she tried to wiggle herself nearer to his mouth. Stopping at her clitoris he began a slow rhythm of sucking and lapping which sent her flying into a world of ecstasy. She knew her orgasm was building fast and he must have known too as he attacked her pussy kissing and licking like he was starved for her. She was just about to cum when he pulled his mouth away and once again vanished from her touch. She screamed then, aching for her release and cursing him vehemently before she felt another silk sash close over her mouth muffling her cries. She tried to lash out desperately knowing that if she were free she would already have him under her and inside her.

He let her wear herself out before he moved between her legs and began to tease her swollen cunt with the tip of his cock. She stiffened not daring to hope that he would give her what she so desperately wanted, and needed. He was merciless as he ran his member up and over her clit stimulating her in a hot new way and coating him in her juices. Pushing his head against her drenched hole he entered her only by the tiniest amount. She whimpered and still knew he could pull away if she went too far. Sliding forward he entered her just a little more stretching her to accommodate his width. Then he stopped moving and began to toy with her clit using his thumb. His other hand slid up her body to grasp her nipple firmly. Without moving his cock he played with her, rolling his fingers and tugging lightly on her nipple and her aching clit. As her orgasm mounted he still didn't move. She tried to wiggle closer but her bonds kept her from achieving anything other then a sharp warning tug on her breast from him. She started to moan from behind her gag knowing she was so close to cumming. He heard her and began to pick up his pace and slid forward again still not giving her all of him but letting her know he was there. Her back arched and her hands gripped her bonds as she felt the start of her orgasm building and she felt her drenched pussy clench over his thick member.

She was starting to cum her legs quivering and then she felt him slam the rest of his thick cock deep inside her. Her body exploded and even the gag did nothing to stifle her cries of pleasure as her pussy gripped him tightly and she came hard raining her cum down onto his shaft. Her orgasm left her shaking and weak but he still didn't move away from her. He started to move inside her, which tormented her oversensitive cunt. She moaned not knowing if she could take this pleasure that was borderline painful. He didn't relent and picked up his pace striving to meet his own release now as she cried out against her gag tears forming in her eyes from the intensity of his thrusts. She began to shake again and before she knew what her body was doing she was lost in another blinding orgasm groaning loudly against her gag and straining at her bonds and she felt him pump hard and deep inside her a few more times before his hand gripped her waist tightly and she heard him groan. She was at the height of her pleasure when she felt his hot cum spurt deep inside her over and over again as he moaned with his face pressed into her breasts. He pushed against her a few more times before collapsing against her and stroking his hands up and down her sides.

They lay for a moment catching their breath before he once again was gone as smoothly and quickly as a ghost. Leaving her to wonder when he would be back to take her again
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